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Google Now update adds car rental, concert tickets, more commute cards


Google Now is Google’s intelligent search app made to provide information before you ask for it, and it works pretty damn well. It populates the screen with relevant cards. Users can customize the experience by selecting which cards they want to see from a menagerie of options. A new update rolling out to those on Android 4.1 or higher will add quite a few more cards to the mix, making your life a little easier.

Two awesome new cards are for car rentals and concert tickets. If you happen to use Gmail for either of these purchases, you’ll have a card in Google Now giving you information with buttons to get even more. The car rental card will act much like a boarding pass card for a plane flight, if you’ve ever used it.

Commute cards have also been improved. Public transit cards will now show you the last train or bus available, just so you won’t miss it. There is also a new feature that allows you to share your commute with friends and family. So when you commute, they’re informed of it.

There are a few extra features included in this update. When searching for music or movies, a “remind me” button will pop up. Press it, and you’ll be reminded when the album or movie is released. The TV card can also now identify specific news or music playing on your TV. And lastly, NCAA football scores will be available for sports fans at the start of football season.

Once again, Google has improved an app that has made many lives quite a lot easier. With more and more cards, we’re ever closer to being fully informed at all times. That may be good or bad in your opinion, but it’s pretty awesome and surreal. I know that Google Now has assisted me quite often in life, but has it improved yours?

Via: The Verge

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  • Jess Blanchard

    Google Now is insane. My fiance made dinner reservations though Open Table with his Gmail account. The Google Now popped up a card that showed directions to the restaurant and told us when we needed to leave in order to get there on time. It’s the future, man.

    • JB

      This actually happened to me last night for the first time. I made the reservation online (first time) and I signed up for open table. It was great not having to look up directions, or have to keep looking at the time.

  • SGB101

    I ways knew Google now was good and wished I lived near a big town or city. Earlier this week I was in London and was blown away how good it was and how many cards I had.

    Now im back home and have my weather, football and my directions to KFC cards :o(

  • pjamies

    I Hate Samsung for not upgrading the Note 1 !!
    I am still on ICS and hate it .. aaaahhhhh
    Waiting to find out what the Nexus 5 looks like ..

    • SGB101

      I don’t think they could of ran jb + touch wiz on 1gb ram.

      I’m running cm10.2 on my note and am still forever having to clear the ram.

      Iirc stock tw running idle uses 900mb of ram, cm uses about 700mb,so you could go that route.

      • philli

        I have theGalaxy S 2 T 989 and it has 4.1 .2 jelly bean I have Google now on my device.I’m sure the note can run it.

        • SGB101

          Maybe so, I was just throwing out ideas, does your version have the spilt screen stuff on it?

          I found it unless on a 5.5″ and even worse on my wife’s s3.

    • lolo

      I have the gnote n7000 and received the ota jelly bean update months ago, not sure why you’re still on ics. Go on to and look up your gnote model number and download the update. Jelly bean is, and has been, out for all the gnotes, meaning carrier ones as well.

  • LukeT32

    I can finally get updates on my NCAA football team…. Jackpot.

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  • Mike

    I love how the pic shows that it’s 4:20

  • donger

    Google now is awesome.

  • surethom

    Love google now, hope more some to the UK soon.

    But please get is fully updated here first, Now, automatically updates me on the Football premiership results for Liverpool, but not for Wrexham FC!!!!!!, if a football club is searchable then the results SHOULD be shown.

    Google please talk to your UK update Team.

  • Car Rental Services at Brisbane Airport

    This is a brilliant app that Google has launched. Has anyone here tried the cards for car rentals? How is it?