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Motorola Migrate hits Play Store to help with new phone transition

Motorola Migrate

With the release of Motorola’s new DROID line of phones coming up and the announcement of the Moto X today (are you excited?), Motorola will have to deal with an influx of new customers. Switching between Android phones isn’t all that hard, because Google carries most of the weight with its syncing services. Of course, there are some things that aren’t synced. Your text message logs, call history, SIM contacts, media and a few settings will be gone forever.

If you desperately want to keep those things (SIM contacts are pretty important), Motorola has released an app to help you transfer your precious data to your new Moto device. The app is called Motorola Migrate, and it’s pretty simple. You select all the stuff you want to transfer on your old device and use your new device to scan the QR code on the display.

With the big OEMs already supporting some form of data transfer between devices, it’s nice to see Motorola offer the same. However, their method is only for Android to Android migration. Still, it’s better than nothing. We don’t know if it’ll work on a mobile data network , but hopefully you’ll be using a Wi-Fi connection to transfer big data. We’ll find out soon how well, if at all, this app works without Wi-Fi when an inevitable wave of people switch to the Moto X!


Source: Android Police

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  • clocinnorcal

    I’m assuming this app is only designed for Moto devices, correct? It doesn’t really specify in the app description.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Most likely!

      • clocinnorcal


  • thel0nerang3r

    I find it beneficial not keep contacts local, in case my phone dies, gets stolen, or I lose it. Is there a benefit to keeping contacts on the SIM, as opposed to just use Google?

  • donger

    Perfect for Moto X.