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SwiftKey Cloud out of beta, celebrates with 50% off sale


For many (like me), SwiftKey is the absolute best software keyboard available on Android. And now, a new update is out on the Play Store. This update adds SwiftKey Cloud, a service that will back up and sync your personalization data between devices. No more reteaching SwiftKey on all your devices and different ROMs! It also includes smarter learning (which will include punctuation and deletes in its suggestions) and better contextual predictions.

To celebrate the Cloud feature coming out of beta, they have lowered the price of the keyboard from the normal $3.99 to only $1.99! Those of you who have not tried SwiftKey can download the free version to try it out, and buy the full version for a low price. It’s the keyboard I use most by far, and I love it. You might too!

If you want the update, head over to the Play Store on your device and update your apps. Hey, you might get the new YouTube 5.0 update too! And if you want to try it out, hit the widgets to play with the free version and buy the full version when you’re ready to commit. What’s your favorite keyboard?



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  • Adonis K.

    Swiftkey is no longer interesting, it’s so bloated and laggy…

    • jerrbomb

      HiStop being a troll… We should be able to delete troll comments.. dang.. I didn’t log in… Long live Swiftkey

  • Thriller87

    Love it still works great for me.

  • melissa

    Could not live without Swiftkey! With its last update my flow has doubled! It, to me, is by far the best app I have EVER paid for! Would love to hear what other software tops SK b/c I don’t think it exists.

  • TAN5150

    Works great on my nexus 7 and new Motorola DROID maxx. No issues

    • donger


  • Russ 88

    I must be doing something. SK flow is so painfully inaccurate. If you have ever used the Google gesture keyboard or swype it is impossible to switch to using flow.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    The 4.2 version brings total spy tactics. The app reads all your SMS and sync them without your consent.
    It has annoying pop-ups to make you use their cloud services.
    A total mess! I’m switching to Swype.

  • jamal adam

    I’ve been waiting for this update and now I don’t have to start all over every time I install a new ROM, I can just sync it up. This is by far the best, most reliable, and most accurate keyboard I’ve used. I only wish they could add more emoticons/emoji.

  • Jorge Eslava

    Does this work automaticaly through your gmail account? because I don’t see any options for cloud settings and I have the latest version of the paid app.