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YouTube updated to version 5.0, adds redesigned UI and multitasking

YouTube 5 featured

To me, the developers of the YouTube app made a strange design choice. The left slide out menu, through many updates, used the old arrow icon at the top left instead of Google’s new hamburger button. They never fixed it, despite other apps getting the quick and easy fix. But now we know why: they had a full redesign of the app in the works.

This redesign employs Google’s love of the white Holo UI. It also includes the new hamburger button in the corner, symbolizing a slide out menu. The menu has direct links to favorites, watch later and playlists, which is a fantastic decision. The rest of the UI is based on cards, much like Google Music.

Playing a video opens up an entirely new UI, and it’s also far better than any of its predecessors. There are like and dislike buttons, no longer hidden behind a menu button. And instead of ignoring your auto rotation settings, it will follow it. Luckily, you won’t have to turn on auto rotate every single time you watch a video; there is a new full screen button. The closed captions and high definition buttons are now in a menu, but are nice and big and easy to press.

Probably the coolest thing about this update is the new multitasking feature. Pressing back while watching a video, or pressing the down arrow on the video itself, will make the video small and put it at the bottom. You can now search and explore more videos while the previous video is still playing. Swiping it up will bring the page up again, while sliding it left or right will dismiss it.

The UI has been reworked for 7-inch tablets with a new landscape UI. Previously, going landscape would enter full screen, like with phones. Now, there is a nice UI with the same functions as portrait. That’s definitely awesome, don’t you think?

There are also a lot of minor improvements. The icon is new, foregoing the white box for just a simple red logo. The TV queue is improved, you can search for playlists and various other things. It’s a big update and should be fairly well received. it doesn’t contain anything that would make it less usable as far as we can tell, unlike the new Maps update. It’s starting to roll out now, so hopefully you’ll all get it soon! And tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: Android Police

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  • redraider133

    I really like what Google is doing with all their core apps. They are really making the fluidity and UI so much better with all these updates. Loving the new YouTube UI

    • Nate B.

      Me too! I’m really curious and anxious to know what Key Lime Pie will look like. I have a feeling it’ll mostly be card based and very clean.

      • Nate B.

        I still wish you could reply directly to others comments though. I think that would be a very big feature and accessing messages as well within the app. Still, this is nice.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Point blank even Google copies Samsung too.

      • Richard Shit Eater Yarrell

        Samsung copied Apple. As much as I love Android, that was as clear as day. Seriously, if anyone ever looked at a GS1 or 2, and didn’t see a striking resemblance between the phones and especially the UI, were only kkidding themselves. I have a note 2, and they’re great, but they aren’t gold standards, slapping anything, or the end of the world’s problems. The memory allocation sucks, and Samsung keyboard is laughably bad.
        I would suggest that you get laid, but that’s clearly not happening.

        • Richard Yarrell

          You clueless bums on here are Internet trolls. Piss on Squiddy20 androidandme biggest idiot. You guys never purchase new products yearly. As Squiddy20 he has the crappy Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. That’s so pitiful and pathetic.

          • squiddy20

            1. Congratulations on making yourself look even more stupid. “Pitiful” and “pathetic” are synonyms, meaning they have the same meaning (because you couldn’t possibly know that even though every 1st or 2nd grader knows it). Go back to grade school.
            2. We’re not the ones making fanatical claims while ignoring the truth of the matter. Sure, Google took 1 (ONE) feature from the myriad of Samsung’s “features”. With the amount of “features” (*ahem, bloatware*) Samsung throws on all their devices, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t doing the same. Oh right, most of those features work only half the time or have better alternatives. Also, take a look at the things Samsung took from Google: S Translate, their own special keyboard, S Beam, and probably quite a few others.
            3. In regards to how I “never purchase new products yearly”, you’ve obviously never heard of a 2 year contract or not caring about having “the latest and greatest” because it’s now only a minor spec bump. My “crappy Galaxy Nexus on Sprint” does all I need it to, and that’s good enough for me. Get out of here you self-centered, low self-esteem jackass.

          • Orion78

            Bums? This coming from a lowlife whose a bum in real life.

      • squiddy20

        Point blank, even Samsung copied Apple. Did that make Apple the “gold standard” too?

      • Max.Steel

        Once again, Richard, you’ve put your stupidity on full exhibit for the blogosphere to read. How does it feel knowing your IQ is rivaled only by that of a street sign?

      • Orion78

        Wow your obsession for Samsung gets worse and worse. You would choose them over Google?? The creator of Android? You are an absolute moron. I don’t have brand loyalty. My loyalty is to Android. Google > Samsung any day.

    • Farsan Afzal

      tap share with s memo or message to get the link

  • Trinhbo

    One new feature I really like is it is much easier to remove a video from the “Watch Later” list by clicking on the triple dots instead of the finger gymnastics required to tap the bottom right corner of the previous versions.

  • GE918

    I like the new update. I wish other sites would take note.

  • Arthur

    Loving the new YouTube 5.0 app. Was using extensively last night, used it quite a bit with my Chromecast (can’t tell you how much I love my Chromecast). Seems to be a bit faster with projecting video on the Chromecast as well, almost instantaneous now where before it was a few seconds delay.

    One thing I did notice though on the app I am not liking too much is when viewing in landscape mode and all the menus are minimized, tapping the screen to activate the Pause button and a few others seems to adjust the screen size to make it a bit smaller and it almost causes a sort of glitch whereas before, tapping the screen in full screen mode didn’t affect the aspect ratio at all and would just pop up the pause button.

    Overall though its a very nice update, works as well as you would expect from a Google app.

  • Abdul

    Copy URL is removed :(

    • Elvira

      Has anyone figured out how to find the URL .? :(

    • Sam

      SUPPOSEDLY Copy Url is now one of the choices when you take the Share button. Maybe it is on some phones. I just get the usual list of sharing options.

      • sam

        How do i get the url on the new tube? Anyone has an idea

    • jances

      They did that on purpose so people could no longer covert videos to mp3′s.

      • jances

        Oh! I retracted my last comment. As stated by others, use the share button and the icon to copy the url will be an option.

  • pryvateid

    I just wish they updated to make it easier to access inbox messages and comments. I remember uploading videos and having the hardest time to reply to comments from my subscribers or people in general. I actually do use the messaging system as well.

  • curt

    Love the new update but Youtube still shuts off when you power off the screen to try and save the phones batterie.

    • SGB101

      I’d like that feature too for pod cast’s, and I’m sure most kids would for music, I know nice would.

  • donger

    Updated and love it.

  • jamal adam

    Google design is easily become the standard with which I look at all other apps nowadays. I’m loving this update and especially the multitasking feature, which is pretty damn awesome and so very useful.


    Very late update for such a giant like google when other app providers including developers could mod YouTube with many improvements.

    Still some critical features are expected from google like,
    1. screen off play
    2. play in the background

    Better to use our beloved developers mods than YouTube from google.

  • Stoxystocks

    I have only just updated the app. I will have a try of it today but from what other people have commented and from what I read in the report it sounds like a great update :)

  • Trinhbo

    Aesthetically I like the app. However one thing that really drives me crazy is when you are in full-screen mode, I can’t skip around if I tap on the screen. I have to hit “Back” to get out of full-screen mode and then the time slider appears.

  • theon

    How are we going to copy urls now ?????

    • Shanerc1

      Click the share button the select messaging. Then copy paste the url from there.

  • Husna

    But what about the url ?

  • dilumi

    i updated youtube app in my sony tipo.after updating you tube is not working.says an error occurs…plz fix it plz…

  • Kelemvor

    On my Transformer, every time I tap a video to scroll through the list, it highlights/selects the video. I can’t find any way to un-highlight it and it’s really annoying. Anyone know why it’s doing that and how I make it stop?

  • Rhydian

    Don’t know how to copy the URL from the new YouTube app, very dissapointing. NEED HELP!!!

  • Adam Mcguinness

    I also found it quite annoyin that copy url is gone, but is still do-able. Like someone said, use the share button to share it via text msg and just copy the link from there! Its pretty clear google are tryin to outsmart n stop us doin this haha!

  • fortune

    find it difficult to watch and upgrade,it always say it an error initialising please help me

  • Eddy brown ii

    How do you turn off one touch share so you can see the video on Te mobile device screen? I have a lot of trouble viewing videos because of the the share icon on the video. Please help

  • erghent

    I just bought an used note 2, it had installed the previous YT APP and i opened Jay Z’s HOLY GRAIL, it was playing normally, THEN it was asking to make the update for the last version, gave ok, it installed the new version, then i searched again the same precise video, and now they don’t let it play because of COPYRIGHTS, WTF i updated to have some better features, and what they do is blocking some of the same videos that used to play normally with the previous version.
    SO, does anybody know how to return to THE PREVIOUS VERSION of YT APP ????

  • erghent

    resolved by uninstalling from the play store, returned back to the previous version, now it can open again videos again, no copyright problems with this version.

  • gabriel lions


  • endurance

    i need a new youtube