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Android 4.1 single most used version, overtakes Gingerbread

PSE GS4 Android 4.3 Bean

For the longest time, the majority of Android devices were stuck on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That was disgraceful, and the fanboys of other platforms never failed to mention it. WHile fragmentation isn’t as big a deal as it seems, it’s still not great be stuck on an old Android version (especially one without Project Butter).

Android Distribution August 1

The new Android distribution numbers are in, and a single version of Android has finally overtaken Gingerbread. Before, we were happy to see Jelly Bean as a whole, 4.1 and 4.2, take first place. Now, Jelly Bean 4.1 alone is in the lead with 34% of devices rocking it. 4.2 comes in at 6.5%, but that number will soon drop when Nexus devices are updated to 4.3. Gingerbread remains disgustingly high at 33.1%.

The issue of fragmentation is slowly going away, not with time, but with the death of Gingerbread. That was the major turning point of Android, and it left a lot of devices behind. That’s why you don’t see so many people left on Ice Cream Sandwich. As long as Google keeps up a speedy upgrade schedule and manufacturers get their act together, fragmentation (at least to an extent) will fade away.

Source: Android Developers

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  • Eli Gaffke

    It really isn’t the manufactures fault for the software updates getting out. It’s more of the carriers fault. There are times where it’s takes Verizon months to get updates out, while everybody else has had it for awhile.

    • kobmongkol sopat


  • ElvisonD

    How are that many people still up on Gingerbread? It’s been 2 years since Ice Cream Sandwich..Save up and Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade…soon thos people will be 3 upgrades behind…missing out on all of this Jelly Bean and soon to be, Key Lime Pie goodness

    • ElvisonD


    • alexanderharri3

      Bear in mind that some people purchased phones less than a year ago (ie DROID Charge (Stocked til late 2012)) that still have more than 15 months left on contract that will never see more than Gingerbread. Carriers love to sell old phones for $99+ on contract to those who don’t know. GB is going to be around for some time, especially for those buying a “cheap” phone and keeping it for 2-4 years.

    • Dima Aryeh

      People pass their phones down. Until about two months ago, my mother was using a Gingerbread-powered Galaxy S that she got from me. She upgraded to a Galaxy S 4, and now has a better phone than me.

  • david jones richrads

    Everybody was knowing that this would happen one day. Why wonder then??? Anyways Read about the most hyped Moto X news

  • xaml

    Oh ginge, I was about to cringe when I stumbled upon a minge of ancient tinge.

  • donger

    Everyone loves jelly bean.