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Oppo shows off plug-in camera lenses for smartphones

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Sony’s lens cameras are an intriguing product that allow you to take high quality photos with a simple attachment to your phone. The lens cameras include most of what a regular camera has, like a sensor and processor, but use the smartphone as a controller and display. It’s an expensive solution, but cheaper than buying a camera that uses the same sensor. But now it looks like Sony isn’t the only one looking to add lenses to smartphones.oppo-lens-camera

Oppo showed off a future product on Sina Weibo today. The company has developed an interesting plug-in camera lens designed for use with smartphones. There will be two of these products: a thin one with 10X zoom, and a thicker one with 15X zoom. Both will have a 16MP Sony CMOS sensor with optical image stabilization, NFC, WiFi and an SD card slot.

Information is sparse, but we might hear more at Oppo’s upcoming event on September 23. The company is set to announce their new Oppo N1 at that time, as well. Hopefully, someone will reveal some sort of price. Sony’s offerings, while probably a pretty good deal, are still very expensive according to rumored prices. If Oppo can price these right, the accessories may break into the mainstream.

Via: Engadget

Source: Sina Weibo

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  • surethom

    Nice idea, but i would love a camera phone with 3x optical zoom built in & xenon flash, should be not that thick!!

    • donger

      Hell yeahs.

  • Gadgety

    Nokia really sparked a wave of phone cameras after the launch of the mindblowing 808. Oppo, contrary to Sony, may have the right idea as they go for small size. I wouldn’t mind having sets of special lenses – wide, tele, macro. Apart from the integration with the phone hardware/software, any issues with grip, flash, and battery have to be solved as well.