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Samsung Gear Manager app screenshots leaked

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The Samsung Gear smartwatch was recently made official and will be announced on September 4th at Samsung’s press conference. We still know pretty much nothing about the device, but thanks to evleaks, we suddenly have some more information.

Samsung Gear Manager Leak

These are screenshots of the Samsung Gear Manager app, and it demonstrates how to connect your new smartwatch. The connection is started through NFC but held through Bluetooth, and it asks you to “bring the mobile device and the charger together, back to back.” Does this mean that the charger will play a role in connecting the two devices? More likely (in my opinion), the instructions are badly worded and are referring to the back of the watch, which could house a wireless charging plate. This would make waterproofing the device much easier than a normal charging port.

After connecting the watch, you can set it up and it looks like you can download apps through Samsung Apps. There is also a “Find my watch” option, which is pretty dang cool as long as you are 30 feet or less from your watch (the range of Bluetooth).

It’s great to see a little bit of information leak out about the Samsung Gear, and with less than a week to go before the announcement, we’ll know everything very soon. However, a good amount of mystery really helps hype. Can Samsung successfully enter the smartwatch market? Will Google and Apple have something better up their sleeve? Stay tuned!

Source: @evleaks

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  • SGB101

    Get that watch totally depended on proprietary s apps, will make the move away from Android that much easier.

  • geiko

    I’ve generally been down on Samsung as an Android manufacturer (to me, they don’t seem to innovate as much as I’d like a company making that much money to innovate), but I’m excited to see what smartwatches we’ll see from them.

  • aranea

    To me the shape is important. I mean they can’t do much with functionality but if it’s the same square lcd I’m unlikely to buy it. They need to innovate on the design, an e-ink and maybe a color e-ink will be great.

  • ihatefanboys

    My question is, will the watch only work with Samsung phones or can it be paired with any Smartphone, like my HTC ONE. ?

    • .


    • Fberfgsybtehsthvkyffsgbd

      .works. .on. .every. .android. .device. Yahtzee


  • donger

    Like the sony smartwatch.

  • Paul Atreides

    From what I’ve seen recently I’m very curious now. Even if I like it I may still wait to see what Google-rola has up their sleeve pun intended.