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Samsung unveils the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, a tablet made for children

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

The market for kids’ tablets isn’t exactly flourishing, but it’s definitely there. Companies like Nabi make some pretty impressive tablets for kids, and it looks like Samsung is joining in.

It's no secret that kids are using technology more than ever before. We saw an opportunity to create a device just for kids that provides them with an intuitive, fun and kid-friendly user experience filled with rich, interactive and educational content that parents will love.JK ShinCEO of Samsung Electronics

Their new tablet is called the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, and as you guessed, it’s based on the Galaxy Tab 3, specifically the 7-inch model. It will have a rubber bumper around it for protection, a 1024 x 600 resolution, dual core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.1, 3MP rear camera with 1.3MP front camera, 8GB of memory with microSD slot and a 4,000 mAh battery. Specs don’t matter to a child, but they may to an Android enthusiast parent!

Instead of running stock Android or even TouchWiz, Samsung has developed an entirely new user interface for kids. It will come with a custom app store for kids and a time management feature to only allow a certain amount of use per day. It will also come pre-loaded with plenty of educational content, games and even books.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 2

Samsung will also offer a special case called the Kids Case with its own stand designed for little hands. This case will come with a C Pen, which is a thin tipped stylus for drawing on the tablet.

This tablet will launch in their home country of South Korea in early September, then proceed to launch in other countries including Europe and the US. No price is currently stated, but expect it to be around the $200 mark, just like its more mature brother. Maybe they’ll drop the price for kids. Who knows?

But it definitely begs the question: Does a child need a tablet? A few years ago, I would have said absolutely not. But times have changed. A tablet can be an excellent educational tool, and a properly software-optimized one can really help any child learn. Could a tablet really be the new Barbie? And is that a good thing?

Via: Android Police

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • sandwich

    As a parent of three girls, age 5 and under… YES. Precisely with the girls in mind, I got 3 el cheapo Akai tablets earlier this year for ~$85 each. They’re pieces of junk. The screen pixels aren’t square, the screen itself slides around in the body of the tablet, the digitizer frequently goes crazy, and the whole thing is just slow and frustrating if ANYthing is happening in the background.

    This Samsung tablet, on the other hand, sounds like a well-made, well-protected tablet very suitable for young children. I only hope it has access to YouTube – Baby Einstein, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and all that kind of stuff that us parents grew up with are invaluable. :)

    • Linda C. Dearing

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  • jgplainc123

    My daughter wanted a tablet so we asked her to save half of the cost of the device. Took her almost a year to save up allowances, birthday, and Christmas money so that she could get a Nexus 7. She treasures it. We love it. The latest Android update(4.3) made it even better. I would definitely recommend it to others with children.

  • Vance

    I was going to get my daughter the new Nexus 7 for her birthday (turns 4 in October). I’ll have to see how the price compares. There are plenty of apps now for locking tablets into a “kid mode” and applying usage timers so I don’t see a value in the software functionality of the Samsung option here, but I do like the rugged design. I simple OEM case could provide this for the N7 too, though. We have a Transformer, a Transformer Prime, a Chromebook, I carry the HTC One and my wife the Galaxy Nexus. Other than my tablet and my phone, the other three devices are constantly in the hands of our daughters, so getting them their own just makes sense.

  • c1liu

    Good luck trying to pry that thing from them once they get attached to it.

    • Bigg Daddy

      Forget attached its called addicted ..

  • Lars Rones

    I bought a Galaxy Note 10.1 not long after it came out, partly for myself but mostly for my daughter which was less than 1 year at the time.. I have to say, for her to grow up with a tablet like that has been wonderful, and she’s really a fast learner. It has helped her learning the alphabet and counting and at 2 and a half years now she knows her way around the tablet, finding her apps and even youtube to watch her cartoons. It’s great! The S-pen on the Note has also been great on letting her color pictures and stuff, and I can definitely see that it will be a great thing when she gets older and wants to learn how to draw and write. :)

    A tablet like this for kids is gonna be great in making it more available for the current young generation and will really provide a good educational platform.

  • Bigg Daddy

    I have a 5yrd girl that uses a nabi2 she loves it and was a grate xmas gift her younger brother who is only 2and a half uses it too .. I might just sell the nabi and pick up 2 of the tab3kids since the only problem im having with the nabi is there always fighting for it .. #grate tool..#wish I had one growing up… # tutor that never gets mad or gives up …

  • hurracayne

    I bought my son a Galaxy tab 2 and downloaded apps to make it kid friendly.

  • donger

    Kids are gonna love this.

  • Angela

    We bought a leappad for our son when he was 3, and he used it for a few years before outgrowing it. We just bought a google nexus tablet for him (and have configured it appropriately with parental control apps, age appropriate games and movies and stuff). that said – I’m so glad we started him out on a kid-specific tablet! The navigation was super easy for him because he of course didn’t know how to read when we first got it, and the kid-specific tablets give you verbal instructions on how to do things. It’s also nice that they’re so rugged and durable! Our leappad got dropped a fair number of times, but kept on going.