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Update rolling out to new Nexus 7, claims to fix multitouch issues

New Nexus 7-1

When the second generation Nexus 7 was launched, it was plagued with many problems. Factory images weren’t being released, people complained about multitouch issues and the GPS cut out for many. Google seems to have worked hard to make the device better, and the first two issues have been fixed. Previously, Google posted the factory images for the device on their site.

Today, they’re beginning to roll out a new update for the tablet. The update is Android build JSS15Q and is made specifically to fix the multitouch issues many people experienced. And though not everyone has received it, there are already reports that it does indeed fix the issue!

People had many theories about why these issues were present, but it was probably something as simple as a bad undervolt on the touchscreen controller. That’s why it worked better plugged in; it received the proper voltage. We’re glad to see the update fixing people’s issues without the need for an RMA. Have you received this update? Did it fix your issues?

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  • bhans

    Why is it that when I tapped Build number quickly- over and over it came up with the dialog ” you are now an Android developer”?!Build JSS15J

    • Dima Aryeh

      That’s the way you enable developer options. On previous versions of Android, they were always there. Google decided to hide them to prevent normal users from messing things up, and tapping the build 7 (?) times was the method to unlock the developer options in settings.

    • Lenora G. Belin

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    • lee

      cause on some builds that is how you would enable usb debugging

  • donger

    Google is quick to fix the issues.