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Alleged removeable backs from budget Moto X revealed


The Moto X is priced just like every other high-end phone, and that minimizes any broad appeal. Samsung has the Galaxy S 4 Mini (among others) and HTC has the One mini to flesh out their lineup at all price points. Outside of Verizon exclusives, Motorola only has the Moto X. Offering only one phone at $200 on-contract isn’t the smartest idea for a company without an exceedingly high-end brand image.

When the Moto X was announced, Motorola stated that the Moto X would not be the only phone in the series. It would release other phones, including cheaper phones for the prepaid carrier crowd. This might be our first look at the cheaper Moto X.

Budget Moto X Backs

These panels were leaked and described as the removable back panels of a budget Moto X. The idea of replaceable covers for customization is old news, but it does make switching colors on your device simple. Plus, this method wouldn’t require a custom build using Moto Maker. Otherwise, the panels look very similar to the back of the current Moto X.

We don’t know anything about the budget Moto X, or if these panels are even what they claim to be, but we’re excited to see what kind of changes Motorola will make to lower the price of the phone. Will we get even lower specs, or just lose a few contextual cores and the US construction? We’ll find out soon enough!

Via: Engadget

Source: Sina Weibo

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