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Android trumps iOS in latest reports; Apple still top smartphone brand


Time for another round of statistics and figures to feast on. In this latest report by Nielsen, we’re still seeing that Android trumps iOS as the number one smartphone operating system in the US. It’s a fairly significant gap, as well. Android sits at 52% and iOS at 40%. But things are a bit different when it comes to the manufacturers. As Android devices are made by many different manufacturers, the love gets spread a bit thinner across them. Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer in the US with the same 40% of marketshare. Samsung follows Apple up at 24.7%, and HTC claims third place at 9.4%. Motorola was close to HTC at an even 9%, and LG came in at 7%.

As a whole, there’s nothing really unexpected here. Android and iOS have both plateaued and are riding steady. We all know that Apple is by far the biggest manufacturer in the States and Samsung’s second place spot is entirely expected. It’s good to see that we haven’t seen Android decline at all like some analysts have predicted it would.

What do you guys make of these findings?

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Source: Statista

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    What I see is a huge missed opportunity by Nokia by not going with Android. I personally like Windows Phone, however, in terms of business, clearly the best move would have been to go with Android. I believe that all people who know about Nokia, their history, build quality, etc would seriously consider buying a Nokia Android phone. 1.2% of the market share in the U.S. is abysmal and totally unacceptable.

    I found it laughable that “experts,” “bloggers,” or whoever they were said Android would decline by this time. Do you think any of them have written an article stating that they were wrong? How many of them own an Android phone?

    • c1liu

      I totally agree, Nokia makes great phones, and I’d go for a Nokia Android phone in a heartbeat.

  • pjamies

    Go Android !!
    I just hope version 5 will keep the fantastic momentum up, while
    all Apple Ver7 users have to re-buy new version of their apps …

    • Ben

      …. No they don’t…

      If you’re going to say something atleast say something that everyone doesn’t know is rubbish.

      P.s. Sent from my ios7 phone.

      • kazahani

        Take a look at this:

        Maybe before your arrogant, snobby iphone using self looks down on people and assumes that what they say isn’t true, you could do just a bit of research first so that someone like me can’t come along and make you look silly.

        • Alvin Nguyen

          Erhh that happens for every major iOS update, not just iOS7.

          I’m pretty sure the developer just have to change the compatibility of the app.

          When adding new functionality to the app, of course the developer can offer as a free upgrade or they can make a totally new app and charge for it. It’s not like this never happened before.

          • kazahani

            So what’s your point? Ben was denying that it happens, and being a big jerk about it in the process.

  • apai

    Nokia should have just gone with android as another OS along with windows, they’d have known by now that it pays to stick with android. Sony recovered thanks to going with android. had they gone with windows, they’d have been in doldrums

    • donger


  • jordan

    Did anyone else notice BB in third place? :)

  • Faddy

    What gets me is that Apple is one company and releases one phone every year with their software and Android has multiple manufacturers, so of course many people have android but it looks to me that Apple has more success, I am not apple fan boy I am quite the opposite just my 2 cents

    • Ben

      It’s a good non fanboy point. Usually in the many vs single company game (think Mac vs windows) Apple is usually reduced to 12ish percent. I think Apple has exactly that in the world market.

      I think Americans are more willing to spend money on premium phones and therefor apple keeps the foothold. Not to mention the benefit of subsidies.

      Whereas in the world market where people aren’t willing or don’t have subsidies then android as the cheaper solution holds more share.

      I wish they would break these shares into premiums, mid and low phones (or something similar) so you could see how the s4 and one and iPhone 5 do in the us and then abroad. I would wager that in the us the s4 and one play a bigger role and abroad play a very minor role.

  • RoyalJoker

    I take this with a grain of salt because android has so many manufacturers and apple only has one. Companies that make android phones have actually competition so its hard to dominate with android just one single company even Samsung but apple has no competition other then android itself

  • m bell

    Had both iPhone 4s and 5 now got HTC one NEVER EVER GO BACK TO APPLE SON IS OF SAME OPINION.
    BOUGHT APP AND NOT HAPPY REFUNDED STRAIGHT AWAY TRY THAT WiTH APPLE????????? No chance once they got your money you lost it forever no excuses.
    Put app on for free dolphin tried apple for wife ,£,2 please,? absolute outdated rubbish in a fancy box.

  • Finn

    Meanwhile Android rises to 80% ish of the global market and iOS declines to 13%.

    The US is important now, for sure, but future profit growth is going to be from markets outside the US.