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AT&T will replace a water damaged Galaxy S4 Active only once


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a water resistant and dust proof version of the popular Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S4. It adheres to IP67 standards, making it water resistant at a depth of a meter for up to half an hour. However, Samsung refused to honor the warranty for the devices that showed signs of water damage.

You might be thinking, “what the hell are they thinking not honoring water damage warranty on a water resistant phone?” It sounds bad, but it does make a bit of sense. It isn’t waterproof, nor is it advertised as such. It’s water resistant, so water can still get in. Keep it in water too long, or take it too deep, and it’ll be damaged. Why should Samsung be responsible for that?

One of the biggest problems is that the phone is not permanently sealed. Samsung was kind enough to include a removable rear cover, meaning you can replace the battery at will. This is an awesome feature, but just another vector for water to infiltrate your precious phone. Leave it off, or forget to snap it in all the way, and you have yourself a dead phone. But that’s user error. It makes sense, at least to an extent, why Samsung does not offer water damage warranty on the device.

However, AT&T has taken an interesting and pretty generous stance on the issue. They agreed to replace a water damaged Galaxy S4 Active for a customer just once. They will not do so multiple times, but once per customer. They really don’t have to, so it’s great that they’re offering something like this. Yeah, AT&T is actually taking a customer friendly approach. For once.

So there you have it. If you’re an owner of a Galaxy S4 Active, know that you have one shot at replacing it in case of any accident. Just remember this: It’s tough, but owners should still be careful and take care of it. It’s still their responsibility. That’s what an active device is for, right? Accident protection, not abuse. So keep that phone safe, and if it gets splashed with water, be confident that it can take it.

Source: Pocket Now

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  • Cory Simpson

    They aren’t being generous. There having been multiple reports for reliable people all over XDA that the seals are failing and destroying the device from something as little as a 30 second fish tank dunk. This is likely in response to the many rumors of a class action lawsuit.

  • pjamies

    What about the Sony Xperia Z?
    They even have a commercial of users taking pics under water..
    Yet the phone is also Water-Resistant (only)

    • Cory Simpson

      The Active has an underwater shooting mode for the camera. It’s obviously being targeted as a feature for people to use on a regular basis…not just an “Ooops, I dropped my phone in the toilet” fail safe.

  • one80oneday

    Bet this will be the last of the water resistant smartphones. It’s too easy for the seals to fail and too costly to keep replacing.

  • donger

    That’s nice of them.

  • rashad360

    Good guy At&t? There has to be something we don’t know about that is forcing their hand… Well, on the surface this is good news.

  • maurice

    Why does it have a feature for taking photos under water when it isn’t waterproof? Just to get customers buy an new one when they wreck it?

  • maha

    How sure are you on this? 2 weeks ago, AT&T fought me tooth and nails when I tried to file a water damage Samsung S4 Active warranty at the warranty center. It wasn’t until I threaten to dispute my credit card charge on the S4 Active purchase, they finally gave me a replacement. Even the replacement AT&T only gave me a 3 month warranty, not the full 1 year.

  • paul wesley

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  • c2cliff

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  • Chad Scroggins

    I was taking pictures at a water fall so water was splashing phone. Now I have water bubbles behind screen and phone won’t charge. I took to at&t and they looked and both water indicators were white meaning no internal water. My 12 month warranty expired 2 weeks ago and they said they couldn’t help. They also told me it was a big issue and if it would of happened 2 within 12 month period they would of replaced it. I wouldn’t mind upgrading but they said I had to pay full price. So I’m pretty pissed off. I’m actually going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow about a possibility of a lawsuit for false advertisement. Any suggestions.