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CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies now available, bring Android 4.3 goodness

CyanogenMod Generic

Android 4.3 has been out for a good while for Nexus and Google Play edition devices, and it seems that people have been enjoying the new features and massive fixes for the bugs Android 4.2 introduced. Per the usual, ROMs have been flying around based on 4.3. But what about the most popular ROM in the world?

CyanogenMod likes to wait a while before releasing nightlies. They have a lot of devices to maintain, and they like to get the important ones working well and release them all at once. Luckily, the nightlies are really not very late at all. They are now available to download for a multitude of devices. If you want to grab them, hit the source link!

Keep in mind that these are nightlies. Not only are they cutting edge builds, they’re builds of brand new software. It’s quite possible that they’ll have quite a few bugs. Flash these at your own risk, but don’t forget to enjoy and tell us how the ROM runs. It’s always exciting to see a new ROM come out, and I for one can’t wait to flash it.

Source:, +CyanogenMod
Via: Engadget

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  • Alex C

    The new camera app is buggy on GNEX :(

    • SGB101

      both the camera and focal seem to be fine on my note2, but it is recommended to use the new focal app over the camera, is some cases the camera app wont open.

  • SGB101

    Can’t wait for this. First I need to nail down why my nightlies for the last 3 weeks has killed my sounded during calls, (incoming sound).

    As soon I seen this news, I started cleaning my apps up, baking up game data, and generally tidying up, before I backup my current set up.

    I proper got me some excitement on.

    • SGB101

      Quick update, I installed the 10.2 from scratch and my calls worked.

      After a minor heart attack, as I noticed my phone had lost root, and I couldn’t flash back or cancers my titanium, I Google a fix. Itcwas as basic as enabling root access in the Dev menu.

      In this release root can be turned on and off for security, with a tick of a box. Actually it’s a choice of 4 off all they ways to full root.

      Nice touch, and what can way to scare the shit out of the unexpected.

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  • Ravi Joshi

    CM 10.2 (or Android 4.3) nightly on my ASUS TF101. Work fine, except camera. I needed 4.3 more for managing multiple profiles than anything else.

  • SGB101

    I’ve got I’d all downloaded and ready to flash, but atm, I really need my phone to work (wife in hospital) so I really can’t take the chance on bricking it.

    Try and get my one X working so I can use as a backup device just in case.

  • donger

    Download and flash away.

  • Nate595

    I can’t get the play store to work on 4.3 and It wont let me sign into youtube even with the latest Gapps package.

  • rhY

    No toroplus? :(

  • andre

    Sorry to hear bout your wife man best wishes

    • SGB101

      Thanks mate :o)

  • Wayne

    I’ve also flashed but struggling with the Play Store.

    For some reason, Tasker also disparaged after installing it.

    • SGB101

      You need to flash gapps 4.3.

  • Jim

    I think 4.3 just killed my S3. Stuck in boot up, will not go on and boot all the way

  • Frank Brammer

    Yep play store not working

    • Frank Brammer

      Phones a s3

  • Jim

    Samsung galaxy S3 – stuck in boot up

  • snowbdr89

    S4 – boots just fine play store works n smooooth as butta.

  • Michiel

    To get the play store to work again you need to install new gapp package for 4.3. For youtube uninstall and reinstall the app. Got same problem with update from cm10.1 to cm10.2.
    Problem i have now is blinking of some apps due to update from 10.1 to 10.2. Nightly. Any ideas?

  • rey coronado

    hello good rom but one thing Play store does not work anymore.. it always shows theirs no connection pleasee fix this in ure next nigthlight..

    • J Scott Williams

      You need to flash the 4.3 gapps to get the play store working. …has nothing to do with nightlies. CyanogenMod doesn’t include gapps.

  • Shannon Glatczak

    I just downloaded 10.2 and my keyboard and back button have stopped working. This is the first time I’ve tried anything like this. Please help!

    • SGB101

      First try a simple factory reboot, if the issued continues do a full zip install like you did, but clear the disk and the salicylic cache (it’s in advanced in the recovery) then flash the 10.2 then the gapps for 4.3.

      Hopdully this should clear it up. If it doesn’t you could try swift key, actually you could try that option first.

      If you still have the issue, revert to a 10.1 even the non stable versions are solid. And wait a couple of weeks and try 10.2 again.

      • Shannon Glatczak

        Thanks. It turns out I didn’t have the correct gapps file. Once I included the gapps for 4.3 all my problems went away.

  • snowbdr89

    Wipe data/ factory reset
    Wipe cache
    In advanced wipe davlik
    Install ROM then gapps n reboot!! I have none of these issues with play store n such..

  • shadow

    I have an S2 skyrocket, and i can get it to work fine, except, it wont reboot after the Samsung animation, and my data icon nor wifi are blue, but I can still get internet. I have tried a complete wipe ane full zip install and still same problems on all of the nightlights.

  • Dmaster

    after my update i dont have play store on my Tab 10.1 :((

  • Chris Brown


    Just downloaded and installed and I also have no play store internet access on my Nook HD.

    Internet access on the device works as goes GMail etc, but I get “no connection” on the Play Store despite downloading the latest Gapps build (4.3.0)

    This is the first time I have installed CM on my device, so it’s a “fresh CM install” as it were. Hoping someone can help, as I am little lost!


  • Chris Brown

    I thought I would update the thread as I have it working now,

    I posted my previous post after trying all the “fixes” recommended, clearing cache, removing my Google account etc, and they still didnt work – so I left my tablet alone for about 15 mins while I was googling how to fix it, and suddenly it is working! I noticed apps updating in the status bar, and now, low and behold, I have full play store access! YAY!

    Very odd – I wonder if my full google account needed to sync before it would work?