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Full length HTC ‘Change commercial’ goes up a day early – can you please explain it to us?


Hours after a leaked clip of HTCs new change ad hit the web, HTC has posted the full commercial to its YouTube channel. As promised, Robert Downey Jr. takes the lead with his “subversive thinking.”

The two minute commercial drags us through various ad concepts which play off the HTC acronym. The assortment of “Hipster Troll Carwash,” “Hot Tea Catapult,” “Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran,” “Hold This Cat” and “Happy Telephone Company” sequences are probably just a quick look at a handful of full-length commercials which will probably be a lot more entertaining on their own – we hope.

While HTC was the leader in the Android space for a few years, most people in the US didn’t know the HTC name. They were buying an EVO, a myTouch or a DROID. The new HTC “Change” ad campaign may be some people’s first introduction to the “Happy Telephone Company.” It may not be ideal, but HTC would rather have people ask “did you see that weird HTC commercial? What the heck as that?” than not have anyone talking about the brand at all.

For now, the only word we can use to describe the full two minute commercial is “odd.” If “HTC, it’s anything you want it to be,” what does the name mean to you?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • surethom

    This is why Apple iPhone is so successful the advert’s get to the point & show you what the product looks like & why the software is so wonderful (there words not mine).

  • thekaz

    It seems like someone in advertising thought, “hey – no one knows what HTC stands for. We want to show our company has changed its thinking and if evolving and can be whatever it wants to be. Let’s play off the fact that no one knows what HTC stands for.”

    Unfortunately, they seemed to forget to make it stand for anything that’s actually funny. The hipster troll car wash bit is just so poorly done, it makes me a bit embarrassed for them.

  • ranman

    Hugely Terrible Commercial……

    • Jack roberts

      Highly true Comment
      I actually liked it.

  • mattcoz

    Huh… that’s curious.

  • hurracayne

    No one remembers how Samsung commercials was, good or bad they spurred interest. I see this as no different but to get people talking about the company whether they liked the AD or not.

    • Nick Gray

      I agree. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. If it’s odd, people will remember it and may actually think about HTC when they buy their next phone. Samsung’s has a few good commercials, but people don’t buy the phones because the commercials were good. They buy the phones because they remember that Samsung had a commercial about a phone.

      Hopefully HTC’s Change campaign will have the same effect, but HTC will have to invest a lot of money to get the ads in front of consumers to raise brand awareness.

  • sandwich

    Back when I got my first HTC device in 2006 – the Windows Mobile 5 keyboard slider that was the HTC TyTN – I wondered what HTC stood for. Discovering it stood for “High Tech Company” (or was it Corporation?) didn’t really imbue me with much confidence, so here’s hoping this Change campaign works for ‘em.

    • sandwich

      My bad – High Tech _Computer_ Corporation. Still a very meh name.

  • bj

    Hocky Turd Commercials, Batman!

  • Vance

    Here’s the thing… It’s not that bad. Did it leave me wanting more? Not really (although who doesn’t want more RDJ??) But it piqued curiosity, and makes ONE point: htc can be anything you (or Mr Stark) can dream of. If they use this as a tickler from which to begin the formulation of a clear marketing message (here’s to change) then tie that to a single brand (the One), this could yet prove to be the genius, balls out, last ditch effort I expected it to be when they named RDJ as their new ambassador over a month ago.

  • Paul Atreides

    This commercial explains the situation they’re in now it surely does. Bad decisions man…


    High Tech Comunications….

  • donger

    Woot, new HTC. They already got the build quality down unlike Samsung. Get rid of Sense UI, Go with stock vanilla Android like in the Nexus One. Less time/ money spent on Sense crap. Faster updates to consumers.

  • Jeans

    Its not for everyone the same like iphone. Limited device for limited brains.

    Ad is bold, classy, witty, well edited.

    Clever and not everyone will understand.

    Go buy iphone or samsung Joe. Simply as that.

  • GBT

    I admit I am a fan of HTC. I like the ad, which is funny and creative. HTC phones have never been short of surpirses (right from their first phone) and this ad suits what the company has been doing – being innovative – creating something never seen before. The concepts could be ‘weird’ at first sight (like zoe) yet addictive. I do hope RDJ could help save the struggling HTC, and help boost its brand and sales!

  • Josh

    Ok, yes I totally agree that this commercial lacked the humor mark that HTC was actually shooting for, but let’s all be honest and say paying RD Jr a few million to show his mug will no doubt get people talking about the product, which is exactly what any smartphone company wants to do. The ads to watch for now are Microsoft’s. I’ve been blogging about how competitors should handle the marketing genius’ over at Apple for years now and no one has listened…. until now. The way Microsoft is taking every piece of BS that has made Apple famous the last decade and is making it seem insignificant in the most brilliant way possible. Using “Siri” against them? Pure Genius! I think HTC needs to run their ads against Samsung and Apple the same way, with snobbish, yet brutally honest marketing.

  • jaydog

    I just saw the commercial and it piqued my curiosity enough to get me to look it up. As much as it missed the mark if it was intended to be hilarious, I’d say it accomplished it’s true goal…for this consumer at least (and yes, that means I will be giving this brand a try).