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Google to launch Android device manager for finding lost phones this month

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Left your Android phone at a bar? Misplaced it in your couch? Desperately trying to find out where a thief has run off to with it? Unless you have some sort of third-party lost phone tracking tool installed on your phone, you’re out of luck. Android has been sorely lacking in a Find My iPhone equivalent for some time now, but that’s finally about to change with Google’s new Android Device Manager.

Set to release later this month for any Android device on 2.2 and higher, Android Device Manager (ADM) is a new tool for Android that allows users to manage lost or stolen phones from afar. Features of ADM include the ability to ring your phone at maximum volume, whether your phone’s on silent or not, locate your phone using GPS to place your device’s location on a map and securely wipe the data on your device if you fear it may have fallen into the wrong hands.

According to the blog post announcing Android Device Manager, it be available on the web and via an Android app for tracking devices as well. It’s a shame that it’s taken this long for Google to finally launch something like Android Device Manager, but we’re glad to see it nonetheless. Will you be using Android Device Manager?

Source: Official Android Blog

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  • ibap

    There are other apps that do similar things. The real question is whether this one will offer anything better than what the others do.

    • echopleks

      Like…say…being free?

      • ionut

        with prices of 1-2 dollars, these apps are almost… free. One of the best apps is Cerberus.

    • Chris

      The problem is… those other apps you talked about are useless unless you have a rooted phone.. because otherwise it would be nothing but a basic app that could easily be uninstalled or turned off. If Google integrates this app deep within Android then it should offer better usage and deeper integration.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    Hope they will integrate this in the OS in the future..

    • JQuest81

      Nah, they’ll just roll it into Google+…

      But seriously, that would be cool if they integrate it into the OS. A stand alone app however is good for the older devices and those non-stock UIs that are slow to update.

  • SGB101

    Sense has had this since the Desire HD, it’s about time.

  • reddragon72

    I have been using for over a year on all my phones. There are at least 50 different variants including some anti virus apps with this built in. Nothing new and unless Google pushes this to the phone and includes it in the base Android image there is nothing new to be had here.

  • david jones richrads

    Yeah there are already apps doing this. What do Google has in mind to offer. Anyways I am looking forward to Galaxy S III See the rumor

  • Paul

    This really needs to be baked into the OS, as smart theives will just uninstall the app or just wipe the device.
    Also, if the device is just lost, you will have approx 1 day (max) to find it before the battery dies. Some apps capture your last known position, so you can at least back track to where you might have dropped it… I hope the app includes this feature!
    Please also remember to keep a record of your IMEI number, as carriers can track stolen phones via this embedded serial number.

  • Don Boogie

    Lookout is by far the best, and well worth the money. It has online location tracking, remote wipe/siren, emails last location before battery dies and emails a picture taken with the front camera after 3 unsuccessful tries at unlocking. I agree that Android should have a basic security app but whatever they include won’t be better than this.

  • anon

    are you kidding. i just lost my phone.

  • yankeesusa

    ONce they bake it into the future os updates then it will be worth it. For now this is great as an app that can find it if you misplace it. For those that get it stolen the app can be uninstalled. That is why I installed avast root version so it is added to partition and cannot be deleted.

  • ihatefanboys

    While its nice to have this, Android has had the app Lookout for years for the exact same thing. Ill keep Lookout, but Ill check this out.

  • monk

    The best app for this is cerberus. It can be installed as a system app, the settings resist a full wipe and also disguised to not appear in the drawer. Endless capabilities

  • scubabum

    I currently use AndroidLost. But I welcome more apps for lost Android phones.

  • donger

    Never too late.

  • Bob Hobson

    I want to share another option that worked great for me. Tracker tags let someone who finds your lost stuff contact you directly without exposing your private information. I use them on almost everything I take when I travel after one of the tags was responsible for getting my lost passport returned to me in Rome one time. You can get them at

  • Puck69

    finally, it’s a little late but FINALLY