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Google to launch Motorola Nexus later this year?


We’ve all been expecting the next Nexus device soon. With the launch of most major Android updates and Nexus launches coinciding at the end of each year, that time is coming up fast. However, everyone seemed to be under the impression that the next Nexus device will be made by LG again, and will be based on the LG G2. The G2 was just announced, and with those specs, we couldn’t help but be a little excited.

However, Taylor Wimberly thinks otherwise. He posted on Google+ that Motorola will be making the next Nexus smartphone, and it won’t be based on the new Moto X. It’ll be released in Q4 of 2013, just like the last few Nexus devices have. So it makes us wonder, if this is true, what specs will this device have?

Since it’s a Nexus device, it seems illogical to stuff a Motorola X8 chip into it. Generally, Nexus devices have had cutting edge processors in them, like the Snapdragon S4 Pro in the Nexus 4 and the original 1GHz (!) Snapdragon in the Nexus One. However, it may happen. Maybe Android 5.0 will be super optimized, allowing it to run faster and smoother on weaker hardware, and the Motorola Nexus with an X8 will be Google’s star hardware to show it off.

Now that we know Motorola may be making the next Nexus, are your buying decisions changing? What do you think of a Motorola Nexus? Do you trust Motorola now that they’re a reimagined, Google-run company? Leave a comment telling us what you think!

Source: +Taylor Wimberly

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things car and tech. His time is split between gaming and fixing his racecar. He also does photography in his spare time.

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  • mac08wrx

    I’m rocking a nexus s 4g and can’t wait till the motonexus

    • Louis A

      I have always rock a Nexus phone. I am excited by this news as I have always wanted Motorola and Google to make a nexus phone. I bet the hardware and OS will be super supper optimized.

  • haru

    Now this is getting really interesting. On the one hand the moto x makes for a good experience with its unique software additions without compromising on stock android. On top of that it has a great battery life.
    If this new nexus uses the x8 processor giving it a great battery life it will be really good. And if it’s not, the moto X is a great alternative that won’t be getting updates too late I guess.
    Either way, it’s a win-win situation for us.
    Good to see Google stepping up their game :)

  • adriean

    as long as they don’t go crazy and make it so that only “americans” can buy it i’m ok with it. (don’t get me wrong but that’s bullsh*t what they did with the Moto X)

    • Nate595

      Well hey other countries get some phones that we don’t get in the states, and if we do get them its sometimes like a month or two later.

      • kiki.utena

        What a joke. U.S.A. citizens have an excellent choice when it comes to smart phones. People from nations with much less choice but who are faster uptakers of new technology are sick of seeing you whinge.

        • erik knudsen

          Japan laughs at everyone that thinks the U.S. gets the cool stuff first

        • capn

          a little butt hurt, guy?

        • Pip

          Wow! A month or two? That’s really a lot of time! How dare can you wait for so long?

      • kiki.utena

        Repeated what I said because it’s hidden. When is Android and Me moving to disqus like most other tech sites?

        What a joke. U.S.A. citizens have an excellent choice when it comes to smart phones. People from nations with much less choice but who are faster uptakers of new technology are sick of seeing you whinge.


    I love the idea!! As long as the back is not Kevlar.

  • PhilH

    Why are folks so ready to bash the X8. It IS cutting edge in a sense. And the Galaxy Nexus didn’t come with a cutting edge processor so that theory is out the window anyway. The X8 is all it needs to be because Google and Motorola cut all the fat out of Android. Why waste money on a beefier chip just to show some numbers?

    • Dima Aryeh

      The TI OMAP 4460 in the Galaxy Nexus was quite powerful, actually. GPU was a tad weak, but the CPU itself was nice. Not quite cutting edge, but close. The Moto X8 is cutting edge in a very different way, and none of us here at Android and Me have any reason to bash it. I simply don’t like the Moto X because of its price, not because of its hardware or what it is. Because it’s a solid device.

      • kiki.utena

        ‘Since it’s a Nexus device, it seems illogical to stuff a Motorola X8 chip into it. Generally, Nexus devices have had cutting edge processors in them’

        I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought you were saying the X8 is NOT cutting edge. I’m not sure how else the above quote can be interpreted. Perhaps that section needs a re-write.

        • sere83

          Well the Moto X8 is essentially a slightly tweaked S4 pro. It’s cutting edge in the sense it’s a relatively powerful SOC but in terms of raw processing and perfromance it cannot compete will high end soc’s like the Snapdragon 800. I would be dissapointed if this is what google went for in the Neuxs 5 given the fact the nexus 4 has been running a similar SOC for almost a year. I would hope to see a snapdragon 600 at least. What’s also annoying is the fact hat the LG G2 is a an absolute beast and I was really hoping it would be based on this, give the recent release of the Moto X I suspect now we will see something less impressive.

          • David

            I’m sorry but how much difference does the S4 Pro have against the Snapdragon 800, in actual, human terms?

            When the S4 Pro chip arrived on the Nexus 4 and other devices we heard reviewers say “the performance is blazingly fast” and now with the Snapdragon 800 we hear the same thing.

            - Software optimisation for lower-end specs
            - Focus on GPU and other cores like natural language
            - Much more battery life

            The Motorola X8 performs just as well as the Snapdragon 800 will, maybe not in “raw power” terms but for someone who wants to play games and use a few apps it will work incredibly well.

            Stop looking at a specs number sheet that shows the Snapdragon has 0.6GHz faster performance and start looking at actual speeds on a phone. I think you’ll find the Moto X can handle almost everything shoved at it.

    • Mike

      I dont wsnt thst POS x8 in my Nexus. If this moto nexus is real it better have a snapdragon 800 or i wont be touching it and ill just get the G2 or Sony Honami and make it a Nexus by throwing AOKP or another AOSP ROM on it. F these low end specs.

  • William Hester

    I absolutely love the simplicity of the Moto X and the design Google has created with it. A Motorola Nexus has some serious potential to be my favorite Android phone yet.

  • yowanvista

    So now a Claim = News? Rly??

    • Usman Ansari

      Rumors are much more frequently reported on this site, out of the couple I frequent. Also, every article is written on the same template and ems with the stupid “now that X, would you Y”, etc. Very annoying considering every author writes exactly alike.

  • SGB101

    This may tempt me from my note2, if the battery stacks up. I never thought I’d say that!

  • redraider133

    Being that I’m on Verizon I no longer get excited about nexus phones since most likely won’t come to Verizon. Here’s to hoping volte changes this when it launches in the coming years.

  • Steve

    They shouldn’t wait long after the new iPhone goes on sale. If it’s another $300 high quality phone that can be used on prepaid, it can be very tempting. But if it comes out months after theiiphone, they’ll lose a lot of potential customers

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’m rocking an HTC one. The new nexus will need an amazing camera, amazing build quality, and speakers to win me over.

  • Nate B.

    Unless it’s gonna be less than what the Nexus 4 cost I don’t see the point of this. Or maybe it’ll carry over a few unique features like the HTC One did with the Beats. Because it’s less speced. Maybe it’ll have color options as well? If it comes with anything less than that then I don’t see the point personally.

    • Nate B.

      Excuse my ignorance. I was thinking if a Moto X Google Edition.

      If Moto makes the next Nexus, then it might be interesting.

  • Tico4674

    Taylor is a great source, can’t wait to hear more.

  • kiki.utena

    You could definitely argue the X8 is ‘weaker hardware’ but to say it’s not ‘cutting edge’ seems ridiculous to me given all the new tech and features it provides. It may just be a difference in interpretation of words used but a device doesn’t have to be bleeding edge fast to be ‘cutting edge’. Think of all the cutting edge NASA implementations of very old and slow hardware.

  • Louis91

    Hmm im not very happy about this.. i was really looking forward for the new nexus to be based off of the lg g2 because i think they did an amazing job on the nexus 4. Im still going to keep my fingers crossed for this…

  • nyk

    I think the Moto X is near perfect. Personal opinion is that Key Lime Pie will bw optimized for mid range devices.

  • pryvateid

    As long as it’s not in the same price range as the Moto X. If they keep it at $300-$400 with great specs, I’m cool with it.

    • pryvateid

      I wonder is this what Motorola meant by this, “Moto X is the brand that we are most focused on… and there is more to come. You will see additional products within months.”

  • someonesim

    My decision ? No matter who make it, whatever spec, am always Nexus fans.

  • Matt

    Is this the cheaper version that Motorola will sell worldwide?

  • Y314K

    So last Friday get got the story how Next door Google & Moto are not communication with each other…

    And now the rumor is the next Nexus will be a Moto…

    So the next Nexus will still have a blah Camera… And 720p screen… ???

    Maybe Google is splitting it’s Nexus… The Moto one will be a cheap sub $300 option & there will be a more expensive better spec version by LG or some other maker…

    • Y314K

      Now that I’ve thought about it some more… Maybe Moto should always be the Nexus maker now that we have Google experience devices…. All the other makers can get into the Google Play Store if they choose to…

      That way Google can completely control cost & specs & I think it should help with the AOSP problems they’ve had with the New Nexus 7…. I just hope they don’t always make lower spec devices & I hope they can use the customization options that Moto is lining up for the MotoX…

      I want a full spec + full optimized device… Not just one or the other…

      • Y314K

        3rd thought – The reason that I am not dismissing info from Wimberly about Moto is not only from past MotoX early predictions he got right… But why he got it right…. He lives in the same area as the Moto X plant… So I think his sources are much better then just an anonymous tipster… Dallas/Fort Worth = Same difference… So I would think he has an advantage of having a local Moto info source…

  • Alex Belko

    I was crazy about nexus one and galaxy nexus, I’m waiting for a really interesting nexus again

  • HeadDoc

    Gotta have a 5 inch 1080p screen. If Google is smart, it will have 64 gb built-in storage. By the time the Nexus 6 rolls around 128 gb will probably be standard in flagships, possibly killing removable storage forever. Snapdragon 800, great battery life, and a shockingly low price, and I’m in.

    • Y314K

      Well Nexus devices are more of a one year device then a 2 year device.. So the specs don’t need to be as cutting edge as a 2 year phone… But yeah… Will need to see how Google can lower the cost of the new Nexus while increasing the specs from the MotoX… I guess step one will probably be not to assemble it in the US… Or maybe they can finance assembling it at the same Fort Worth plant as the MotoX by charging extra for MotoMaker mods to the phones…

  • donger

    Need more details.

  • kicost

    this will be the moto deal …
    the google nexus, from google ,with google on… it will be perfect!

  • surethom

    Yes Finally a Motorola Nexus, hopefully this will mean 1. 4.7″ Nexus with Thin bezels not a Massive 5″ Screen phone, 2. Finally a Nexus camera that can take photos in low light.

    Come on Android & Motorola

    • Orion78

      So you consider 5 in.screen massive? Its going to have on screen buttons for God’s sake. Man up dude. I hope its based on the G2. Yeah 5.2 in screen.

  • uknowme

    Don’t care who is making it. My wishlist is simple. 32g or more and a 1080p screen.

  • guest

    In all honesty the next nexus will need a few things
    1. LTE support.
    2. A better camera
    3. Quad core processor ( prefer snapdragon like new nexus 7)
    4. Not be made by LG (lg already said they are fine without the nexus and they were not going to make next gen)
    5. A really good price point.

    Now that would be a good next gen nexus IMHO. I would love to see a HTC nexus so that. Especially because they are starting to get things figured out again. Also this would help make them a key player in the android world again

  • AGWednesday

    “Since it’s a Nexus device, it seems illogical to stuff a Motorola X8 chip into it. Generally, Nexus devices have had cutting edge processors in them, like the Snapdragon S4 Pro in the Nexus 4 and the original 1GHz (!) Snapdragon in the Nexus One. However, it may happen.”

    Doubt it. The X8 was built by Motorola to optimize the features they’ve introduced for their newest Droid phones and the Moto X. The benefits of the X8′s architecture would be lost on a Nexus phone running stock Android and void of Active Notifications, Moto Assist, and Quick Capture.

    Also, as others have said, enough with the groupthink. It gets annoying and statements like this don’t help. We phans have been talking about nothing but core count and GHz for so long, we’ve lost sight of the fact that there’s more to SoC architecture. The X8 is cutting edge in its own way.


    The solution Motorola gave for the notification is great, apparently, the screen is not but I really liked how Motorola approached some areas of Android and more than that, I liked how they approached the Design! Many people may like some devices but other than HTC, I find both Samsung and LG very, very boring deisign wise and I’m happy to take a refreshed design from Motorola.

    I don’t really care for the specs, if it works smoothly, that’s what’s matter for me.

    I care about camera, battery and design. If Motorola can get a better camera, I’m in.

  • jamal adam

    If this is true than Google and Motorola will work even closer together than they did with the Moto X thus, providing an even better experience on KLP for a wonderful price. I’m excited for the Nexus 5. I hoped HTC would have the honors of the Nexus 5, that’s my dream.

  • Jax STOCKman

    Hopefully Moto is making a revised N4 and LG is making a nexus 5. While I doubt it, it would be nice to have a hardware ecosystem from the playstore. My dream would be the Moto X hardware and software + G2 internals. Now that would be a beast!

  • Matthew Varallo

    I owned a nexus one (paid $550 for it) and it was the best phone I have ever owned! Would LOVE to own a googorola nexus device, dare I ask how that combination could go wrong?!

    • Matthew Varallo

      (FIST PUMP)!

  • Oflife

    This Taylor W guy was wrong about the Moto X! He stated it would record STEREO audio using three microphones and record video at up to 60fps. It does neither. Me thinks he is trying to over hype Motorola products in order to damage the company.

    To those bashing the X8, this is what makes the mid range but capable RAZR i (M in USA) such a superb phone (I have one), it takes the load off the main processor and does it well.

    People need to realise that Motorola are real phone / hardware company, not a fake company churning out tat, such as those from the other side of the world.

    • Noel

      Maybe those two specs u mentioned were in reference to the Motorola made Nexus…his source might have gotten the specs of the Moto X and the Moto Nexus mixed up. Since someone from LG had stated they aren’t involved with the new Nexus device…Motorola and Sony are the two other major OEMs who haven’t had a shot at making a Nexus. Personally i would’ve like HTC to have another go at it…but a Sony or Motorola Nexus will be well received, after all we accepted an LG made Nexus.

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  • Nathen

    id be interested. yes