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HTC One Developer Edition skipping the Android 4.2 update ‘because 4.3 is so close’


If you’re the proud owner of the HTC One Developer Edition, we have a bit of bad news coated in an amazingly sweet layer of great news. First the bad: the HTC One Developer Edition will not be updated to Android 4.2. Now the good: HTC has decided that the HTC One Developer Edition will be skipping Android 4.2 and jump to the Android 4.3 update. This bit of news comes directly from Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s president of global sales. Apparently the decision was made because the Android 4.2 update “offered limited customer benefit” and “because 4.3 is so close.”

Unfortunately, Mackenzie did not elaborate on how close the “so close” Android 4.3 update for the HTC One Developer Edition actually is. We’re hoping it’ll be here before the end of August since versions of the HTC One in Europe and Asia were updated to Android 4.2 about a month and a half a go. While the Verizon HTC One will be running on Android 4.2 when it hits store shelves later this week, there’s still no indication as to when the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile branded HTC Ones will receive the update. HTC could skip the update altogether and jump directly to 4.3, but we’re sure that would take quite a bit longer since service provider software testing would push the update time back by another 2-3 months.

Would you rather wait a few more months get Android 4.3 on your US carrier branded HTC One or get Android 4.2 now and wait until the end of the year for the 4.3 update?

Source: Android Central

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  • MyMilan

    Anything is better than what we have now. Just update it already. Other countries have had a update for months and it makes us feel like we’re at the bottom of the totem pole. Give us Android 4.2 now, and then release the 4.3 update when it’s available. Thanks.

    • Brandon

      Do you think that really makes sense? To have a company put in all those man hours to make 4.2 work on a device, then to turn around and put in more time and money just to upgrade again? No, the correct course is just skipping 4.2 and focus on a 4.3 roll out.

    • James Miles

      Hey I want it to but I have found they only like to give each device so many updates so I’d rather get 4.3 and then get keylime 5.0

      • Jamie

        Of course, they want you to buy a new phone. There’s no incentive to provide you with a free update. That’s the whole ruse

    • Jonathan41

      You’re waiting on the carriers not HTC.

      • zviki

        What carriers? This Developer edition shoule get every Android update,just like Nexus line…

        • epps720

          I have the unlocked One, so I’m hoping that I can get the update at the same time as the Developer Edition. As far as I know they are virtually the same (minus the additional 32 GB)

  • Nathan D.

    I would rather get 4.3 we would have to wait anyways, there no harm waiting a little longer.

  • Frank

    I guess it depends on just how long the wait is. If it means we will get 4.3 in the next month or two on the carrier phones, then I’m all for the wait. But if it only expedites the delivery of 4.3 by a few weeks, then I don’t see the point in waiting and hope they move forward with delivering 4.2.2 asap.

  • snowbdr89

    You people have a developers edition and are waiting for an update when there are plenty ofggood 4.3 ROMs out there!!

    • Omar S Gray

      Yeah, but most of the other 4.3 Dev Roms have camera issues, and would suck nuggets because that is one of this phones best features.

      • snowbdr89

        Im running 4.3 and see no issues with the camera

        • Omar S Gray

          I was going on what I keep reading on XDA Developers post. Lots of people keep saying that the camera doesn’t work like it did from first purchase.

          • snowbdr89

            The panoramic on some ROMs don’t work butiI thought that was a 4.3 issue I use the cm focal and I don’t have issues that I have noticed

      • Jamie

        I’m having issues with camera not working as well. Sometimes icons don’t work and or are confusing. The photo widget size has also shrunk dramatically. It’s pretty unusable now on my GNex

  • albert

    Waiting for the 4.2 update for two months and now for how Long for the 4.3, I think they need better developers to stay in the bussiness, better phones but slow researchers. Jajajaja

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC One developer edition

  • Can U mIlK a Cat

    Is this ironman approved if not i don’t want

  • donger

    Give us updates right after it comes out please.

    • Guest

      That was funny. Maybe you should get an iPhone If that’s your expectations

  • El guano 915

    Any news is good news

  • ihatefanboys

    Listen, most of us dont have a GPE ONE or a Developer Edition ONE, we have a plain old HTC ONE, we want to know when we are getting our 4.2 update. Screw the rest.

    • Guest

      I’d never buy a non Nexus phone. Probably gonna move to iOS. But you know if you buy a contract Android carrier phone, you shouldn’t expect updates. Your 4.3 will likely come after 5.0 is released to the GPE

      • ihatefanboys

        Doubtful. IOS sucks, good luck with that.

  • Jamie

    There’s not much difference except camera icons in different places and my photo widget got totally screwed and is now so much smaller than it used to. More + more frustrated with Android & the fact there’s absolutely no support when you need help

  • Amir C

    According to a different mobile site HTC did give a time frame of the end of September and also said that they would skip the U.S carrier 4.2 update for 4.3 instead because it was not that user beneficial. Now if you go on any HTC One FB page this is what these sites are saying so Idk.

  • hekermeker

    It seems that history repeats itself.HTC owners like Desire, Desire HD owners do know that this type of “reasoning” is bullshit.I can guarantee that 4.3 update will be most likely in october-november if they not decide that this device is too old for that update.But it’s possible that with hilarious reasons they will cancel the update.It happened before and nothing can make them to do it again.That’s HTC and that’s why they lost 25 percent of their clients, including myself.

  • apurva gupta

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