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HTC One X now receiving Android 4.2, Sense 5 update in Europe


HTC One X owners in eastern and northern Europe have reported that the Android 4.2 update with Sense 5 is currently being rolled out. The 4.18.401.2 update is just shy of 380 MB, packing in features including lock screen widgets, home button customization (long press for menu, swipe up to launch Google Now), quick settings in the notification shade, advanced notifications, BlinkFeed, Video Highlights, a flatter UI and dozens of other Sense 5 specific enhancements.

For now, the update to the HTC One X has only hit a half dozen countries across Europe, but we expect it to slowly make its wait to larger markets like Germany, France, Italy and the UK within the next week or two. We’re not sure when the Qualcomm S4 powered US version of the HTC One X (known as the HTC One XL in Europe) will receive the Android 4.2.2 update, but we doubt it’ll be rolling out during the month of August.

What new Android 4.2.2 or Sense 5 features are you looking forward to the most once your HTC One X receives the update?

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • andy parks

    My galaxy s3 is stuck on 4.1.2 because samsung are delaying updates because of the s4

  • Ahmad Mujeeb

    didnt get the update :/. Htc One X cid_001 international version. Pakistan.

    • Moaz

      Dire im downloading it right now

      • Moaz

        Im Pakistani to
        Gujranwala got thé update:-)

  • aladin

    is the htc one xl international version going to get the update, 4.2.2?
    i am living in the middle east and really hoping that htc releases the update for my device i am really waiting for it,, if you have any idea please reply to me i would appreciate it allot, thanks.

  • D Desai

    @Ahmad: Since when Pakistan became a part of Europe!? Duh!

    Waiting for updates to roll out for Asian markets.

    • Faraz

      but i guess Ahmed is right. His CID belongs to Europe and I think he must have received an update on his phone.
      I might be wrong though cuz I am confused if update is being rolled out to regions or CIDs :|

    • Junaid

      Me too waiting in Pakistan htc one X cid _044 international version

  • geza

    Not yet received :( Switzerland.

  • Abdul Rauf

    Still waiting for Update in Pakistan

  • Mixu

    I got the update one hour ago (locating north europe).

  • Benoit D

    No update for now (2013 Aug 20, 6:53 PM GMT) for Belgium

  • Mjed

    Waiting For The New Update I Am Now On Syria

  • mvndaai

    I thought that HTC had probably already given up on updated the OneX, so this actually gives me a lot of hope… but I have AT&T so I don’t know if I should.

  • Mohammed Erfan

    When it is rolling out in india?

  • donger

    About time.

  • HTC_KS

    Waiting for the update to HTC_203 – Kosovo

  • marcos

    Not yet on Brazil’s international version

  • brixx

    not yet update.. Philippines..
    it’s more fun in the philippines :))

  • Rapidjani

    Not yet in Hungary, unlocked version.

  • john

    No Update in Greece yet (22-Aug-2013 – 14:17 GMT)

  • Ardi Salasa

    No Update in Malaysia yet (23-Aug-2013 — 3.11am)

  • Kevin Chapple
  • tony k.(croatia)

    I did the update and I regret reallly regret.I don’t like the look and they removed some good stuff.and the worst of all the battery is draining to fast now after the update.I have to charge it 3times in 24hours.bad bad…

    • sema4dogz

      I absolutely agree, I don’t at all like some of the changes, especially the black background which can’t be changed. And crap ringtones , half of which are pretty much inaudible.

  • Greg

    No update in Ireland yet. Cid HTC_001

  • Eray

    Still waiting HTC One x

  • Pawel

    There is update in UK cid 001. Finally

  • Dingofi

    Got it! HTC_001 international version. New England, USA

  • Kevin

    Received update this morning 260813. is the initial software ID, which then identifies itself as 4.2.2, with Sense 5

    This is on Vodagroan UK

  • Brian

    Received the update here in Nairobi,kenya…(downloading)!!!

  • mohsen

    No update in Afghanistan yet !

  • Suresh

    When in india?

  • Faraz

    No update for HTC One X in Pakistan CID HTC_J15 (Arab CID)

  • Junaid

    i did a full backup of my phone went locked bootloader went back to ruu and still no update in pakistan -_- htc one x cid _044 international version in Pakistan

    • Faraz

      CID HTC_044 is WWE Asia’s CID which means you will only receive update when update will rolled out to Asia

  • One X+ Ryu

    Still no update for the One X + here in the Philippines…

  • Fahad

    I got update CID_016

    Pakistan, Yahoo…,

  • Faraz

    I believe, 4.2.2 HOX update is CID based. If you have Europen or UK CID then you may received update in any part of the world. Please correct if I am wrong. Few people have received 4.2.2 update in India or Pakistan because their CID belonged to Europe or Uk or Africa even but update havent been rolled out to Aisa yet.

  • Faraz

    Egypt HTC Support says that 4.2.2 Update will roll out after 45 days to HTC One X. 45 days after 19th August wich means update will roll out in Arab countries at around 4th October.

  • Inese

    Don’t like appearance of new version 4.2.2, i regret updating. Is it possible to return back to previous version?

  • Ali

    Still no update in saudi arabia

  • thehazim

    Didnt get any update for htc one x…from malaysia.

  • Graham Peake

    Updated the new Software package which I do not like and want to revert back to the previous Software.
    Also, the new Software has affected pairing the phone through Bluetooth. The Phone accepts the pairing but the car says Bluetooth not available. I have tried this on 2 vehicles, my Ford and a Freelander 2. Pairing worked prior to the Software update.

    Any advice !!

  • Mitchell Lloyd

    Don’t like 4.2.2 one my OneXL at all! My home button now takes me to the far left app screen, not the center and it doesn’t continuously flick through the anymore.