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Update: HTC releases HTC One X, One X+ Android 4.2, Sense 5 update in the UK


At long last, the HTC One X and One X+ in the UK have started to receive the latest Android 4.2.2 update from HTC. The update, which started rolling out across Europe and Asia a few weeks back, includes the latest version of HTC Sense 5 and dozens of new features that should make HTC One X and One X+owners quite happy.

The new 2.18.401.2 software build weighs in at 406 MB and delivers HTC’s updated UI with Blinkfeed, Video Highlights, a half dozen new stock apps, lock screen widgets, home button customization (long press for menu, swipe up to launch Google Now), quick settings in the notification shade, advanced notifications and much more. For now it looks like the Android 4.2 update for the HTC One X and One X+ is only available for unlocked devices, but we’re assuming carrier branded versions of the phone will start to receive the update in the coming days.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the update on your phone, let us know what new Android 4.2 and Sense 5 features you enjoy the most.

Update: Vodafone has revealed that HTC is working on another Android 4.2.2 update with Sense 5.5 for the HTC One X.

Source: @shen_ye

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Thijs Oost

    This morning the update was available in the Netherlands.

    • duncan

      Did you already download it? I have the HTC One X, and it doesnt find the update…

      • Aaron Tugwell

        This is the same with me

      • Mara

        hi i am from Cyprus and i downloaded it on the 27th of August!

      • Aeman

        there could be a problem with your play store, i had a problem with mine so the update was not available to me, so i performed a hard reset and then the update became available, and i really like the new camera features on it they are great.

  • Nick Gray

    I feel your pain. The AT&T HTC one X received its Android 4.1 update three and a half months after HTC released it in Europe. We’ll have to wait to see how things play out this time around. Let’s hope it’s not December before AT&T HTC One X and One X+ customers get this update.

    • danyalhaider

      since i upgraded to sense 5 my wifi says not in range. wifi is working fine on other devices. if i take the phone close to the wifi device it catches signals and works fine. and my mobile network data is also not working. they all were working fine before the update

      • Danielle

        I have the same issue. Very annoying. Both wifi and mobile internet worked absolutely fine before update. Now they either don’t connect or are continually in and out of connectivity. Did you manage to sort out the problem? Rang HTC who told me to reset phone to factory, I’d rather only do this as a last resort, so any help greatly appreciated.

        • Paul Dalton

          ive had the same issue , i have now done a factory reset and the phone now is worse , i have lost 38% battery overnight where previously it lost approx 8% overnight . before the update my wifi was better & battery life i think HTC needs to do another update to fix this .

        • Paul Dalton

          my phone battery life is back to normal now. the android OS was taking most of the battery power and I suspect this was caused by restoring my settings & APPS etc I switched the phone off and charged it and now it seems back to how it was before the update .

      • Eric Stephens

        Yeah I having the same problem!!! Before the update everything was running smooth. I watch a lot of videos and listen to music on my phone and also download movies but before the update all my videos will play very fast and when I download stuff it will be done fast also but now I don’t even go on YouTube no more because it take forever to play a video and it take forever to download stuff too… And my battery be dying way to fast now after the update. So HTC fix this damn problem soon!!! Lol

  • Aaron Tugwell

    I have no update yet

  • Leeeeeeeeee

    I have it.. seems to have gone backwards looks wise

    • moshpitmolly

      I agree with Leeeeeeeeee I am totally peed off that I updated :-(

      • Girthman

        Couldn’t agree more. Upgraded my One X+ this morning and it looks like the old 80s Spectrum software has installed! The weather app seems to have regressed several years as has the look of the icons etc.

        Anyone know how to revert back to the old version? It wasn’t broke, so I don’t wanna fix it. Very disappointed

  • Aaron Tugwell

    Lee? Did you just check for updates?

  • Chris


    • Alexxx

      HELL YEA!~

    • Mr. A

      You have Zoe ?

    • Daniel San

      Yo ya actualize mi htc one x+, pero nunca vino zoe en dicha actualizacion, es mentira zoe no viene… esperemos a ver cuando nos mandan los de htc

  • Alexxx

    I just friking got it ! I randomly in good faith to HTC, I checked, and BOOM, all thisss wow! blow away, again I have a brand new phone while never buying a new one, with updates, its buttery smooth, unlike Samsung freezage and crashage and garbage. Thanks HTC!

  • rob

    I have no update yet, I hope to get the new version of android as soon as possible!!!!!!!

  • nisarg gandhi

    what about htc one x+ india update?? cid htc_038

    • Ahmed Rizwan

      I got update in Pakistan. So,maybe, you will be getting it.

  • janaaaak

    I have Htc One X! Any idea when the update is rolling out in India! I mean they said Asia and i yet havnt got it! I hope we unexpectedly get Zoe too! *fingers crossed*

    • navjot

      on updates till time…

    • Sarthak Bakhri

      Me to man
      Apparently they don’t count India in Asia …..sad

      • Pranav Pahuja

        LOL. Seriously man, enough waiting.

  • janaaaak

    Alexxx-Do you own a One X+ or just OneX?

  • donger

    About time.

  • janaaaak

    I have been literally checking for the update day in and day out,since the news of it being rolled out. I freaking cant wait! HAIL HTC!

    • jay

      what is zoe? :(
      sorry I Dnt knw so askd

      • Aeman

        well when taking a picture with you HTC handset, you press the shutter and the Handset automatically captures up to 20 photos and a 3-second video, therefore you get a picture that’s alive in your gallery. your photo album will come to life, capturing the moment rather than just the second.

        its a cool concept.

  • adnan

    any idea when will 3-mobile uk get updated

  • Suresh Kavati

    Any one knows about this update in India? Iam eagerly waiting 4 this update…..

    • Pramod Sreedharan

      HTC one x plus update now available through WiFi or internet pass through connection

      • DS

        In India or UK?

      • Srikanth

        Through wifi or internet pass through? why not through 3g?
        And are you talking about Indian HOX+ update ?

  • Aaron Tugwell

    I’m on O2 contract, and I still don’t have the update, I’ve been checking like mad

  • aashish rajendra

    Many are waiting in india for hte 4.2 update..
    can someone let us know the below.
    hows the battery efficiency after 4.2 udpate?
    is zoe mode fully available on one+, same as htc one?

    • varun

      Hey, the updates out in India as of last night.

      Nice interface, however phones been hanging all morning…battery seems to be draining pretty quickly as well

      • gaurav

        Was this for one X or one X+ ?? Who is your service provider? I haven’t received it yet on my one X :(

      • sachin

        Ur cid no?

        • Girish

          mine is HTC_038 … Just checked, still no update in india. What was your cid?

      • indign0

        Same here..! :(

  • Mark Callaghan

    Received last night after checking on unlocked handset on virgin mobile.
    First impressions are it’s smoother and faster, after installing my home screens lost around a third of the apps they were all still installed but they needed putting back on there home screens.
    But the small inconvenience of putting them all back is easily out weighed by the improvements.

    • Sam Okyere

      Having the same issue. Also every time you reboot the phone the short cuts disappear. Seems that the apps need to be on the internal memory. It’s annoying, plus my GPS will no longer work on running applications. Anyone else experience this

      • Aeman

        next time before you reboot, go to your settings > Backup & reset > create a google/HTC account to back everything up on (preferably your play store account) > then hit back up account > back into settings > Accounts and sync > Google > click on your gmail account > tick each of the boxes that you want backing up (for example contacts, photos calendar) > then click on options > then sync now. All your important apps, contacts, passwords and custom settings will be saved.

        then i believe your gps problem may be caused by a simple fault go to your home screen
        then click and hold your vol down button, whilst holding that button after 5 seconds click and hold the power button along with the vol down button until the three green androids on skates appear on the bottom left of your screen. then some options will appear and hit the vol down button to get to hard reboot or reset then hit the power button to enter

        and your handset will run a full reboot and bring your factory settings along with the gps and then log into your google or htc account and restore all your stuff

  • dopedopelala

    Hey, my cid is Vodap021. Does anyone know when it comes out for me ?

  • Morsalin Sam

    In which month this update will available in Bangladesh???

  • Adam Richards

    Received mine this morning, Vodafone UK

  • htcuser

    I had the update a week ago on my HTC one x plus … far so good
    Except NO ZOE!
    Can anyone let me know if they have the same problem

  • aqaba

    Where is the task manager in 4.2.2?

    • mattyt

      How do we get task manager back ? The system update also got rid of other apps + phone is chewing through power

  • Mark

    I have both the HTC One X+ and the HTC One. Both are now running on 4.2.2. In my opinion the update for the One X+ puts it ahead of the current version on HTC One. The option available to turn BlinkFeed on and off at will is a godsend. Also option available to have an extra panel (On the HTC One you have 5 panels max and one of those has to be BlinkFeed) I’ve contacted HTC already about this and have asked why this isn’t available to customers with it’s “Flagship” device. I’ll update as soon as I get a response.

  • Haris Arshad

    Cid 044 no update in Pakistan :(

    • Ahmed Rizwan

      I got my update bro… Karachi

  • Dany

    The update is amazing!, It’s well worth the wait, I only got the update this morning though.

  • DS

    Any one out there with an update in Germany on the One X + ???

    • darell

      I updated my HTC one X+ last week and I noticed that my phone works faster now. However, I don’t like it that the ring lock is gone, some widgets like the HTC clock. I wish I didn’t update.

      • Girthman

        Spot on! Couldn’t agree more with your comments. Makes me wanna revert back to the old version.

        Anyone know how

  • aqaba

    Htc one x+ in Switzerland, yesterday done

  • Rudresh

    Htc going to update one x+ in India or not?

    One month about to complete since htc released 4.2.2 update but still not available in India

  • jenni1

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  • Hassanein

    Hi Im from Iraq I cant update my htc one x i need help to how update my phone thanx for all

  • rush

    Anyone knows when the update coming in Philippine? Cid_044. I read some article about asia getting 4.2.2 update.

  • Faraz

    Is update rolling out on region basis or CID basis. For example, if I have CID HTC_001 but I am in Asia, would I be able to receive an update being in Asia while CID belongs to Europe?

    I believe its CID based

  • JOHN

    what about update in PAKISTAN havent receive yet ? ? ? ?? ?

  • O.tutki

    Anyone knows when the update would be available in the middle east?

  • naveen

    release date in india

  • Navjot Singh Chhatwal

    Can’t wait..everytime u connects to internet I checked India

  • Andrew Richardson

    I have the update on a HTC One+. Absolutely hate it. My phone now looks like a tacky Gallaxy. Seriously need to know how or restore…….

    • moshpitmolly

      Me too. Have been on to HTC and they said there is no way to go back to previous software. That’s why I am on here looking to see if anyone knows how to revert back.

      • Girthman

        Likewise! Software looks tacky and dated! How do I revert back?

  • dopedopelala

    When will it come out for Vodafone Australia?

  • @lain

    In ph not yet rollout the update :(

  • himanshu

    When this update coming to India???????

  • Rishabh Bhanot

    Cant really wait to get my hands around the update .. anyways waiting for it to hit india .. is there a video out with features and phone performance after the update .. cheers guy

  • Ardi Salasa

    Malaysia check the updating for HOX like a mad… not only everyday but every hour.. really can not wait.. up to now 30 Aug 2013, 3.20am still no updating.. argghhhhh!!!!

    • Aldrin

      Check it now, i am on asia taiwan

      • ImJustAmalaysian

        31 August, 8:55 AM still no update in Malaysia :(

  • Barry

    Live in the UK (Bristol), had my update on the 27th (HTC One X+). Love Blinkfeed and the overall feel of the UI. Freed up a bit more memory and is faster overall too. Battery life is a touch longer as well. Well done HTC, this will see me good till my upgrade next year!

  • Aldrin

    Its already out in taiwan

  • ImJustAMalaysian

    31 August, 8.57 AM still no update in Malaysia :(

  • jaaaanak

    Its 31st Augest 9.33 and still no update in India fr HOX.. Its so frustrating!

  • vik

    no update in India yet on HTC ONE X

  • imran iqbal

    can you guys tell me what does the update come in india..I’m really waiting for it…does it improve battery life.please reply guys..

  • roland

    I’m so happy for this update Zoe is sweet

    • jaaaanak

      Hey Roland,which phone do you have? HTC One X or HTC One X+?

  • ramini

    Still waiting here in Philippines… Can’t wait…..

  • kirayamato1518

    No update in Singapore on my HTC one x+, still waiting

  • mnz510

    1 September, 10.49 pm still no update for HOX in Malaysia :(

  • joelnaija

    We have it here Nigeria, My X+ looks great!

    • adex money

      Liar oloshi

  • Angermind

    Hello from Greece i just download and installed the new update 4.2.2 with se5 but i got alot of problems after all,
    1. my battery is dieing like 3x faster then usual
    2. most of my apps are now working anymore liek wallbase , zedge , and so on
    3. every time i use the restart phone option half of my apps widged from my screen are dissapearing and i have to put them again
    Any suggestion what to do?

    • Helge Topholm

      Hi. I’ve just updated my One X. And I am experiencing exactly the same problems. Furthermore my wifi seems to have very low signal. Anyone else having trouble? Any suggestions to solve these problems?
      Helge Denmark

      • Alpay Küçük

        I have exactly the same problems. I’ll eat my phone like a crunchy biscuit if this wifi and shortcuts things keep on.

      • Ahmed Rizwan

        Same problem.. really pissed off

    • June

      I think I found something to improve the battery life.. Since I updated to sense 5 it was the same fast battery drain.. Phone would need recharge almost every 13 to 14 hours.

      Go to Settings -> Location -> Disable ” Google Location Services – Allow Google’s location services to collect location data. Collection will occur even when no apps are running. Your location data will be kept private ” thing..

      It will not effect the Navigation and other performance. Only disable the one above..

      And now my phone HTC one X with Sense 5 upgrade is going over a day with no recharge..

      Hope this helps.

  • peter

    I’m in UK on Three network and have a HTC one x anyone know when this update will be or anyone got the file :).


    • Adam

      Am on 02 contract UK. Any news on update for one x plus here

  • Faraz

    I called HTC Support in Egypt and they said that HTC One X 4.2.2 update will roll out in 45 days after initial update roll out date. HOX updated started to roll out on 19th August so it means update will roll out to Arab countries at around 4th October.

  • sam

    i hope thats not true or it will be the last phone i get from this company

  • Rinner

    Always euro first Asia last .This is how htc work, this is last HTC phone for me.

  • aleks

    Any idea about 3mobile from the UK?my cid is h3g_001.
    Must i wait 45days max or the update will never be available?

    • PETER

      im waiting also

  • htcuser

    I thought that too=Europe first gets the updates then the rest but apparently not the case for everyone….I think it depends on the country and telecom company your using.
    I am in the middle east and I received the update on the 20th of August maybe a couple of days before that…am not so sure now, but it’s been with me for a while now.

  • Gav

    I just downloaded the update on my HTC One X. Vodafone UK.

  • Pavitar gill

    Absolutely amazing the only words for the update amazing

  • Suzan

    I’m from.Egypt HTC x one+ 64gb, and I just got the update today morning its a bit huge 406 MB

  • jaaaanak

    Damn! Everyone is getting an update but India and asian countries. Whats with HTC? I juat cant wait to get hand on it.

  • Sam Vennard

    My HTC one X got the update this evening 03/09/2013. At first impressions i HATE IT. its really boxy and simplistic and has lost that awesome smooth delicate flow of sense. All the widgets are just boxes now, no more fake paper messages that fade into the background and yellow sticky notes. Its all shit and generic. I hope the new features grow on me because right now i want to revert to the old version.

    • Jackie Missenden

      Yes I agree with you, the damn thing looks too much like a Windows phone layout, if I had wanted that I would have got a Windows phone

    • moshpitmolly

      Me too. I hate it. It just looks tacky, the lock screen is awful. I have contacted HTC and they have told me there is no way to revert back. There MUST be. Anyone any ideas???

  • Dacian King

    Yes today update my htc one x + but the interface is so fuking uklyyyyhh

  • Jackie Missenden

    I just downloaded it and it’s upset my personal setting on my HTC One X the most frustrating is the change of my home screen!!

    • Paul

      Jackie you can change your home screen back to the original in the personalise home screen settings, I had the same ahhh as you when I did the update.

  • Luke Potter

    I’ve just received the one x update in the UK, it looks nice and runs well. Much better than the previous O.S.

    Well done HTC

  • ayoob

    I received the update ..
    Oman .. middle east

    • Maanav Kumra

      Bro, im in oman too. Is youre phone HTC one X or one XL ? I have a One XL, theres no update for me. Any Idea for XL getting the sense 5 update ?

  • KR Rathna Rajah

    Hi, I am Malaysia. Eagerly waiting for HTC Sense 5 and 4.2.2 download. Please please..

  • KR Rathna Rajah

    Hi, I am from Malaysia. Eagerly waiting for HTC Sense 5 and 4.2.2 download. Please please.

  • Mal Parkin

    Got the update for my OneX yesterday and I hate it. Looks like it was designed by a child. It’s lost its silky look, everything is boxy and every time I restart the phone a lot of the app icons disappear from home screens. The whole looks of phone has gone back 10 years and I HATE IT! This is my 3rd HTC and it will be my last.

    • jaaaanak

      They simplified the look. Its not that bad! It looks a little childish but it looks different than the same old icons. (Yet to receive the update in India)

    • Rick Cluff

      I totally agree , looks cheap, HTC always seemed a step ahead in display. After update I to am losing my app icons every time I start the phone. Iv’e put them on 6 times now, started the phone and they disappear each time. Iv’e giving up on that. There’s no option any more to move apps to phone storage or internal storage in settings. I downloaded app to sd to see if that helped but the settings are gone. Iv’e lost the option to look at the future and past agendas with the stock calender. I can only see the agenda for that day unless I go through the calender day by day. All my power ,Wifi ,GPS,blue tooth shortcuts
      No longer turn blue when I try and turn them on although they do seem to turn on that setting. If I had the option again I don’t think I would update for now anyway

      • Gusmão

        I have the same bad experience with the update.

        I also lose the icons when I restart the device, bad Wi-Fi connection, more battery drain, problems with Bluetooth and overeating phone.

        Overall I’m not happy whit the update, I prefer the 4+ Sense UI.

  • mario

    helllpppp plzzzz I just updated my HTC One X+ and instaled the 406 mb and yhe ohone turned off , when i turned on again it telling me update available when i press ok the phone turne off and and wont turn on again … Plz helllpppp

  • satya

    have Htc One X! Any idea when the update is rolling out in India! I mean they said Asia and i yet havnt got it! Please suggest….

    • Phoenix

      U should be getting it cuz we r neighbouring country,my update is done.

  • Phoenix

    I am from Nepal,I updated on 3rd sep..I dnt knw,I kinda miss my old homescreen and all but loving the keyboard.

    • Phoenix

      Maybe 4sep..cuz it was late at night lol

    • bharatchhabra

      excusme if u don’t mind can u mail d update 4.22 on my id

  • tony

    Why is the rest of the world getting the update but, us ATT users in the state’s see nothing?

  • Dan Luvik

    I have the update reset, but Im really not sure og I will do the update now, after reading the negativ things about the interface.
    What do you think og it, and how is the battery life?

    • Dan Luvik

      Not reset, but ready ;-)

  • Dan Luvik

    I have the update ready, but Im really not sure if I will do the update now, after reading the negativ things about the interface.
    What do you think of it, and how is the battery life? It looks childish, and poorly this new look.

    • moshpitmolly

      Don’t update. If I could revert back I would. That’s why I am trawling this feed to see if anyone knows how to revert back.

      • Girthman

        Likewise! Someone help me to revert back Pleeeease!

  • Dan Luvik

    I have the update ready, but Im really not sure if I will do the update now, after reading the negativ things about the interface.
    What do you think of it, and how is the battery life? It looks childish, and poorly this new look.
    (Pleas comment on this one, not the ones i had before. )

    • moshpitmolly

      Don’t update. If I could revert back I would. That’s why I am trawling this feed to see if anyone knows how to revert back.

  • janaaaak

    I am from India too.. i really need the update! Kind of bored of the same old interface.

  • alex drew

    Got the android 4.2.2 sense 5.0 update yesterday, just came up in my notifications that an update was available. I have an HTC One X+ Unlocked with a virgin mobile sim (UK). I have found it a touch smother and faster than before I but I would agree with others that it has lost some of the visual charm of the previous version..

  • Dhaval

    I am waiting for an update in India for HOX. It sucks when everyone is getting the update and I am checking for it manually and getting no updates available. :(

  • Srikanth C

    From India,
    CID: HTC__038

    I had dropped a mail to HTC customer care and received a call from the representative. I asked him to roughly give a date when will it be released in India, he was not willing to commit on a date. After i convinced him to give one ramdom date, he said you should get it in 2 months :@

  • janaaaak

    That is propostorous! It will be available max till the end on september.

  • Francois

    Htc one x plus here… after update my phone only lasts about 8 hours. Before update about day and a half…. I’m NOT a happy camper!

  • Chasejay

    I own a HTC one X and so far im pleased with the update esp the battery life, before i had my phone on charge until 7.30am and was down to 14% charge left by 5pm and that was using the full paid for juice defender as without it the battery would of been dead by 3pm. After the update i came home today after the same normal use i use the phone for everyday with 52% battery and juice defender was turned off. Ive read above that some people are having problems with the battery on the htc one x+ but so far so good for the normal one x.

  • Alessandro

    Tenho um HTC ONE X . Estou na América do Sul, propriamente dito no Brasil! Alguém sabe me dizer quando chegará por aqui!

  • Alessandro

    Algum link via PC , para essa atualização?

  • Jam

    GOT IT..!!!! looks really good, the only – point fro is me is i cant scroll sideways endlessly like the old system

  • Dan Luvik

    Thats true. And it looks more simple. Maby thats wy it seems more faster.
    Im NOT gonna do the update! Lov the Old one :-)

  • StephenET

    I have the HTC One X on EE/T-Mobile in the UK and downloaded the update on 3/9. I have found that wifi performance is not as good. Areas with weak but usable wifi signals before the update now fail to work with the One X. It connected fine in these areas before, and other phones still connect fine, but the One X seems to be much less tolerant of a weaker wifi signal after the update.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?

    • steviep75

      Im on EE/orange uk & still aint recieved my update? When did you get yours???

  • busta

    I’ve just upddated my HTC one x. Hate it! Battery drains a lot more faster! 15 minutes surfing internet and battery shows only 83% from 100%… Hope HTc fix that update soon…

  • Dan Luvik

    I’ve heard so many issues with the Wi-Fi connection after the update. Is it true?
    I’m so worried to do the Upgrade now!!!!!

  • Philippa Cockburn

    I’ve got an HTC one x plus and got the sense 5 update a couple of days ago. For the most part I love it but I’m having huge problems when my phone tries to authorise HTC sense 5 with Facebook, it just keeps saying ‘authorisation problems’ and my contacts’ photos won’t sync properly. I’ve tried loads of things to try and fix it but to no avail. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know how to solve it?

    • Dan Luvik

      Have you truer to log in to Facebook from another machine and deleted youre “trusted machines” in Facebook. Its probably Three the problem is, Ã¥ security issue in Facebook.

  • Dan Luvik

    Have you tried to log in to Facebook from another machine and deleted youre “trusted machines” in Facebook. Its probably There the problem is, a security issue in Facebook.

  • Danny

    Anyone else having trouble with the stock browser crashing?
    One X+

  • james

    Got the update yesterday evening on my one x plus on O2 UK. It feels smoother and uses about 150mb less ram but it must be because everything looks basic and bland. Worst of all is the battery life, which is now awful. I lost 25% in 5hrs with the phone just idling. And am watching it drop 1% every few minutes just browsing. Not overly impressed at all

  • Zaggy47

    Contacts App with HTC One X & software upgrade 2.18.401.2 Philippa reports ” contacts’ photos won’t sync properly”. For me, contact photos synced to Google or added via gallery open up with crosshatching obscuring the photo. Any quick fix known?

  • Joe

    I have the HTC One X+. Unlocked from At&t on t-mobile but to search for updates you click on At&t software update. So will i be able to get the update when it FINALLY arrives in the US?

  • jake

    is it me or is anyone else having problems and that it is stuck on the white screen that says htc quietly brilliant

    • janaaaak

      @Jake – After the update,htc has removed the quality brilliant from below the htc! So you shouldnt be getting that at all!

  • Josh

    Battery life gone from 36 hours to 14. unless i really look at the phone when answering a call i cut off every call since this update. worst thing i have done is this upgrade. if i cant roll back to the previous version then its a custom rom or my flagship HTC phone will be on ebay and i will never buy another HTC. I have had HTC phones for 6 years and loved this phone right up to this upgrade

    • Jason

      Even I have a problem with battery dying really fast compared to the previous Android version.. it used to last around 36Hrs now just gives me around 14 to 15Hrs. Some of the features like the key board, music player are nice. But some of the animations like the weather so on are not there anymore.. which I hate.. they better come out with a new update some with better battery life n put in Zoe n camera features.

  • aku

    7sep,10 am,malaysia..update still not available for my HOX..

  • sudhanshu

    No update for HTC on x yet in India!!! It’s pinching…….

    • jigs


      I got new update today but confuse now after read many negetive upbits nito latest version and HTC senes 5

      please guide me.

      • jigs


        I got new update today in ahmedabad india but confuse now after read many negetive upbits nito latest version and HTC senes 5

        please guide me.

        • Adil

          There is no update in india for HOX 4.2 :( ……. MY CID is HTC_038.

          Does ny1 have info when it’s gonna rollout in India ???

          Much thanks :)

  • gaby

    estoy en buenos aires,tengo la cid de india 038 ,y nada x ahora!!!!!! k lo pario

  • Antonis

    I updated and totally hate it. Seems everything I enjoyed in previous HTC Sense it’s gone. Much worse UI. Is there anyway I can go back to the previous version of HTC One X?

    • Gp

      Yeah, i also feel so, after the update the UI looks like a initial versions of android.

  • Jason

    Even I have a problem with battery dying really fast compared to the previous Android version.. it used to last around 36Hrs now just gives me around 14 to 15Hrs. Some of the features like the key board, music player are nice. But some of the animations like the weather so on are not there anymore.. which I hate.. they better come out with a new update some with better battery life n put in Zoe n camera features.

  • manu

    on EE cid orange001 11/9/013 on branded phone htc one x still no update and EE cant tell me when I will get. next phone a nexus and def not on EE .. I love my htc phone but the updates are too slow especially on EE.

  • manu

    on EE cid orange001 11/9/2013 on branded phone htc one x still no update and EE cant tell me when I will get. next phone a nexus and def not on EE .. I love my htc phone but the updates are too slow especially on EE.

  • Nadz

    Hello frenz..
    Can anyone plz tell me whether htc one x plus got any update of 4.2.2 in India. ..

  • Steve Aldus

    Got the update, not impressed, e mail, internet etc would not work after the update. Battery life seems to be worse, not impressed with Sense 5 – I think they’ve gone backwords with this update.

  • Htc one x

    When will this update be available to three phones in the UK? Everybody else seems to have the update here on other networks.HTC ONE X

    • htc one x user

      I know in the UK O2 are doing their usual thing of rolling it out slowly, some people have had 4.2.2 on O2 for weeks, whilst me and some friends are still waiting

  • Htc User

    My CID HTC_038. When am i gonna get my android 4 2-sense 5 update? :(

  • souljazk

    Update was available about 3 weeks ago on Vodacom RSA, One X International edition.

    Enjoying the additional camera features + GUI.

    • Gabriel

      the camera of “htc one x” with sense 5 have “zoe” like on “HTC One”?

  • dagos1

    i bought mine second hand on amazon unlocked but branded with orange so i can use anywhere

    though i live in the middle east and i still cant get the update yet my CID IS ORNAG001


  • Alaf

    I own an one x unlocked, Has anyone noticed that the beats equalizer is gone after the update or is it just me?

    • Mahir

      I too have the unlocked HTC one x, my beats service is still running after applying the update. But battery consumption has increased dramatically. Perhaps u shud try a master reset. But be sure to back up ur content first.

      • Alaf

        Thanks mate, thats an option too. But i want to know something do you still have the option to enable/disable beats audio in your music player settings? Because i remember from the previous os that u had that option but in the new update its completely vanished.

  • arshan shahid

    No update in pakistan my cid is 044. Can’t wait anymore

  • Donatto

    Don’t update!!!
    with the new version, I got uggly icons of HTC stock apps, the unlock screen button is furstrating, I lost the task manager icon and can’t kill tasks no more, so all the apps run in background and the baterry drains up so fast (with WiFi, GPS, bloetooth and minimum LCD brightnes I lost 10% of battery in 15 to 20 minutes)
    My HTC one X runs animations all the time and I can’t turn that off, because in settings there is no more ‘adjustments for that tkings like before. Allso on home screen when you scroll on left or rift side you can’t jump from the last page to the first, it just stops there and there’s no more 3d cube look.
    I tried to downgrade to previous version and there is no easy option for that. You must save all your contacts, sms, pictures, movies… And then hard reset your phone to factory settings and start all over again. This update is pain in my ass and becouse of it, I really want just to throw my HTC one X in the hardest wall. :-(

    • Gabriel

      the camera of “htc one x” with sense 5 have “zoe” like on “HTC One”?

  • Hosein


    any news about hong kong version with cid 708,almost every where get update but hong kong version not yet


  • alicee

    no update on htc one x in austria so far.. my provider is 3

  • janaaaak

    No update in india yet! Cid_038 … Frustrated!!

  • Vaibhav

    This is seriously frustrating, enough waiting for the official sense 5 update, brothers it about time to go the root way and get a sense 5 rom installed on our one x. Damn!! HTC should have better update policy..come on man!!

  • Gabriel

    The “Zoe Camera” come with update to sense 5 on “htc one x”?

  • Rartemass

    Just got the update in Australia and I must say I am disappointed to say the least.
    The text looks like I’m running WIndows on 800×600.
    The nice weather graphics have been replaced by stylised icons on the clock and weather widgit.
    The calendar app looks crap.
    The system font is far too large.

    I want to roll it back to the previous version. Any idea on how to do that?

  • Carl

    What happened to the dialer app. They removed the functionality of getting a list of matches while typing a number or letters. This is beyond bad.

    It has also lost all of it’s charm regarding to looks. :(

  • Spliffman

    Anyone knows when the update be available in the Philippines?

  • sunray

    I hate the update. So glad I’m not alone. Whoever has been involved in the design should be sacked. I have seen no change in anything related to operating speed, battery life etc, so it’s not worth the huge deterioration in the interface. I loved my phone, it was smart and easy on the eye, now I can’t stand to look at it – the icons are boxed and look dated, text font is difficult on the eye, and a number of useful features have gone – ie in the calendar, the messaging, and the call listing. There is nothing I like about it.

    • Leanne

      I thought I was alone in being so angry and literally not being able to look at my phone, I really liked it before it was slick and now it’s like …… well I don’t know but I hate it put it that way

      • jimjam

        I hate it and am so F***ed off they didn’t even warn us, change everything that worked so well.

  • Matt

    Awful! they should warn you of the drastic change in icons and text! icons look cheap and dated, texts not so easy on the eye. Simple things like the look of text message bubble, has now turned into a box, and colours not great! Alerts for text and whats app, the same and will not let me change, liked having them different. Lock screen, not good, lost the ring, and got this stupid weather icon on, which i can’t remove. I thought the update would purely be in the back groung, not on icons and text.

    • Leanne

      I agree I liked the ring, and the texts and now its like a kids toy the calculator is horrible and email is ugly

  • Leanne

    I really don’t like it, all the quirky little things like side swipe in the menu have gone the home key is all wrong and everything is running slow

  • dobi

    I asked HTC support for downgrade, answer was: you have to do a backup of your personal data and bring/send the phone to the nearest Repair center. If phone is out of warranty, you receive a bill. HTC treats downgrade as “repair procedure” :). It seems will be the last my HTC phone.

  • Danny

    I have HTC one x and no update yet…… from Nigeria

  • yogieyabie

    Update was available in the Indonesia. is downloading…

  • Mike

    How long does it to to completes the update ? Seem so long….

  • gabriel

    2 days ago in holland i get update from htc.After this update i have a lot problems with wireless and network signal.I`m not saw happy with my Htc one x ! :(

  • markG

    cid_044 still no update to HOX + here in the philippines :(

  • Jjason Barber

    Since the most recent upgrade, the wifi reception on the phone is greatly reduced and unreliable. Disappointed.

  • Alvin P

    Just got the update September 26, 2013, from AT&T in US…So far so good although I can’t be descriptive right now since i just got it.

  • Dustin Marquis

    Any word on when the update will hit the northeast? Been wanting this update so bad. If anyone has any information on this, please let me know. Thanks.

  • jimjam

    Was the worst thing I’ve done, totally ruined my otherwise excellent phone HTC one x+ I hate using it now. DONT UPGRADE…

  • Catalin Tudor

    Now available in Romania. ( Just downloaded the update with HTC sense 5 and I love it )

  • Maanav Kumra

    Please can someone tell if the update will come for HTC one XL in Oman ?

  • kingsley

    I ha
    ve download the update but I can’t run it and while running it will WiFi be required. from Nigeria

  • mark

    Still not recieved update done hard reset yesturday still nothing

  • janaaaak

    Just received the update in India. Will be able to comment after its finished downloading. Won’t be commenting on the UI because I have an idea about it. Will be commenting on the battery life and smoothness.

  • janaaaak

    After playing with my phone for a long time now,I must say,I like the new keyboard. I can type a bit faster. UI is smoother. But I do have problems with my WiFi. It gets connected but it’s too slow now. Very strange. Will have to connect to other WiFi networks to check. I do miss the skins but I can live without them. Battery life,I can’t say now.

  • roshan

    Heyy janaaaak… U usin hox+ wen did u get the update..cause im frm AP but i havent got any…do rply !!

  • roshan

    Btw did ur free rom increase??

  • jaaaanak

    I own a HOX! The battery life dies very fast. They should improve the battery life as this is an “update”! In my last comment I said I have issues with WiFi but it got fixed and I don’t have that prob any more. Though where I used to get a week signal before now I lose the connection. But it’s okay. Battery life is very bad. They shud send another update for that. And yes the free Rom has increased.

  • indign0

    Got the update yesterday here in Brazil. :) The download and installation was fast… new interface, need to set my homescreens again.. :D but it seems that the update drains my battery pretty fast compared to the previous update, I hope that HTC will read this thread.


  • victor

    Hi anyone have camera problem, after the update?

    • Geoff

      Yeah camera issue here as of about two hours ago. Tried restarting the phone with no luck.

      • Dave

        Yes, camera app does not work on HTC One X after the update.
        App starts, hangs immediately and closes again.
        Asked HTC about this on FB but no response.
        Logged call with them today for an answer.
        Also having problems with G-Sensor, screen will not auto-rotate. I believe the camera app may be affected by the G-Sensor issue too…
        Anyway, awaiting HTC..not much else I can do…

        • Dave

          A soft reset (power button press for 10 secs) fixed both the G Sensor and Camera app issues I had following the recent 4.2.2 update.
          Just thought I’d report back here in case it helps anyone else.

    • Shanmugam

      Yes am having some problem.. It is automatically closing out.

  • araz

    Got the update today.Malaysia.

  • schoolsin

    Everytime I switch my phone off or restart it, all of my icons and folders disappear. It can’t seem to remember them.

    This is very annoying.

    Wish I’d never installed the new version.

  • Ashley Kernaghan

    Hi. I have a unlocked HTC One X PAYG on Talkmobile in the UK and still have not gotten any updates, even when I search for them :-/ Any advice?

  • ian

    Since my update this week on the 3 network.

    My battery life is useless, it was brilliant with last version but now lasts 6hours. Sort it out please

    Oh and it looks cheap, but there you go

  • Gary Kempton

    Is there any way i can roll back? This update has ruined my phone. Loads of my shortcuts disappear when i turn my phone on. It looks worse too.

  • yash (india) htc one x +

    i have downloaded the update but it shows me an error when i try to install. It shows a “?” when i try to install.

    any help please|||||||||||||

    • spirits

      Good for u. It worked for me and I wish I never did it

  • Jack


    Cheap and nasty. My phone is ruined. App shortcuts disapper on restart. Wifi is bad. The whole look is very amateurish……as one person described it “like a cheap child’s calculator”
    What is the matter with this company? I always buy HTC because the look was better than Samsung. How to lose a customer for ever. Yes it’s that bad.

    HTC One X

  • Todd Williams

    I got the new update every things amazing but don’t like the phone call tabs idea it’s not as good as having it all on one screen like the old one and I can’t see the second functions on my key pad unless I’m in a dark place

  • spirits

    I hate it.. i had the WiFi problem where I had to press on the back to work. Seems worse. Battery life.. not sure yet but I feel it’s worse too. Most if all I hate the designs. They ruined the zoom out option. They even ruined the weather app and widget. No more clouds or flying to the sun. Just a boring black and shut cartoon. it was the only thing that was worth having an HTC for

  • Diana Cho

    I installed the new update today and I hate it. I can not say about battery life yet, but home screen and icons are awful and very simple. I don’t like the phone call tab. Neither the colours – everything seems to me dark, they are not bright and vivid. I had a problem with wifi. Realy prefer the previus version :(

  • Shanmugam

    In the new update, the caller images are showing only half of the original. By default it crop the images at the centre. It looks very bad .. Need some fix for this

  • vaibhav

    my mobile is not showing software update option can any one resolv it

  • shuhada

    i have problem with my camera.. what should i do?

  • Dustin Marquis

    Any word on when the update will hit east coast US for ATT? Cid is CWS_001. Not sure how others in US got it. But would love to know. Thanks. Been checking updates constantly but ATT is holding out here.

  • vishu
  • mattyt

    There is nothing more annoying. I was loving my HTC now it’s frustrating. Chews through power, icons look crap , call screen is terrible & no task manager just to mention a few issues. I’m in Australia & updated 2 days ago, I wish I hadn’t, it’s a downdate.

    • Jero

      see my comments below – you’re not the only one.

  • YazB

    Oh so glad to see I’m not the only one with issues.
    The battery life is AWFUL! I have had to charge it 3 times today already. I used to go to the task manager and turn all of the crap running in the background off regularly, but now task manager is gone and everything has a free run. The phone heats up and I can’t do anything about it.

    And yeah, whats with the ” oh so retro, trying to look like a cool 8o’s intel” thing? Sack the designer, epic fail!

  • mah

    what’s the latest version of android for htc one xl ???! I wanna upgrade…

    • Jero

      Don’t! Unless you’re desperate for BlinkFeed, it’s really not worth it. See comments above and below.

  • Jero

    I’ve only just received the OTA update for my One XL. Having been supremely happy with my UI before, I’m now disappointed the Sense 5 seems to have removed functionality; especially on the phone dialling screen, where I now have to swipe sideways to view my full call history. You also have to click on an additional button to see more than one search result.
    The UI is less attractive (obviously this is subjective) in that it appears “flatter” and less detailed. I’ve not noticed an improvement in speed or “butteriness”.
    The main issue, however, has been a massive decrease in battery life. I’ve started to disable location services to see if this will help, but I can confirm about 50% less battery up til now.
    I’ve not yet found a compelling reason for upgrading, unless you adore the idea of HTC’s BlinkFeed as your homescreen, or you need the improved accessibility options that Android 4.2 might offer.

  • sai ram

    hii all,
    I cant update my at&t htc one and present version is 4.1.2 .when i click on update it rolls and disappear .if any one finds a solution for update kitkat vertion please tell me ..

    • Red

      Don’t update! You will loose navi if you use it.NO WAY to get it back without rooting your phone

  • Ahmed Rizwan

    Where the hell is task manager??
    Can anyone helpe.

    • sunray

      There isn’t one anymore.

  • Red

    New system update sucks. Don’t do it if you like your phone! This update DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO UNINSTALL ANY APP UPDATES and furthermore phases out some apps without telling you.

  • Andy

    I just upgraded a couple days ago (because the notification felt like it gave no option). I agree with everyone who hates it. My phone used to last 8-9 hours on battery, but now since they got rid of Task Manager, i barely make 4 hours, and that’s if I restart the phone and don’t open any apps. The new icons for everything makes me feel like my HTC OneX+ is super cheap. That they got rid of the ‘revolving’ home screen is mildly frustrating, and overall, everything just feels super cheap. I want to downgrade, but it would basically mean losing everything on my phone if I do it wrong. I wish they would fix all these problems, but, I know that will never happen. Even if they just gave Task Manager back, I’d be happy, but for now, I’m looking for a new phone and a new carrier.

  • sunray

    And to make matters worse, HTC have announced there won’t be any further upgrades for the HTC One X. We won’t be getting Kit Kat :-( So if you want any more upgrades, you need a new phone.

    • sunray

      Or the OneX+ (despite it being new and only seeing one upgrade)

  • Jack

    I still want to re-iterate that HTC will be getting no more of my custom and I really do hope they go out of business. This market is cut throat and it seems like they just want to fail. I want competition in this market but it seems that HTC can’t be bothered to compete. That ‘upgrade’ was a disgrace and furthermore, not to be bothered to fix the broken upgrade is unforgivable. I hope consumers learn from this and don’t go anywhere near HTC in future or they deserve everything they wasted their money on.

  • Sami Ullah

    hi.i hv htc one x one month use…suddenly from last 3 days its battery charging time has increased very much…up to 13 hrs for ful charging….yesterday i done factory reset and charge completely but after 5 hrs and whole battery was drain and set was off……i do not use set even a mint……then i check battery usage 97% power was phone idle use….please help me to resolve this charging and drain issues

  • Dheeraj Kumar

    no update on HTC one x yet…!!!!!

  • Gangi reddy

    I bought phone in UK vodafone. Now am in india.. Unlocked the phone. … But now, phone is not getting updated from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 … update file can be dowloaded but its showing boot screen msgss when i try to install that upadate.. please help me out.

  • Si

    HTC one x + The latest so called urgent security update turned out to be this software update & unfortunately it cannot be undone. This so called update/imprivement is nothing of the kind. The entire functionallity of the phone is the pits the 3D page turning effect has gone & is now flat & boring. Other changes such as accuweather has been dowgraded to very basic tacky images Battery life has been severely reduced & down loading software updates now takes forever. At the earliest opportunity I think I will have to try to revert to 4.1

  • Brajesh

    I updated my HTC ONE X with 4.2.2 sense 5 but I am facing a WI-FI connectivity along with sim compatibility. I am able to use single vodafone sim. no other sim cards are working with this set after upgradation. Please suggest sumthing. :(