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HTC releases One Google Play edition 4.3 kernel source, update coming soon?


There was a huge debate on whether the Google Play edition phones, like the HTC One GPe and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 GPe, would get updates as fast as Nexus devices. We knew that manufacturers would be handling the updates, but some people held out hope that the process would be near instant. However, it just didn’t work out that way. Once the 4.3 update started rolling out to Nexus devices, there was no word about the GPe devices except “soon.”

However, we’ve had a few advances that prove the updates are, in fact, coming. The Galaxy S 4 GPe had a 4.3 firmware leak quite a while ago, so it must be very close to ready. And today, HTC has posted the full Android 4.3 kernel source for the One GPe. If that doesn’t mean that the update is very close, we don’t know what does.

Hit the source link to download the kernel source and framework files to mess around before the full update starts rolling out. And get excited, because Android 4.3 packs a few good changes that are sure to improve your device. Plus, you’re still getting it earlier than any other device that isn’t a Nexus! Google Play edition owners, are you unhappy with how long the update is taking, or is it acceptable?

Via: Android Police

Source: HTCDev

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  • Janson

    I didn’t get my Nexus 4 OTA update until last night. For the HTC one GPE to have kernel out today is very impressive. Actually makes me think about buying one – this is much faster than I expected.

  • surg3d

    Now if only they’d release source codes this quick for their other devices…

  • Broseph Stalin

    They’ve started rolling out 4.3 for both the One GPe and S4 GPe as of today (03/08/2013)

  • golditaradipa

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  • Samsvck my azz

    Nice try from this bankrupt company……………………..

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  • Rohit raj


  • donger

    It’s out.

  • androidminute

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