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Leaked pictures show off the upcoming HTC One Max


The HTC One mini may be a great option for those who want a smaller phone with the fit and finish of the HTC One, but if you’re looking for more power and a device that can bridge the gap between phone and tablet – the upcoming HTC One Max should definitely be sitting at the top of your wish list. Thanks to ePrice, we now have two leaked images which claim to show off the HTC One Max. Like the HTC One, the One Max features an aluminum shell with front-facing stereo speakers, a large, wide-angle front-facing camera and two capacitive buttons nestled below the One Max’s 5.9-inch display. The design is certainly inspired by the HTC One, but HTC has equipped the One Max with white plastic trim along the edge of the phone, making it look nearly identical to the HTC One mini.

The source of the images claims that the Chinese variant of the HTC One Max does feature a removable back panel which gives users access to microSD and two SIM card slots. The phone is also said to be heading to three different service providers in China, but there’s still no clear indication as to when the phone will go on sale.

htc-one-max-t6 htc-one-max-t6-2

Inside the HTC One Max is a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 3,300 mAh battery and it should come with the same UltraPixel camera sensor we’ve seen in the HTC One and One mini.

If you could buy the HTC One, One mini or One Max from your favorite service provider, which option would you go for?

Source: ePrice

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  • Zulqarnain

    nice sharing plz share some more specs as well as price hint bcoz i want to share your site post on my site

  • breckdroid

    Just when I thought I was headed toward Moto, HTC reels me back in. If this hits stateside id love to see it on Verizon(my current carrier), but would be stoked to see it with any of the big 4.

    Its ramping up to be an exciting Fall/Holiday season for consumers and smartphones/phablets.

  • ibap

    OK, since we now seem to have reached the stage of generating a phone in multiple sizes to suit anybody, here’s what I want: I was a really tiny phone (remember the old Motorola V60i?) with wifi and wifi hotspot, and a matched 7″ tablet, so I can carry the tiny phone in my pocket, with the tablet in my purse for when I really need a screen. I want a touch screen on the pocket phone, so I can reply to texts using Graffiti (from the old Palm system).

    What, too small a market? Can you say fragmentation?

    • Fragmentation


    • Nick Gray

      So, you want the HTC Desire 200 to accompany the One Max? Seems doable, but at some point, it would be nice to have an advanced smartwatch which can handle lightweight messaging instead of having a second device.

      • SGB101

        Watch hot spot would burn your wrist, and you’d have no space for the huge ass battery needed.

    • thel0nerang3r

      It looks like the Asus padphone concept is for you. However, the phone portion is still on the large side for what you are looking for.

  • surg3d

    Very curious to see how this will compare to the Note 3. The coming months should be exciting!


    A “Max” phone with “Minimum” storage. 16GB?? How ironic.

    (Please don’t tell me about the MicroSD slot)

    • Jason

      Did you know about the MicroSD slot?

  • sweet

    have to see what the note 3 bringing to the game. i love my note 2

  • donger

    Ridiculously huge.

  • pstu

    Better not be 16gb ! 32gb minimum for gods sake.


    HTC has become the number one cell phone because of its awesome hardware and reliability , had the Motorola droid when it came out with Verizon then HTC evo with sprint Samsung nexus s with sprint Samsung S3 with sprint and now the LH nexus 4 with T-Mobile , I can’t wait to hold the HTC ONE MAX to decide if I’ll purchase it or purchase HTC ONE .