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LG exec spills the beans on LG products in the pipeline including tablets and flexible displays


We’ve got a whole bundle of news about LG and its upcoming products to start off your morning. These details come courtesy of Bulgarian site  They got the chance to sit down with Dimitar Valev, the mobile communications head at LG Bulgaria. Valev didn’t disappoint. In fact, he positively excelled in providing information on the plans LG has for new products.

The first thing to mention is that a new LG tablet should be out by the end of this year. This confirms the rumor that had been going around after a an LG “G Pad” was spotted going through the FCC. Next up is some sort of phablet that should be arriving next year. And this isn’t just the Optimus G Pro. No, the exec said that this will be a bigger phone than the G Pro.

And now onto some news about the boom of smartwatches. Valev says that LG is planning to release a smartwatch sometime next year. Keep in mind, this will actually be LG’s second go with smartwatches. The last one came out three years ago and wasn’t too successful. Valev also made mention of the flexible display technology that LG has been working with and said that devices using it will be available in certain markets next year.

Finally, we’re getting to software news. Valev says that LG is talking about giving Windows Phone another shot. He also mentioned Firefox OS, but in passing. He mentioned that LG was open to using it if it becomes successful. As a whole, it seems that LG has some very interesting plans for the future, and we’re excited to see what it releases. A special bit of hope is reserved for a smartwatch with a flexible display, because that would just be awesome.

Do any of these products excite you?

Via: PhoneArena


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  • Matt

    I really hope they are making a 5″ nexus device.

  • Mil

    Whatever happened to the LG Smart Activity Tracker (LG’s version of the Nike FuelBand). It seemed really promising and I was looking forward to it but has it been canned?

  • pjamies

    Why don’t they get into/help out on the Ubuntu for Android project? instead of
    going down the WinPhone path to Destruction!

  • donger

    Needs more details.