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LG G2 to feature Verizon-exclusive wireless charging


Can we just stop with the exclusives already? The best thing to be said about today’s news is that at least it’s not from AT&T again. The bad news is that only the Verizon version of the LG G2 will feature wireless charging. We’re a bit shocked that this feature wasn’t included in all the models of the device, but we’re also disappointed in the “exclusive” marketing. It’s not a major selling point, but the fact that it’s exclusive makes it downright frustrating. The Verizon model also features a slight design change, seen in the rear buttons, and comes standards with some obnoxious logos.

What do you think about all of this?

Verizon LG G2

Via: Engadget

Source: Verizon

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  • Nate B.

    I can careless about that feature but this is the reason why companies don’t do well. Who thinks of this dumb mess?!

    • nivekkev

      Yeah, I am not getting that exclusive thing either, can only be bad for the phone as a whole. I do think that most people today will not switch companies because of a phone so exclusives aren’t as effective as they once were…

  • hurric

    Does anyone actually use wireless charging? I _always_ use my phone when I’m charging it so having a wire is actually a good thing since I can hold it and check stuff instead of just laying the phone on the orb.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I have the Nexus 4, and the wireless charger, and I love it. It sits on the charger throughout the day, and when I need it, I pick it up and use it. The charger is a great addition to my phone, and I will never buy another phone without this feature.

    As for this being a Verizon Exclusive, that is just stupid. LG should be making the phone with this feature for all carriers. Why screw around with your base to appease a carrier?

  • mikef3j

    As a Verizon customer I am planning on getting this phone (at this time anyways) but if the wireless charger is not in the box (yeah right)… forget it. I already have to buy the phone at full cost as I am not giving up my unlimited plan anytime soon.

    As stated earlier this is not a good business practice and leaves other carriers/customers with a bad taste.

    LG = Losing Grip

  • mikef3j

    Noticed in the Verizon that the screen shot has Thursday October 3rd on it. Is that a hint?

  • MOSW

    this would be great

  • redraider133

    Unless they are going to include a wireless charger like Nokia did I think this is pretty dumb. Why all these carrier exclusives? Don’t they learn carrier exclusives don’t work?

  • Rovadoe

    This is what they call exclusive…….i think you need to come with something more productive like Tmobile……yeah they rule.

  • donger

    Really lame.

  • mrwirez

    Spot ON…. A cheesy gimmick for VZW..
    Verizon and Comcast Nickle and Dime for everything. Verizon better hope T-Mo doesn’t really pick up the 4G coverage in Pittsburgh. Because I’m G-O-N-E…