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Moto X Developer Edition shown off, T-Mobile support page goes live

Moto X Developer Edition

Motorola’s Moto X, like all Android phones, is at the mercy of the carriers. Many phones have been locked down by the higher powers. The current trend is to release special devices with unlocked bootloaders, and Motorola took the chance to reveal the developer edition of the Moto X.

The device will have a unique look to it (outside of Moto Maker), with a black front and a white back, along with the words “DEVELOPER EDITION” engraved at the bottom in a particularly attractive way. It’ll also come with 32GB of memory and the all-important unlockable bootloader, for all your hacking needs. Unfortunately, Motorola hasn’t announced the price. Hopefully it won’t be too extravagant.

T-Mobile also has some Moto X news; the company has launched a support page for the device. The phone itself has not yet launched on the carrier, so seeing the support page go live is a good sign that the device will launch very soon.

John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, teased the Moto X on his Twitter page. He stated that the device will be available on T-Mobile in September, though it’s unknown whether it’ll be sold with plans or directly from Motorola. Hopefully they’ll start selling them just like every other carrier. We’re excited to see what Motorola has to offer beyond what they’ve already released.

Source: Motorola, T-Mobile
Via: Droid-Life, TmoNews

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  • jaxidian

    While this is okay news, I’d still MUCH rather an unlockable and completely custom phone from MotoMaker. I really hate carrier exclusives!!

    • frmorrison

      I don’t think you are getting an unlockable phone from VZW anytime. The moto maker exclusive is tough for non-AT&T folks.

      • jaxidian

        … and that’s why I don’t use VZW. :-)

  • Lance Miller

    “Motorola‚Äôs Moto X, like all Android phones, is at the mercy of the carriers” is exactly why Motorola / Google blew it bad. This phone should have been released on the announcement day via the “Play Store” & sold for the rumored $299 / $349. Then, like they did with the Nexus 4, the carriers could have bought it for the same price that the carriers will be currently paying, $349. this way the release isn’t negatively tied to Motorola but to each carrier for their failure to expedite the stocking of the Moto X.

    • Aby

      You, my friend, obviously have no clue how this industry works!!

      • haha lol lol

        Tell us The great aBY!!!

  • donger

    Go T-mobile.