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Moto X sold on Play Store won’t be Google Play edition, will keep custom software


When the Moto X was announced, many people were incredibly disappointed. Most of that disappointment didn’t stem from hardware or features, but price. Charging a high-end price for a phone that’s not quite high-end did not seem right to many, and we understand. However, some held out hope that the Google Play edition of the device would be Moto X’s saving grace in the enthusiast sector.

Thinking about it, a Google Play edition of the Moto X makes very little sense. The device already runs a build of Android that’s fairly close to stock, so AOSP fans should be fairly happy with the stock ROM as it is. Plus, taking out its “always listening” features would be ridiculous, considering how much hardware they dedicated to it. The Moto X8 chip would be rendered useless.

Luckily, Guy Kawasaki has confirmed that the Moto X that will be sold on the Play Store won’t be a Google Play edition. Instead, Google will be selling the same device that’s going out to carriers, extra software features and all. While this is great news to us, the most important detail is still unknown, and that is the price. Not many will pay $600 for a Moto X, so they’ll need to price it very well.

If Motorola’s near-stock ROM isn’t good enough for some AOSP enthusiasts, that’s fine! It’s rumored that Motorola will be making the next Nexus phone, so you may get your AOSP Motorola needs fulfilled soon. We’ll see when Google announces the new Nexus phone, won’t we? Are you happy that Motorola will keep its software features on the Google Play Moto X? Or would you rather have real AOSP? Leave a comment!

Source: Phandroid

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  • redraider133

    I think this is smart. Those “features” are the only unique thing about the device and what I’d going to be used to sell it. Without those its just another average mid range device.

  • Anthony Domanico

    AOSP is a bit overrated for the Moto X. The customizations are what make this phone compelling.

  • jorge

    it would not make any sense to remove the voice feature off this phone
    smart move

  • julian

    Based on battery life alone I will be buying this

  • Arthur

    This is Motorola and Google’s answer to the iPhone, a smartphone that is completely optimized to run as-is with the hardware that matches the software, if one of those elements are missing than it will be a much less compelling device, losing a good amount of why someone would want to buy it.

  • Jon

    I can understand people being upset about the price. But the specs being called mid range? How many other phones can do what this phone can stock? I don’t know why everyone is so giddy about specs when it is the experience and the software that make or brake a device. You could have a super phone but if the software is poor what good is that device… It is the software that makes this phone different from the current offerings on the market.

  • Paul Atreides

    Makes sense I guess. Don’t expect a lower price either. Maybe some exclusive customization at best like Android Blue/Green.

  • Dima Tokar

    Hopefully the price is closer to that of a Nexus 4. This isn’t out of the question despite the announcements. Despite Nexus 4′s low price on Google Play, T-Mobile chose to sell it on contract for $200.

  • vasra

    Hahaha, fail.

    Motorola is the SLOWEST and worst in Android updates.

    They work separately from Google and ships with 4.2.2 when 4.3 is already out.

    They will lag behind the updates and not having a “pure Google Android edition” makes the whole Google Play edition worthless.

    • redraider133

      Clearly you have no idea how updates work. 4.3 was out like 2 days when the x was launched/announced. That and Google said moto is a separate company and would not be given any special treatment….

      • julian


    • julian

      Smh. Your blind

  • Robert Hicks

    When Leo was asking him questions (day of launch), Guy didn’t really know as much as I thought he would. I wouldn’t expect the Play store edition until at least November.

  • Smooth Animal

    Making a Google Play Edition of this phone would result in it actually being a mid-range device (at least the Google Play Edition). Since you’d lose all the additional functionality that doesn’t come with stock Android, the silicon would also not function the same. Instead of specific chips doing specific tasks, the bulk of the work would on the processor, like in every other phone. If that were to happen, then the X would not be nearly as snappy, because the processor isn’t what one would call a top of the line performer. You’d literally have wasted hardware just sitting in there doing nothing. That just would not make sense.

  • rauelius

    I’d prefer the Nexus 5 be based on the LG G2 than the Moto-X.

    • Dima Aryeh

      It will not be based on the Moto X. If it will be a Motorola, it will be a different product.

  • mattcoz

    It’s already confirmed that they will.

  • Ichigo

    Even better! Great fucking news!

  • donger

    Let’s just wait on the pricing and plus the Nexus 5!

  • rashad360

    This makes sense, I’m glad the cool extra features are staying intact, without them the phone isn’t very compelling.