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Motorola Moto X price said to drop to $100 in Q4, wood panel customization to add $50


We typically don’t expect much news during holiday weekends, but we’re kicking off this one with some great news for those who are interested in buying the Motorola Moto X. According to @evleaks, Motorola is planning to drop the on-contract price of the Moto X to just $100 sometime in Q4. Accompanied by an image of different wood back panels for the phone, he also added that customized wood options would set Moto X customers back an additional $50.

The fact that Motorola plans to drop the price of the Moto X by $100 only a few months after launch may seem a bit troubling to some, but we’ve always felt like the device was overpriced. It’s simply not realistic to think that consumers will pay $200 for an on-contract Moto X when they have the option of purchasing the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S 4 for the same exact price.

Is a $100 Motorola Moto X a more compelling device?

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  • TAN5150

    I will buy two at that price…

    • ken1

      up to I looked at the draft saying $8402, I accept …that…my friends brother woz trully bringing home money parttime on their laptop.. there neighbour had bean doing this 4 only about sixteen months and resantly cleard the debts on their apartment and bought a great Mazda. you can look here ……..

  • TAN5150

    Can’t wait to until the new wooden backs. I can then say “Got Wood”

  • kazahani

    Better, but I still want it unlocked through Google Play for a decent price!

    • kkloster

      yeah, i wonder what this means for the no-contract price?

      • kazahani

        Probably nothing. You know how those carriers like their contracts.

  • Juno

    Translation: It’s not selling very well.

    • julian

      Your mom sells well lol jk jk.

  • rob banks

    I just got my MotoX yesterday. As I am dropping my Atrix for it I get the 100$ rebate on that so it only costs me 100$ anyhow…..but i do love the wood back…..that would be worth it to me…

  • Graham Steffaniak

    I payed $250, which I agree is expensive for this phone, but its worth it.

  • JQuest81

    That wood grain back is sexy. It kind of reminds me of the Fender Edition MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile

  • CTown

    Smart: If you cannot beat HTC in the Poly Carbonate or metal game switch to an entirely fresh material for making a phone.

  • Priscila

    Another non-sense rumor to make all geeks feel disappointed when it doesn’t come to pass. You guys should quit spreading rumors and “this-could-be-what’s-going-to-happen” news and focus on official and announced facts.

  • Rajesh
  • Paul Atreides

    This is inevitable. I’d take a 32GB for $150 and hopefully they release more color/texture choices for the back I don’t want wood…pause.

  • rajveer


  • donger

    Got wood?