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New CyanogenMod feature streams nearly any content to Chromecast

The Chromecast was only recently released, but its functionality is still a little limited. For the price, no one can complain, but there’s no denying it has more potential. It can only stream from supported apps at the moment, and while app developers are working on adding support, other developers are looking to push Chromecast forward in different ways. Developer Koush has created a feature for CyanogenMod that allows any app that uses standard Android audio and video APIs to stream to a Chromecast dongle.

Yes, only a few weeks after release, the Chromecast is already capable of being independent of apps. You’ll need to be running CyanogenMod for system wide audio and video streaming to work when it’s released, but since it’s such a popular ROM, more devices will have access to it than won’t.

The modification works by notifying you when content is playing that can be sent to a Chromecast. You press a button in the notification shade, and it’s sent to your TV just like there was official support in the app. It’s very simple, and will work in apps like and BeyondPod. Any cloud content that’s playing will allow you to turn your phone’s display off while streaming, but local content requires the display to be on. That could be remedied in a future update though.

This feature should come to CyanogenMod nightlies soon, but Koush is waiting on Google to whitelist the Cast SDK. Unfortunately, his stuff won’t be released until then. Nonetheless, it’s great to see people working so hard on making that little $35 dongle so much more useful. If you haven’t purchased one, does this tempt you?

Via: Engadget

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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  • AceoStar

    Now -that’s- a feature.

  • yesirree

    Why doesn’t Google do this natively?

    • redraider133

      Maybe it will be a feature in KLP?

      • Dima Aryeh

        It very well may be

        • jerrbomb

          I don’t see why this feature wouldn’t be present in KLP.. from the sounds of it though.. Google may very well bestow this widely anticipated KLP with the very useful feature that makes the 35 dollars spent on the Cast very well worth it..

    • mrjayviper

      Our they could be pushing for their own online offerings aggressively compared to say Apple.

    • SMP

      I guess for two reasons.

      1) Google wants to differentiate the product from Apple TV, and in particular wants to encourage streaming directly rather than directly from the device, which would be sub-optimal in terms of screen resolution, picture quality and bandwidth. This would require direct streaming from the Chromecast device which would pick the correct resolution, quality etc. for the TV rather than the smartphone.

      2) Streaming direct to the TV doesn’t tie your device to the TV for the duration of the movie. With the Apple/Cyanogen solution the device would be tied to the TV for the duration, and the device battery would run down fast.

      3) For Chromecast to be able to operate with all OSes including iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux rather than just Android, it needs to work this way. The Cyanogen mod only works with the Cyanogen modded Android OS, which has to be rooted onto the formerly Android device you want to use it on, and like Apple TV the “all apps” feature will only support that particular OS. I guess Google wants Chromecast to be available to all users, not just Android users.

  • donger

    Chromecast is awesome.

  • rhy o’drinnan

    The no sideloaded mp3 aspect of my chromecast was making it useless. Maybe this will fix that!