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New HTC One Max picture shows how big it really is


Since the HTC One Max is rumored to feature a 5.9-inch display in a chassis which closely resembles the HTC One, it’s very clear that the phone is going to be big – very big. The phone has not yet been announced by HTC, so we don’t have any official numbers on size, but a newly leaked image of the HTC One Max may be enough for us to approximate its size and compare its height to a few other Android devices.

The new image shows off the side of the HTC One Max with a Motorola XT882 placed on top of it for scale. The Motorola XT882 features a 4-inch display and is 122mm tall. With some rough pixel counting in Photoshop, we have estimated that the HTC One Max is 155mm tall. Considering that the HTC One is 137mm tall, the HTC One Max will definitely look and feel massive if you hold the two phones side by side. The size difference will be less obvious when paired up with the Samsung Galaxy Note II (151.1mm tall with a 5.5-inch display) and the HTC One Max will actually look and feel minuscule when compared to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra (179mm tall with a 6.5-inch display).


Is the HTC One Max too big or are these new massive phones the perfect size for those who don’t want to own a phone and a 7-inch tablet?

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Source: ePrice

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  • Vance

    Any phone that size needs a compelling value add beyond just being gigantic (like the stylus support and proprietary apps in SG Note). Have we heard anything about stylus integration with HTC One Max?

    • surg3d

      Even if it doesn’t have a stylus, the front facing speakers seem pretty compelling to me. That being said, it would be extra awesome if it had a stylus along with at least a good multi-window implementation.

      • Vance

        But you get the front facing speakers (boom sound) on the HTC One, so there’s no advantage there… I really hope (and feel like they ultimately will) HTC launches this with some proprietary software and stylus support along with a massive battery. They’re putting a lot on the line with the hiring of RDJ as their pitch man and by jumping into the ring with the already popular Galaxy Note. They have to have something compelling up their sleeve.

    • Paul

      Exactly! I love my Note 2 but I was neutral/indifferent on the screen size. Pro’s and Con’s to it. But what got me was the Stylus and all the extra features like MultiWindow and the fact that it had a Quad Core Exynos and LTE and amazing battery life, etc. it was the complete package that got me, not just the screen size. That’s why the Mega doesn’t interest me, no Stylus or any fancy specs, and neither did the LG phone with the comparable screen size. It’s not the screen size but what you do with that extra screen (MWC) and note taking, etc. etc. The SW and HW behind that screen will make the difference.

    • Richard Yarrell

      All I say to this is ”Please give us a break” Samsung is basically laughing at all these devices just like I am. It’s amazing what the leaders of the android platform have made other manufacturers feel like they have to do. It’s pretty clear that Samsung paces this industry and always will as the coming years arrive. Nothing on the market today touches the current Galaxy Note 2 it’s the GOLD STANDARD of technology the device everyone felt the need to copy in every aspect. First Lg with it’s battery draining Gpro now all these other rookie devices. I will applaud SONY I do wish the Note 3 was 6.44 inch big but we already know that won’t happen. The current Note 2 is the BEST productivity/business device ever made since the inception of android. Only SAMSUNG can do better and rest assured that NOTHING WILL TOP THE NOTE 3 come October. All these other guys are pretenders and rookies in this category created by Samsung.

      • squiddy20

        1. Dude, the Note 2 was LITERALLY last year’s tech. Its the furthest from this supposed “gold standard” you claim. Many other regular smartphones (as opposed to “phablets”) have come out with the same or better specs than your “pimp slapping” Note 2.
        2. “First Lg with it’s battery draining Gpro now all these other rookie devices.” And you would know the G Pro is “battery draining” because you’ve used it outside of a carrier store where all phones are pugged in 100% of the time? Oh right, you’re the moron who constantly talks about how he’d never touch any products other than Samsung’s “with a 10 foot pole”. What a joke.
        3. “The current Note 2 is the BEST productivity/business device ever made since the inception of android.” Clearly, you’ve never had a laptop, which has had multitasking and “business/productivity” abilities for decades. Step up or shut up.
        4. “All these other guys are pretenders and rookies in this category created by Samsung.” …Except Samsung did not “create this category”. Retard. Try using that “pimp slapping” Note 2 to fact check your sorry self.

      • Quailman

        Didn’t Dell make the Streak back when “The Masters” Samsung were still making phones like the Behold?

  • John in Brisbane

    Maybe there is a role for them. I’ve got a Nexus 7 that doesn’t get much use at the moment. I don’t commute via public transport and my work has changed so that I don’t have as much down-time to consume media and tap out notes. I don’t couch and watch TV much either – the other time I used to use the Nexus a lot. I haven’t even updated it to 4.3. I do have an HTC One. It is a nice device. On the weekend I met a girl with a Samsung Note 2 and she spent quite a while playing with the HTC. She kept commenting on how nice it was, particularly the screen. We swapped phones and played the game of speed texting each other the same thing using Swype. Despite the smaller screen, the HTC was more accurate we agreed. I liked her Note 2 but it felt cheaper and slower by comparison to the HTC. I reckon this girl would like the larger HTC. I would too but not enough to upgrade so soon. As a male who keeps his phone in a pants pocket, the big HTC would have to pass the pocket test.

  • KRS_Won

    I’ll just wait for my LTE Nexus 7. Lol

  • ihatefanboys

    Sweet !

  • donger

    What’s that Samsung? you don’t have the next big thing?

  • Brian

    Nobody noticed the picture was misspelled Xperia X Ultra instead of Z?