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Nexus 4 price gets cut to a mere $199


The Nexus 4 by LG and Google has always been a steal at it’s low price of $299. Now El Goog is sweetening the deal even further with a price drop down to a mere $199 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16GB model. At that price, you’re getting a phone that still has relatively great specs, stock Android and is blessed with the Nexus name, thus ensuring speedy software updates in the future. If you’re on a GSM carrier, you have absolutely no reason not to buy one of these at this bargain price.

Now to the other thing that most likely accompanies this price drop. We’re fast approaching that time of the year when Google comes out and launches a new Nexus phone which means that this price drop on last year’s Nexus 4 is probably to make room for the successor. So what will the successor be? That’s not quite as cut and dry of an issue. Differing reports are everywhere with some claiming that the new Nexus will be made by Motorola. Others are saying that it will be a stock version of the LG G2. Either way, we’re all eager to get our hands on the next Nexus.

But hurry up and jump on this deal because chances are, it’s not going to last long. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out by late tonight.

Are you buying/have you bought a Nexus 4 at this reduced price?


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  • Dylan

    Something better is coming soon…

    • DJmann

      Considering the Nexus 5 is rumored to be slightly larger and I don’t want anything larger than the Nexus 4… I’m super excited to buy the 16GB version for $249. What a deal. Should arrive in a couple days.

    • c1liu

      Something better is always coming soon though.

    • lwoodya

      Yes something better is coming…but an awesome off-contract phone for $250 people!

    • Nate B.

      Indeed :)

  • jeshep

    Hopefully making room for the Moto X being added to the Play Store “within days”. Unlikely, but it would be great if the X will sell near the old price of the Nexus 4 requiring the drop in Nexus 4 price.

    • gameraddikted

      Yes Unfortunately unlikely. Carriers are selling them unsubsidized for over $550. I don’t even think El Googs would be able to sell them that little.

  • Arthur

    Makes sense. I doubt the unlocked Moto X will sell for $299 though undercutting the AT&T version by almost $300. The funny thing if that was to happen though, I bet that more people would still buy it on AT&T for $199 and deal with a 2 year contract than pay $100 more and get it unlocked with no contract.

  • Tarun Bafna

    is it a sign of GOOGLE coming with new device?

  • julian king

    Something new coming.

  • ahmedfaiz919

    hoping next nexus will be priced as same as the nexus 4! cant wait to see the next nexus.. plz bring on solid leaks.

    • masterpfa

      Unlike you, I’ll be waiting patiently. I hate the wild speculations and misleading leaked photos or the spoiler alerts we get with rumours.
      The rumours around the Nexus 4′s release had me swearing blind that I wouldn’t upgrade as the released specs did not thrill me at all. However the video of the actual device when the keynote speech was cancelled and seeing the device in store, had me and many other wearing out the F5 button on my keyboard trying to purchase from the Google Playstore
      Personally, aside from the Nexus S, I haven’t been disappointed in any Nexus device or release and with the way Android and Google are going I don’t think I will be with the Next Nexus phone either

      • bobba

        Well there’s something for everyone now that the S4 and HTC One have Google Play editions and more phones and maybe tablets are sure to come.

  • romy134

    almost too good to pass up

  • APM

    I guess that next Nexus is comming really soon – can’t wait

  • donger

    Awesome deal. Go prepaid.

  • Luke

    Sent mine back a while ago. Somehow I managed to get one with all the known problems. I could live with the bad charger and the pour screen contrast, given the Price and the resolution, but the constant noise in the speaker and the unusable handsfree microphone, because of the low levels are too much.

  • Orion78

    New Nexus coming. Let’s go!

  • Cliff

    I’m not going to play the waiting game. That’s too good a deal to pass up.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    I would have bought the N4 16GB in a heartbeat for $250 2 months ago but once they said they weren’t going to increase storage to 32GB at the I/O I got a S4 instead. It’s great but I really like stock Android

    • Taha

      Please tell me a shop name where to buy it

  • Eben1277

    I’ll never buy another phone with 16 gigs of storage of it doesn’t have an expandable SD card slot. I got so fed up with constantly having to manage the storage on my gnex. I like music and movies, and don’t always have excellent coverage (t-mobile, love hour prices, not your network), so cloud storage and streaming are not realistic options for me.
    I wouldn’t buy this phone for more than 100$

    • Eben1277

      Bullshit auto correct

  • mightynaf

    Amazing price. Deciding between this if I want to go for a cheap phone, or the HTC ONE

  • Co1e

    Of course. Right after I learn about the multitude of issues my car is having…

  • jamal adam

    The best deal in the history of smartphones

  • DroidPower

    I think Google dropped the price on the N4 as a preemptive strike against Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C. Everyone knows that Apple is coming out with a cheaper plastic version, probably going to cost about 450 off contract. The phones will be announced 9/10, which is within two weeks from when Google started the promo. This price cut may convince many buyers to purchase this phone.

    And, given the fact that the phones have NOT sold out shows that Google has a LOT of these. It’s not because they are not popular; we all remember how hard it was to get one of these a while back. My guess is that Google will continue making and selling these phones right up to the when they release the N5. These phones will be available after Apple announces the new iPhones b/c then people can see the value difference and may purchase an N4 again.

    Of course, the “clearing the inventory for N5″ makes sense too and may very well be true, but I doubt that they have so much left-overs that they’d be clearing the inventory months ahead of their N5 launch date.

  • Carlos

    Out of stcok of both models in Spain now, but will deliver by the 12th of septiember…

  • McLovin

    Just in time since my daughter’s birthday is coming up. I ordered the 16 Gb plus the wireless charger.

    • Taha

      From where please tell me