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Nvidia making their own Nexus 7 sequel, dubbed Tegra Tab


Nvidia’s Tegra 3 turned out to be quite the popular SoC, thanks in large part to the popularity of the original Nexus 7. The Tegra 4, however, has seen a much different fate. Due to poor Windows sales and a lost bid in the 2013 Nexus 7, the Tegra 4 has experienced weak sales with no real change in sight. So Nvidia is taking matters into its own hands.

What would the new Nexus 7 have been like if it was powered by a Nvidia Tegra 4, rather than a Qualcomm chip? Look to the Tegra Tab to find out. Leaked photos have hit the web depicting a tablet that looks very similar to the original Nexus 7, with a matte rubber driving glove like texture on the back, bearing the words Tegra Tab.

According to reports linked to the photos, the tablet will be manufactured by Shenzhen Homecare Technology. Shenzhen Homecare Technology recently announced they were building a Tegra 4 tablet, one that lines up well with the Tegra Tab. And the company recently revealed some insider photos of meetings with Nvidia, one that includes a picture of a white board with “Nexus 7″ written on it.

As for the Tegra Tab itself, all we can discern from the pictures is that it would come with a rear camera, micro-HDMI port, 7-inch display and stylus support. Stylus support lends credibility to the leaks, since Nvidia has ben advertising DirectTouch and DirectStylus advanced stylus support in their Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 devices for some time now.

With Nvidia filing a trademark for Tegra Tab in the US in April, we wouldn’t be surprised if the tablet eventually made its way here. If it did, would you have any interest in it?

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Source: The Verge

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  • kurkosdr

    “If it did, would you have any interest in it?”

    Since it can’t match the Nexus 7 in the upgrades department and on performance (Qualcomm has done their homework with the custom Krait core and their Snapdragon is beating any Cortex-based SoC), I would have an interest in it only if it beat the Nexus 7 on price. Aka very unlikely.

    • renz

      no offence but care to explain more? clock for clock Cortex A15 still faster than the latest Krait core inside Snapdragon 800. and if this device indeed based on tegra 4 the ‘underclocked’ snapdargon 600 inside the new nexus 7 will not going to beat this in both cpu and gpu performance.

      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        Agreed, as I’m not going for the LTE enabled N7 new, I would have preferred Teg 4s 50% better graphics, with Nvidia desktop gaming commonalities, my N7n won’t even be able to drive a $700 ultra definition 39″ TV this Christmas. Toshiba demonstrated a 10″ UD tab at CES, 6 months ago and guess what, a Teg 4 was driving it, look forward to more graphics RAM and the other big desktop graphics company, AMD joining the mobile fray soon.

  • sweet

    it will be interesting to see how this will par up to the Nexus 7

  • donger

    Now when will it come out?

  • Nate B.

    Regardless of what it can do I feel Tegra devices are poorly managed and are to little to late by time they hit consumers and it’s old news. The year is just about up.

  • staryoshi

    I was disappointed when the revised Nexus 7 didn’t come with a Tegra chip. (I have a first generation Nexus 7 and love it). I’ll be interested to see what a Tegra Tab can do as I plan on learning development for Tegra devices.

    I wish more companies would attack the 8.9″ form factor, too, as it’s under-served at the moment.

  • masterpfa

    Manufacturers would have done their research and homework and have seen something in the Qualcomm chips they like or something in the Tegra 4 they didn’t.

    It would be interesting to see what Tegra have to offer and if the price is right I might consider it in addition to the Nexus 7 (2013) that’s about to be released in the UK (Awaiting 4G device)

    • renz

      the very problem of tegra 4 is it does not have integrated radio in it. nvidia very well know it is hard for them to compete with qualcomm without that hence they delayed tegra 4 launch and pull more of the resource towards Tegra 4i. AFAIK device based on T4 should coming out around Q3 or Q4 last year (looking at tegra 3 record) and device based on it on Q1 or Q2 this year.

      anyway i have seen many phones with snapdragon 800 but not with the tablets yet. (T4 based tablets already coming out from toshiba and HP. Asus most likely will be soon). Surface RT 2 most likely powered by T4 as well

    • Neel

      Tegra 4 = CPU + GPU
      Snaprdagon = CPU + transmitter antenna

      Tegra 4 doesn’t have phone capabilities, & Snapdragon doesn’t have good graphics capabilities. They need an additional microchip for the respective features.

      • renz

        snapdragon got their own gpu called adreno (which is originated from ati mobile division that got sold by amd to qualcomm). in fact the adreno 330 inside snapdragon 800 is faster than ULP Geforce inside tegra 4. but when talking about android gaming it seems only nvidia really want to push it further in term of graphic.

  • jtdc

    Tegra? sheesh. the piss poor performance of my galaxy tab 10.1… never again tegra!

  • theha9

    battery performance in my old tegra phone wasn’t very impressive. once burned twice shy as they say