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Render of HTC One in blue leaked, looks mighty fine


HTC’s newest flagship, the HTC One, is doing pretty well in stores. However, the choice between black and white is a bit boring for some. A red model has begun selling in some parts of the world, but it won’t come to the US until the 16th of August. And even then, it’ll be a Sprint exclusive.

HTC One Blue

We heard about a blue HTC One appearing in Verizon’s systems, but there were no photos of the actual device. We thought it would be a deep metallic blue, like the deep red they used, but it looks like it’ll be a tamer shade of blue. Twitter account @evleaks posted a photo of the blue HTC One and stated that it’s coming in 2013, which is awesome news for those waiting on Verizon to release the device.

Hopefully, the blue model will come very soon and won’t keep people waiting. We praise HTC for releasing some color options to keep things fresh and keep people interested. And though I didn’t like the idea of a blue One at first, I have to say it looks pretty dang nice. What do you think of its new blue paint job?

Source: @evleaks

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  • thekaz

    Looks nice, but I would have preferred a darker blue. I think the silver is still my first choice.

  • jerrbomb

    Very nice.. I would think Verizon would be getting a red version of the device as an exclusive.. And Sprint or ATT the blue one.. But still.. That blue looks niiice..

    • KRAKEN

      Blue phones are for democrats and red phones are for republicans. Lets hope nobody purchases the red ones and goes for the hip, modern, sober, brillliant blue ones!

      • jerrbomb

        Lol.. Blue always rock

        • SGB101

          My favourite is the black, I must be from the darkside!

  • Rising33

    Nice color. Soft on the blue but bold at the same time.

  • neil legstrong

    nice try from this bankrupt company….

    • donger

      HTC will rise!