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Rumor: Amazon to deliver Android-based game console this year


According to multiple sources in the gaming industry, Amazon is ready to try its hand at video game consoles, taking on the likes of the already released Ouya and rumored Google Android-based system.

Both Game Informer and GamesBeat are reporting that Amazon is currently developing a video game console that will operate much in the same way the Kindle Fire does. The console will rely solely on Amazon for content, and feature a free game of day similar to the Amazon app store’s free app of the day. The console will reportedly come with a controller, and should be ready for release by Black Friday.

After the pre-launch success of Ouya, Android manufacturers are jumping at the chance to grab a piece of what’s being viewed as a relatively new, growing market. Despite a ridiculous amount of funding, it’s been reported that Ouya has yet to see a grand slam hit. Early reviews of the console we’re largely negative, and interest in similar devices, like Nvidia’s Shield, seem weak. If anyone could master distribution and entice developers, Amazon would be the one to do it.

As much as we’d be interested in seeing how Amazon handles a video game console, this is still a rumor. And Amazon loves not living up to rumors. We’ve been waiting to see an Amazon backed smartphone for a full year now, and still nothing. A game console and a smartphone would certainly be an interesting way to cap off this year though.

Via: Joystiq

Source: Game Informer

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  • David

    A cheap game console with easy access to Amazon Prime content could be pretty popular

  • rauelius

    Tegra4 @ 2.2Ghz, 3GB of RAM 128GB solid state storage and ability to send video to and from an existing Kindle in realtime. $180. That would be a day one purchase.

    • cb2000a

      Not sure they can do 128gb of storage for that price…but maybe in a year yes (and Tegra 5).

  • CTown

    If the game obtained from the consoles “free game of the day” also can be played on a phone (through Amazon’s Appstore using the same Amazon account), the console will pay for itself even if you never wanted one in the first place!

  • donger

    Probably another Kindle tablet.