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Samsung Galaxy Gear, Note III officially confirmed for September 4


Samsung Executive VP of Mobile Lee Young-hee has confirmed in an interview with the Korea Times that the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Note III will both be unveiled at the September 4 Samsung Unpacked event that proceeds IFA.

She also had a couple additional details to share regarding the Galaxy Gear. Unfortunately, flexible displays are still just in concept stages according to Young-hee, and won’t be used in this first generation Galaxy Gear. She didn’t get into any specific intended functions of the Galaxy Gear, but based on her statement that it will “enhance and enrich the current smart mobile experience” it would seem reasonable to conclude that this is intended as a companion device rather than a standalone product.

After about 6 months with my Pebble, I think they are doing the right thing there. I hope they don’t try to overshoot on functionality with the Galaxy Gear. A watch makes for a great triage device to quickly deal with incoming information or to save you from having to take the phone out of your pocket for simple tasks like controlling media. Anything much more complex than that, and you’ll want to take your phone out, anyway. Trying to achieve much more with the device would probably lead to frustratingly short battery life, as well.

Young-hee was less forthcoming about the Note III, sharing little beyond the fact that it will also be officially announced at the Unpacked event. She merely stated that Samsung invented the phablet category and said that they will bring “enhanced key features on our Galaxy Note devices.” So the new device will have new features. Shocking revelation. We did however get some new images of the Note III courtesy of etradesupply seen at the top of the post. They have the screen pegged at 5.68 inches diagonal (up from 5.5 on the Note II) with a reduced bezel at just 2.2mm wide. Hit the via link at the end to see a few more images from them.

We do, however, have a few last minute rumors entering the fray from Korea Economic Daily. They are claiming that the Note III will offer both 4K video capture as well as the same 24-bit audio playback that LG showed off recently in the G2. Since very few of us have 4K monitors to playback that 4K video, I don’t find that particularly compelling. But maybe that won’t be the only trick the Note III camera will have up its sleeve. I don’t fall into the audiophile camp, but improved audio playback capabilities can’t hurt anyone.

September 4 is just 8 days away now, so not much longer to wait. The Galaxy Note III is unlikely to hold any big surprises for us; the Galaxy Gear is the far more interesting announcement for me. What do you hope to see in Samsung’s first entry into the wearables market?

Via: etradesupply

Source: Korea Times

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  • Nate B.

    I still don’t see the point of a watch that doesn’t do much if anything different your phone does. Is it hard to pull out your phone or glance at it to see the notification? I just couldn’t use it for my personal use.

    • yankeesusa

      Really? Then don’t buy it. The point of this is to replace a watch that someone currently has and not only use it to tell time but to see if you have any texts or notifications and not pull your phone out. Example, your in a movie or in a meeting, glancing at your phone will be better than taking your phone out. Don’t see the point then this may not be a device you should purchase.

    • McLovin

      I find my Pebble works the best for when I’m driving. I just glance at my wrist to see who is texting/calling/emailing/etc. No more digging for my phone/unlocking it to see what the alert is about. Or better yet, when I’m talking to someone. I find it extremely rude to pull out the phone in the middle of a face to face conversation. Now I can discretely peek at the alert without appearing rude.

      Us old schoolers grew up wearing watches and feel naked without one. So the Pebble/”computer watch” is a perfect fit.

      Can’t wait to get vim running on my Pebble so I can browse source code during a telecom on my watch. (just kidding, or not?) LOL

    • Karen P. Perkins

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  • Steve P

    I hope that pic is real because I love that older GS2 styling

  • pekosROB

    I will be a little disappointed if the Note 3 looks like that – I was hoping for a dramatic change in design. Guess Samsung is going with the tried and true design – if it ain’t broke why fix it.

    • yankeesusa

      I don’t mind the look. I love the look of my note 2, the only I would like is an annodized metal case or aluminum case or maybe kevlar material.

      • pekosROB

        Honestly, I just want loud front facing speakers. Metal housing would be great but I want great audio.

        • bp

          Then buy the HTC one.

  • Anjie Cai

    I wonder where the Verizon logo will go? ;)

    • yankeesusa

      Over the watch, it will go away when you light up your screen

    • clocinnorcal

      It will be interesting to see if they put it on the home button again.

  • jenni1

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  • donger

    Next big thing?