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Samsung Galaxy Gear to launch at IFA 2013

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Smartwatches are becoming the next big thing in mobile technology, and Samsung’s rumored offering, the Galaxy Gear, has garnered lots of attention. Now, Samsung fan site SamMobile says that they have confirmed that the Galaxy Gear will indeed launch at IFA 2013 alongside the Galaxy Note III. If this is true, then IFA 2013 could be a very exciting show with both Sony and Samsung showing off some very cool products.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

As for the Galaxy Gear, not a whole lot is known about it yet. We believe that it will look something like the patent picture you can see above, but there’s no telling for sure. Either way, we’re glad to see a new smartwatch coming to the market, especially from Samsung. With Samsung helping to pioneer the way in flexible displays, we might even see one of those integrated into the Galaxy Gear. Unlikely, but possible.

Are you excited for the Galaxy Gear?

Source: SamMobile

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  • Amit

    Uhmmm… interesting!! . Can’t wait for ifa

  • nivekkev

    Been looking for a smartwatch, hopefully this will be what have been waiting for and at the right price, for some reason, the design that they have been showing appeals to me, would be nice if it sticks.

  • ihatefanboys

    Apple TV has been long described as DOA. No one is interested in it. Theres even less want for a cheaper iPhone from what I read on Apple blogs (i go there to stir shit, lol) They think it will undermine how exclusive the iPhone is, go figure. Anything “exciting” from Apple these days tend to be directly borrowed from someone else. Exciting products for 2014 ?? the new iPad which will be exactly like the old iPad, but since it will come out next year in a different color box, it will be “new”. Now we’re getting iphone 5c, d, or some other shit ? WTF talk about confusing. But i guarantee some iClown will buy all 3 because theyre each special in their own way.

  • donger

    What is this? The next small and big thing?