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Samsung Hennessy announced, Android flip phone with dual displays

Samsung Hennessy

Flip phones have been on a sharp decline since smartphones have come out. Most are more akin to feature phones, barely able to access the internet. But it looks like Samsung wants flip phones to make a comeback, at least in China. They have announced the Samsung Hennessy, an Android-powered flip phone with dual displays running 4.1 Jelly Bean.

On the front, you see one of its two 3.3-inch 320 x 480 displays with three capacitive buttons at the bottom. In this mode, it acts like a normal smartphone. Flipped open, it has another identical display and a large keypad at the bottom. It looks very retro and very much like an old school flip phone with a smartphone twist.

The specs, as you can probably expect, aren’t very impressive. The device is powered by a 1.2GHz quad core paired with 1GB of RAM, and it has a 5MP camera, 1,500 mAh battery, microSD slot and the various wireless connections of modern devices. It also has dual GSM/CDMA radios, so the device can be used on any China carrier.

We probably won’t see this device stateside, and it may never even come out of Asia. I’m not sure if we’re missing much, but it would be cool to at least spend a few days with it. What do you think of the Samsung Hennessy? Is it a useful device or a pointless retro design? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget

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  • halo0

    So now the question is, when will the Courvoisier be released…

  • MrMrMan

    I loved my Razr back in the day.

  • Steven Pimentel

    Since when was a quad core processor and a gb of ram considered not impressive? Well I better throw out my note 2 because of its chappy quad core processor…

  • mmitchum

    I think this phone has it’s audience. Although I may not be inclined to purchase a flip phone, i suspect that there is a population of folks out there who would love to have the Android experience in a flip form factor with the large key pad. Sammy has the latitude to experiment either way, so why not?

    • nivekkev

      I agree, this could be like a transistion phone for those that want to try out a smart phone but can’t quite let go of their familiar flip phone.

  • TruFactz

    Pretty cool, would be a nice gran-assistant. If it did hit stateside.

  • SGB101

    That battery may struggle to make lunchtime.

    • John in Brisbane

      Yeah that was my first thought too but I going to assume only one of those small, low res screens will be running at a time … so it might actually last longer than my old HTC Desire :-)

  • sandwich

    Flip phones – If they’re good enough for Kirk… ;)

  • Guest

    I want a flip phone with two screens inside.

  • MisterLee

    I would definitely get this or something like it. Why carry 2 gigantic objects.

    I’ll have my tablet for all the heavy lifting and then i’ll look cooler than you when my phone rings and its a really awesome looking flip phone.

  • donger

    Flip phones are back just like boy bands are back.

  • Xperia M
  • John in Brisbane

    This isn’t a bad compromise. I read the blurb in my email before clicking on the link and seeing the pics and it looks better in the flesh. I can think of family members who might consider one of these. Anyone else get fully frustrated with their first smart phone when they first got it? Just making calls was harder and there was a lot to learn.

    It’s reminded me of a random thought I’ve had before – seriously random, but related by being a bit retro. Someone should take one of those superseded ipod touches (like the iphone 3gs but very thin) and build a phone into it. Seriously, it wouldn’t need to be the highest specs, just a real smart phone with an all day battery that is so thin and just slight in general that you keep pulling it out of your pocket to fondle it. OK maybe not fondle. Just admire. I love the big screens but in more than 15 years of mobile phone ownership, the phone that impressed me most on first acquaintance was a Motorola star tac. What happened to you Motorola? You’re the ones who should be doing the ipod phone. Anyway, where were we?

  • billy boy

    I like the concept but not feeling the design. Make it a little wider and thinner, add 4in HD displays, high end internals and maybe a blackberry style portrait qwerty and I would be all over this.