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Samsung unveils the Galaxy Golden, another dual screen flip phone

Samsung Galaxy Golden

Samsung seems to be infatuated with the flip phone form factor. Probably because of how awesome alliteration is. Thinking back to the golden days before smartphones were popular, flip phones like the original Moto RAZR were all the rage. Samsung now seems to be on a nostalgia streak. Releasing one device in this form factor is brave enough, but releasing a second is near crazy. But Samsung has done it, and joining the Hennessy in their lineup is the new Samsung Galaxy Golden.

The Galaxy Golden houses two 3.7-inch Super AMOLED displays (AMOLED displays usually have an 800 x 480 resolution), which is much better than the Hennessy’s dual 3.3-inch 320 x 480 displays. However, the Hennessy has a 1.2GHz quad core, while the new Galaxy Golden has a 1.7GHz dual core. Core count means little, but it’s interesting to see what should be a higher end product get a “better” processor, on paper at least.

The other specs are fairly mid-range. It’ll have an 8MP camera and release with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is fairly modern. On top of 4.2 will be the standard TouchWiz interface, which the company has improved with S Health (and a pedometer function), business card recognition, easy mode and even an FM radio (Non-US countries often get this feature, but it’s more rare stateside).

This device will set you back a surprising 790,000 won, or almost $710. That’s really expensive for what would be considered a low-to-mid-range product, but it caters to a niche that doesn’t have many options. Would you ever buy a device like this? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget

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  • cole

    To be honest, I probably would! I totally miss the flip phone days. I loved not just having a square. If it comes to Verizon which i doubt it would, it would be my next phone most likely.

  • SGB101

    I love that Samsung done the gold thing, before apple lol.

    I really have nothing else to say about this device. It does look big tho.

  • Luciano

    That thing looks hideous.

  • BigCiX

    If this came out during the time of the RAZR flip phone then yeah.

  • svt

    This phone is aiming for grandmas and grandpas who are more familiar with older interface. The name also implies its target crowd.

  • Bran

    No, I won’t ever get it. I don’t see the point of having two screens when I can only see one at a time! What happened with slide phones? It could’ve had more sense!

    Those guys also forgot that the logo is to be shown to the others, not to you (with this one, when you open the phone, people will see the Samsung logo upside down)

  • donger

    Where’s Galaxy silver?

  • isa007

    The hinge looks fairly cheap and unelegant. Couldn’t the Samsung designers have made it more cool?
    But generally I think smartphones with hardware keyboard, no matter if QWERTX/QUWERTY or T9, do have their niche on the market. My husband sticks to a 2011 Xperia Pro which has under today’s standards rather weak specs just because of its hardware keyboard. He hates typing on the touchscreen. What I’m trying to say: Even if hardware keyboards are a little niche, they are a niche that hardware manufacturers shouldn’t lose sight of.

  • Nick

    I don’t understand why it needs two screens…if they made it a swiveling hinge, there would only be a need for one screen and it to still be used as a “smartphone.”

  • Jack M

    I would definitely buy this phone the minute it goes on sale in the UK!
    Been looking for a larger screen flip phone for awhile.
    For that matter I’d also buy the Samsung Hennessy if it was available in the UK since it has a 13 MP camera and a 3.1 inch screen.
    No more concern about the screen being damaged.
    Sell it in Europe Samsung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!