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Sony teases Honami smartphone with G-series lens


Sony’s Honami is one of those devices that you know exists, but does so in a strange place between a million leaks and an official announcement. We’ve seen system dumps and leaked pictures, but Sony has yet to truly cement its existence. Adding to the Honami’s current predicament, Sony has released a second teaser image, this time showing off the device’s G lens-backed camera.

The first time Sony teased the Honami, it was with an image showing nothing more than a partial purple silhouette and what could possibly be a dedicated camera key. Today, Sony is showing off the backside of the Honami, or the camera itself to be more specific. The Honami has been leaked as having a 20MP camera with a G-series lens, and at least part of that has now been confirmed. We still aren’t positive it will come with a 20MP camera (who cares about megapixels anyway), but it will indeed have a G-branded lens.

Sony has long been using G lenses in a wide variety of their photography products, from DSLRs to point-and-shoot cameras. The Honami will be the first Sony smartphone to land the G name and is widely expected to be quite a camera phone. What appears to be unique about the Honami over similar photography-centric devices like the Nokia 1020 and Samsung Zoom is that Sony is still keeping the device slim and sleek. No giant bump on the back to make room for optics and what have you.

Sony, you’ve managed to gain our attention. Don’t disappoint us.

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  • mzrdisi

    All that light, but no where to go. Smart phone cameras need better and larger sensors. Optics can only do so much.

  • donger

    Looking good Sony.

  • uknowme

    I’m hoping this comes out soon. I am almost positive this will be my next toy. Unless of course they finally decide to put at least 32g in the next Nexus. Then it will be a tough choice.

  • jenni1

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