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Taiwanese HTC One X+ updated to Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5


While our US HTC Ones are on 4.1.2, their foreign counterparts are receiving updates to 4.2.2 and silently gloating. With improvements throughout the software, it’s a much desired update. But this makes the wait even sadder: back in Taiwan, last year’s HTC One X+ is getting the update to 4.2.2 right now, with Sense 5 along for the ride.

This new update turns the aging device into a lower end HTC One, complete with BlinkFeed and our favorite feature – video highlights. You’ll also get notification toggles, a new camera lock screen widgets and more.

HTC One X Android 4.2.2 update features

  • HTC Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 upgrade
  • New HTC BlinkFeed Home
  • New lock screen style: electronic gadgets
  • Added display the battery meter in the status bar options
  • New sleep mode switch
  • Quick Settings panel: use two-finger gestures with 12 sliding open the Notifications panel fast setting
  • AE / AF lock: Long tap the screen shot on the screen to start the exposure / focus lock function
  • Video Highlights living micro film: With 12 kinds of styles of music theme, automatically edited into a stunning 30 seconds video
  • Music Channel: You can view the lyrics and music visualization screen * (* support content based on actual lyrics database shall prevail)
  • Support more Chinese words

Seeing as the update is ready to go for the device, it should start spreading to other countries fast. It’ll probably start with a rollout in Europe and move to the US once AT&T gives it its stamp of approval. We’ll keep you up to date on where it goes next.

Source: HTC Source

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  • CTown

    I wonder if HTC is going to back track a bit and decide to update the Snapdragon S4 based HTC One S when they update the American HTC One X. They do share a lot of internals. I wouldn’t be surprised if HTC tries to save face by just dropping the S3 based One S and only upgrading the S4 version since that is what Europe and North America got.

  • romy134

    I really hope they update the One S , it only got 1 major update..

  • aladin

    does anybody know if they are gunna update the htc one xl please reply it really helps :D

    • Manoj

      One x , xl , one x plus are all the same with processors changed..

  • Pravas

    Yeah what about HTC ONE.?

  • HeadDoc

    Me want. I can’t switch from AT&T to T-Mobile until around June, when I hope to buy a Galaxy S5. This should tide me over… for a few weeks anyway.

  • donger


  • anup

    When will we get update for HTC one X+ in India

    • gaurav


    • keval

      when htc one x plus update in india??????? reply

      • Relen

        They aren’t published at india

    • Pramod Sreedharan

      Update on the air now. Use WIFi.
      Pramod M S

      • Pratik

        No updates I checked over WiFi

  • htet

    when htc one x plus update in myanmar

    • Pratik

      No updates. I checked over WiFi.

  • Dustin Marquis

    Was just notified by @LlabTooFer on Twitter that the HTC One X+ will be upgraded to 4.2.2. When is not clear yet.