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The HTC One has finally landed on Verizon

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After four months of waiting, we still can’t believe that this day has finally come. The Verizon HTC One has finally landed! What’s even better is that HTC somehow managed to keep Verizon from messing with the HTC One’s hardware and software. Yes, there’s a hideous Verizon 4G LTE logo on the back of the phone and a handful of Verizon apps pre-installed, but the iconic all-metal body has not been altered in any way. The Verizon HTC One features a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 4MP camera (HTC likes to call them Ultrapixels) and front-facing stereo speakers powered by a dedicated amp. For now, Verizon is only offering the silver HTC One, but there are rumors that a blue variant may show up in Verizon stores in the near future.

Those who purchase the Verizon HTC One even get an added bonus: Android 4.2.2 with the latest version of HTC Sense.  The T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T versions of the HTC One are still running on Android 4.1, but those devices are expected to jump straight to Android 4.3 sometime before the end of September.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy the HTC One on Verizon and enjoy one of the best devices of 2013. The device may be four months old, but the HTC One is definitely head and shoulders above the new Droid Ultra, which is also priced at $199.99 with a new two year contract.

Will you be purchasing the Verizon HTC One?

Source: Verizon

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  • pekosROB

    I wish I was excited for this, but I suppose I can be for everyone who will get the eventual blue One. That thing looks sweet. I am glad to see a price of $599 that comes with 32 GB of storage; I remember my 32 GB S3 cost $649 but it does have a microSD card.

    • LukeT32

      I am waiting for the Moto X to drop before I get my replacement for the Gnex….

      • Louis A

        Knowing verizon with their slowness to get an update, I will wait first and see what happens after September and also see what will come to market. My contract is not over until November 2nd anyways.

      • thekaz

        I’m with you, Luke. 2 months ago, I would have been at the store the first day it was out, but since the Moto X, I am a bit torn on which one I want… I think I will need to wait for the X to come out and compare them.

        I am not a big Sense fan, but I’d likely just throw Nova on it anyway…

    • Lenora G. Belin

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  • Molly

    Just completed my order online… after trying several times through the support center and even one chat session. What a fiasco! …but the phone should arrive early next week. (I’m in Anchorage so no Verizon store for me to walk into, unfortunately

  • SGB101

    It just seems so strange to release a phone so long after its initial launch. The moto x will also suffer the same with the custom design stuff.

    I think this is just a US issue, as here in the UK all carriers launch with a week of each over. And we don’t have variants in the same models.

    The only real exception was the iPhone was o2 only, for about 2 years. Think it was o2, but they never interested me. O how did I forfer the g1 was t-mobile only, but that was probably not an exclusive, but more no one else wanted it. I actually changed from o2 to t-mobile for the g1.

  • truesun

    Verizon’s own Spanish language arm “Viva Movil by J Lo” has HTC ONE for $99 online and in store.
    Half Price!

  • romy134

    took long enough..

  • Eric

    Yep, it’s landed but it doesn’t fly!

    Verizon says there is a known issue where their servers aren’t recognizing the One, so they can’t be activated. First hand experience here, I was at my VZW store this morning before they opened and waited 90 minutes to find this out.

    Ridiculous Verizon. Can’t believe what a disaster you’ve made of this otherwise great phone! Or, at least I THINK it’s great. Won’t know until you pull your heads out and activate my One!!!

  • snowbdr89

    Are we suppose to care?

  • Harold Goldner

    For a bit I thought this was my next phone, but the lack of removable memory, the paltry 32 gig, and the thinner battery are making me wait for the Butterfly S which has better specs. And, to be quite candid, I’d like to see what the iPhone 5S looks like. I’ve enjoyed my fling with Android and flashing ROMs and kernels, but a pleasant, simple, interface might be a sight for sore (and middle-aged) eyes.

  • thekaz

    I don’t get the Verizon Logo hate.. yeah, it is ugly, but at least they threw it on the back this time. Most people’ll just throw a case on over it anyhow. And believe me, I’ve seen some people with some fugly cases on their phone – must worse than a phone with a logo plastered on it!

    • Nick Gray

      Oh, I completely agree, but I only use cases on my phones when I’m going somewhere where I know my device will need extra protection. 95% of the time, my phone is naked. The HTC One looks amazing. People shouldn’t have to buy a case for the phone to hide Verizon’s hideous tramp stamp.

  • donger

    Gonna wait for the Nexus 5.

  • Hector

    Geez — Sprint has the One at $99 bucks right now. I could switch from stodgy Verizon & get two new phones and pay a little less per month. Only problem: Sprint’s coverage where I live is not too great and even now I can’t use Verizon at my house without the wireless extender. Maybe Verizon will come to its senses and drop the price. And maybe the earth will stop turning.

  • Bman021

    All you android people make me laugh. All you ever do is WAIT for the next one.

  • TonyD

    I got this phone last week after jumping ship from AT&T to Verizon due to poor customer service and their general craptacular network where I live. I am coming from an iPhone 5. Before that I owned the GS3.

    There’s something to be said for the simplistic “it just works” functionality of the iPhone 5 and that handset has insane battery life. I can, without a shadow of doubt, say that the HTC One is better than both of those handsets. The One is ridiculous. I was a little nervous when I bought the phone bc all I could remember were friends that had older HTC handsets and hated them. Well, HTC has me drinking their kool-aid after just a week of owning the handset. I am finding it hard to put the phone down. The screen is amazing. It’s gorgeous. I actually like BlinkFeed also. A lot of people don’t. Don’t let the fact the handset doesn’t have expandable storage sway you from buying this phone. 32gb-64gb is more than enough for most people unless you for some reason have 25 movies stored. Why would you do that? That’s what tablets are for.

    Bottom line: Buy this phone. You’ll love it.