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Unlisted HTC video clip teases “Big Things Ahead”


An unlisted teaser video titled “Big Things Ahead” has been posted to HTC’s YouTube channel along with a similar clip on Vine. “Big Things Ahead” could mean anything. HTC may be bragging about how they’re rising in the ranks again. Or they might be cleverly teasing the HTC One Max. Yesterday, we got to see a few shots of the rumored “phablet,” and it looks exciting.

We never see the face of the lead actor in the video, but we’re pretty damn sure it’s Robert Downey Jr. After rumors that HTC hired the actor to be their global smartphone ambassador, we’ve just been waiting for him to show up in an ad. Finally, we get to see the back of his head in this extremely short ad. We expect big things from HTC, especially their ads if Downey Jr has signed on to help promote HTC’s devices.

What would you like to see next from  HTC?

Source: Phandroid

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  • renyo

    Is HTC changing their name to Happy Telephone Company?!

    • Nick Gray

      No, it’s tied into the new HTC name generator when went up on the company’s website yesterday afternoon.

      • Bpear96

        Hibernating Trampoline Crap

        I want one.

        • Bpear96

          Oh NO its the Hungry Talking Cookie!

          Errybody run!

  • John in Brisbane

    “What would you like to see next from HTC?”

    1. Consistency. The One is a nice device. It’s faster and smoother with a nicer shell than a Samsung. It’s like comparing an Asus ultra book with an Asus netbook. Follow it up with more impressive gear.

    2. Acting like a mature company that has been making high-end mobile devices for over a decade. Not one that looked to have wasted its lead.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Vance

    I would like HTC to do more of what they’re FINALLY doing. Spend big to create a brand and a marketing buzz to support it. While Samsung (not so quietly) built the Galaxy brand and re-classified iPone owners as “sheep” and “geriatrics”, HTC flipped and flopped like a fish on the bow of a schooner. I’ve always loved HTC hardware and have said many times that they make the best mobile devices on the planet, they just don’t know how to sell them; this effort with Mr. Stark as the pitch man and the “One” brand seemingly on track to becoming as synonymous with HTC as Galaxy with Samsung, they may FINALLY be bridging that gap between building stellar products, and selling stellar products. Here’s hoping HTC (Here’s To Change).

  • donger

    Go HTC!