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Verizon HTC One bootloader no longer unlockable


It was a good day, but now it’s over. The Verizon-branded HTC One is following in the footsteps of the DROID DNA. When the DNA was launched, it could be officially bootloader unlocked at People were shocked that Verizon allowed HTC’s bootloader unlock tool to work on their devices. However, it was short lived, as Verizon blocked the use of the bootloader unlocking tool for all customers.

Strangely, Verizon didn’t seem to learn its lesson. The HTC One was released so many months later than any other carrier launched theirs that they should have had plenty of time to prepare. But someone forgot to block HTCDev’s bootloader unlocking tool. New HTC One owners could go to the site and get their bootloader unlocked when they purchased it yesterday.

Unfortunately, Verizon finally got around to blocking the tool. Now, you will not be able to unlock your bootloader through official means. This should have been and was expected, but it’s still sad to see carriers taking such a customer-unfriendly stance on device modding. I personally despise this move by Verizon and similar moves by AT&T, but tell us what you think about locked bootloaders! Do they bother you, or are they not a big deal? Leave a comment!

Source: Droid-Life

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  • gentleman559

    Well, I do have to say that AT&T and Verizon are the worst when it comes to this kind of stuff. I have T-Mobile and I NEVER have a problem unlocking or rooting my device etc. I prefer to do what I want with my device and I love that they let me do as I please. It just makes it so much easier than having your carrier constantly and i do mean CONSTANTLY working against you. I don’t spend my money with companies that work against me or don’t look out for their customers best interests.

    • jon

      With all due respect , T-Mobile also is the worst carrier.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Most people are not like you. They keep doing business with companies that they feel are doing them “wrong”. To the companies, it’s just complaining they have to deal with. They will only change when they lose customers… other then that it’s just a bunch of whiny people. If more people were to leave VZW becasue of it, I’m certain they would change their policies. However, every quarter, it seems, that VZW is gaining customers.

    • snowbdr89

      I’m using att n have no problems with this when was the last time you saw an article with att n locked bootloaders? Not often

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon sucks period. They alter all handsets and strip out features so those devices can appear to be less than there failing Droid line of products. We won’t even discuss there overall ability to update handsets efficiently or the childish branding on all devices.

      Plain and simple Verizon sucks monkey balls period.

      • squiddy20

        Yeah… about that. Most people care more about coverage and data speeds than “childish branding” or how many “features” are stripped out of a device. Can’t use the phone for it’s intended purpose (calling, texting, browsing the web, etc) if you don’t have service (like in most rural areas on T-Mobile)

    • MarySand

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    • amy74

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  • redraider133

    Go figure. Verizon is notorious for this type of behavior.

  • MyMilan

    I don’t blame this on Verizon. I blame it on their customers that put up with it. Of course Verizon is going to do something like this if they can get away with it. When enough people switch carriers – then Verizon will wise up and change their policy, until then every time you pay your Verizon bill you are whispering in Verizon’s ear that it’s OK for them to abuse you this way. Just saying…

    Believe it or not your money does have a vote.

    • You are dreaming

      The percentage of rooted phone users is insignificant. It’s so small it wouldn’t make a blip if everyone that rooted their phone switched carriers because they were pissed off that they couldn’t root their phone.

      The carriers are more worried about theft of content or taking more bandwidth than you paid for.

      • thel0nerang3r

        How would you hide your data usage? They carriers know how much data you use.. if they feel that someone is “abusing” their grandfather unlimited plan, they could cut off the user or make them change to a tiered plan…. the carriers love for you to use more data then what you are currently in a plan for… they make a killing in overages.

  • mason

    It’s your phone your money it should be up to u not the carrier! I have T-Mobile so I don’t have that problem. T-Mobile doesnt work against u like at&t and Verizon. T-mobile is the best. I love my HTC ONE

  • john

    This doesnt surprise me about Big red. They love to cripple phones and over charge

  • donger

    That escalated quickly.

  • jean65

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    • toxic_avenger

      we killed Melvin and raped his cat, you’re next biotch

  • yankeesusa

    That is why my choice for switching from sprint is tmobile. I have been testing their coverage where I live work and travel and it works fine for me. I will be switching to tmobile soon. At least one of my lines. I love the googl wallet nfc payment and tmobile has that blocked.

  • Tony DeMartino

    The thing about Verizon blocking the ability to unlock the One’s bootloader a day after they launched the phone is… The world didn’t end when people used the tool. Verizon’s network didn’t crash. Their main reasoning for blocking this ability, according to their customer service (who are utterly clueless like most CS agents), is that their “tech support agents would be flooded with calls from people that attempted to alter their device and damaged the device.” The fact that Verizon has already said unlocking the bootloader/rooting any device on their network would void the warranty should be sufficient. If we want to take that risk and understand that there is a possibility of damaging our devices (except there isn’t unless you are “special”) we should be able to. Bottom line. If I mess my device up, it’s on me. That should be the end of it. As has been said, the modding community is such a small portion of Verizon’s user base that their reason makes little to no sense. “Tech support would be flooded with calls from ppl that messed up their device while attempting bootloader unlocks/root.”. That reason is BS and they know it. The REAL reason they don’t want unlocked bootloaders on the network is because it opens up the device to malware. That would effect their ability to secure corporate contracts that require the handsets to be as secure as possible. Why they don’t just own that idk.

  • Dang Quang Tri

    Hey u guys, we just create a group of people who using DROID DNA. Visit and ask somthing ;-)