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Verizon Motorola Moto X now available for $140 with promo code

Motorola Moto X

As promised, the Motorola Moto X is now available from Verizon. The phone can be purchased in black or white with 16GB of internal storage for $199.99 on a new two-year contract or $599.99 if you’re not willing to sign your name on the dotted line. The $599.99 off-contract price for Verizon’s Motorola Moto  X is slightly higher than what AT&T is charging. The on-contract price is the same, but Verizon customers do have the opportunity to purchase the phone for $139.99 if they use the VERIZON30 promo code when purchasing the phone through Verizon’s website.

A Motorola Moto X for $139.99 doesn’t make up for the fact that Verizon customers can’t customize the phone through Motorola’s Moto Maker site, but at least the price of the phone is more in-line with consumer expectations. If you were planning to buy the Motorola Moto X from Verizon, we’d suggest doing it now before the promo code expires.

Will you be buying the discounted Motorola Moto X form Verizon today? Or will you wait things out for a few months until you can customize your own with Moto Maker?

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Source: Verizon

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  • lou

    You can’t use the coupon codes on an off contract moto x. sucks.

    • LukeT32

      Agreed… I’m not loosing my mobile data.

      So guess I will wait for the Moto Maker version..

    • Judith R. Driscoll

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  • R.S

    I’m not on Verizon (and probably never will be again) but $139 is a good price.

    I’m curious, isn’t the back pretty much an easily replaced back plate? If so, won’t Moto X owners simply be able to buy them and somewhat customize their phones?

    • Nick Gray

      The back of the Moto X is not removable. It can be take off with a bit of extra work, but it’s not like getting a Samsung Galaxy S 4 and simply popping it off.

      • Jake

        Nick’s right. It wasn’t made to be swappable. However, the ifixit teardown shows that it is relatively easy to replace the back plate and/or the buttons. Therefore, if you’re brave enough to void your warranty, and you don’t want to wait until Moto Maker is opened up to all carriers, go ahead and buy the Moto X now, then mod it later. The only thing that’s questionable is how easy it will be to get your hands on different colored back plates and “accent” buttons.

  • Jess Blanchard

    I’ve got some spray paint, stencils and Mod Podge. I will gladly customize your phone for $25. Jesso Maker is open for business.

  • thekaz

    augh! I can’t decide between this (at this great price) or the HTC One! Someone help me!

  • EmagehtmaI

    I’m due for an upgrade on Verizon, but I refuse to give them any more of my money than I have to. I’m letting my contract expire. If the Moto X is still relevant when I’m in a position to finally ditch Verizon, I may pick a GSM model up off contract. Of I may just grab the rumored Motorola Nexus that’ll surely be out by then.

  • breckdroid

    Thanks for the article. I just went and ordered this phone at the discounted $139.99 price, for my dad. He was due for a new phone and at that price I felt it was a good deal. He was psyched when I told him. Thanks again for the tip about the promo code!

    • Nick Gray

      I do what I can. I hope your dad enjoys the phone!

  • anicholas7

    I was all set to buy this phone from Best Buy and add it to my non smartphone line and then transfer to my smartphone line in order to keep unlimited data. If I order directly from Verizon just to get the discount can this still be accomplished and how would I do it. Thanks.

  • donger

    Let’s see how well this phone sells.

  • Cari Payne

    I won’t purchase the Moto X in black or white as it’s being sold now through Verizon on principal. I think it’s idiotic that only ATT customers can customize. I’ll either wait for the customizable version through Verizon or get a different, non-Motorola phone if they take too long.