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Verizon sign-up page for HTC One, no release date in sight

Verizon HTC One

The HTC One has been available in US markets for four months now. Three major carriers are selling it; all but Verizon customers are able to enjoy its metal goodness. And with a full aluminum body, dual front facing speakers and an Ultrapixel camera, there is plenty to enjoy. Sadly, Verizon customers have been teased to no end without any sign of hope aside from the occasional rumor.

At first, the Verizon HTC One was outright denied. Then, rumored Verizon relates dates started flying, most of which have passed. Now, four months after the US launch, things were looking bleak. Until today. Verizon  has finally released a sign-up page on its site for more information about the Verizon HTC One. This means a launch is coming soon!

The site also provided a photo of the HTC One for Verizon, complete with carrier logos. And while Verizon usually destroys phones with its branding, the One branding is actually quite nice. The two Verizon logos are located on the bottom of the back, with no large logos in the middle and nothing messing up that clean front.

If you’re still interested in the Verizon HTC One after four months of waiting, hit the source link and sign up. More info will be sent to you when it becomes available. And be sure to stay tuned to Android and Me for more updates!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Verizon

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  • redraider133

    I think Verizon is still mad at HTC for the thunderbolt hence why they keep pushing this farther and farther back.

    • Nate B.

      This is still a solid phone to get this year. Everything about it is relevant, but it does make a difference when a phone is ready on time and then almost 6 months later when other compelling phones are announced that you may have not known about or finally know the concrete evidence of other options. It makes a difference. OEM’s really need to stop delaying or allowing carriers to have their irrelevant ways. Exclusives on storage options. Really? What the hell does that do for anyone? Exclusive color options? What the hell does that do for anyone? New color options months later. That won’t boost your phone sales. Make whatever color options you have in mind from day one. Same release date and variants across the board on day one. No spec bump variants later. Maybe a solid tablet later in the late second half of the year. In between work on updates and accessories. Those need to be ready day one as well. It’s really simple honestly. I would say F the carrier if the wanted otherwise

    • Deter

      i don’t know anyone with Thunderbolt experience who is NOT mad at HTC for that one.

  • ihatefanboys

    Why oh why Verizon, why do you have to brand the phone. Why cant you just be like T-Mobile, no branding on the phone at all.

    • thekaz

      As far as Verizon goes, this branding really isn’t that bad, though.

      As for me, I am torn between this and the Moto X. I am not sure I need the One’s killer specs (though I think it is the best looking phone out there), and I am tempted by the X’s near stock experience….

  • Ed

    Anyone else notice the date on the phone? It says Sept. 5th. I hope they are not going to release it that far back.

  • donger

    Haha, what’s the point?

  • brian

    T-Mobile did the same thing with the note one .waited so long to get it then only carried it for like a week lol.but I bought 1 and love it. Skipped note two getting note three .so Verizon going to take a lose on this phone ?maybe I can’t say to soon …