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Waze real-time incident reports added to Google Maps


We were all excited when Google bought out Waze and announced that a partnership between Google Maps and Waze would occur. (Waze has long been known for its real time incident reporting of accidents and road work and such). It seems that the fruits of that endeavor are ready for the harvest. with a new piece of news from the Google Maps team. Google Maps users will now be able to see live incident reporting in Google Maps. This feature is currently available to users in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

If you’re a Waze user, you’ll also see Google Search integrated into Waze, as well as the addition of street view and satellite view. And all of these features span over both Android and iOS, so Google isn’t trying to be all exclusive up in here.

Do these features seem worthwhile to you?

Source: Google Maps Blog

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  • sandwich

    I’m surprised this isn’t also rolling out to Israel, where Waze originated.

  • Arthur

    I like how Google is utilizing Waze. Instead of breaking up the company and incorporating their technologies within Maps, they are keeping the company as-is and adding bits of Maps to Waze and Waze to Maps, as seen with this announcement.

    I am sure that has something to do with how popular Waze is and how much of a backslash Google might potentially see if it were to completely shut down Waze.

    • Dan Jones

      For now. I seriously doubt that will last forever.

  • Jorge

    Will the cop and speed trap reporting be incorporated as well? That’s my favorite Wake feature 😋

    • Jorge

      Waze, autocorrect does it again.

  • Saeid.afshar

    Im needing rss googl map’s android installing my mobile google map “gt-s 5560 i”Full

  • Saeid.afshar

  • Nick Sarafolean

    Do you mean like the two finger tilt in Google Maps?

  • xPurplexAnarchyx

    I was wondering why traffic reports seemed to be more accurate on my Nexus 4 in Dallas.

  • BigRedd

    Just today, I saw two crash reports for my commute, was very surprised, and clicked to find “Reported via Waze app.” Very nice.

  • donger

    This awesome, can’t wait.

  • SGB101

    I love waze and use it around town, but when any real sat naving needs doing I always fire up Google navigation.

    It’s just cleaner, especially after the last updates, but it’s not as intuitive as it was, I struggled for a short time, maybe I was just ingrained with the old ways, but after a while I’m good with it.

    I’d like a speedo in Google nav.

  • Jalan

    Is there any evidence that these Waze incidents in GMM are influencing routing or ETA? Especially the road closed reports.. are they taking roads out of calculated routes in GMM?