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Vote for your favorite Android phones


Since the back-to-school season is upon us, we thought we should put together a guide that highlights the best Android phones on the big four carriers in the US. It would be easy for us to huddle up and create a list of phones we think the public should buy, but we know that there are some great phones out there that we may not necessarily like. You are the public, and we want to make sure your voice is reflected in our back-to-school phone buying guide.

Below you’ll find four polls listing most of the Android phones currently available on the four major US carriers. Vote for the phones you like, and be sure to leave us comment to give us more insight into why you chose a particular phone. The best (and maybe worst) comments will be used in our upcoming back-to-school guide.

Happy voting!

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Peter Streinu

    The list must be bigger.In conclusion, not one of those phones.

    • Richard Yarrell

      The Galaxy Note 2 is the GOLD standard of technology today period. It remained top handset on PhoneDog in two categories for over 40 weeks.

      Htc One is soft with poor battery life point blank. People select HTC because of sympathy.

      The Note 2 trashes Htc One, Lg Gpro, Nexus 4,on and on.

      Note 3 will own all devices come September 4th.

      • Orion78

        And you are the GOLD standard of stupidity.

      • Stefan Rusek

        I normally use a nexus 4, but it is in the shop for two weeks so I’m forced to use my Note 2 in the mean time (it was purchased for me by a user if I’ve of my Android apps), I miss my nexus 4 more and more every day. The Note has a nice big screen but even after installing CM10.1, the use experience is sub par.

      • Jon Garrett

        the Note II did not but Id say the S3 did. and you’re partially right about HTC. I think people only chose the HTC because its pretty, like an iPhone but its NOT a good phone when you’re used to Samsung phones., it comes up short in way too many ways in my everyday use.

        Ive had the S2, Note I, S3 & S4. ALL of them better than the HTC One. the One is nice and has some things that are better than the phones I listed but on the software side, Samsung wins hands down and that’s the side that matters most to me.

      • squiddy20

        Wow. So 1 phone remained the top handset in 2 categories on 1 tech website out of thousands. Amazing. /sarcasm

        I’d like to see these claims of “poor battery life” on the HTC One. Most of the sources I’ve seen show about equal battery life as a Galaxy S4, and given that you don’t have one yourself, it seems you’re pulling this stuff out of your ass.

        In what way(s) does the Note 2 “trash” an HTC One? You’re pitting what is literally last years tech with this years, and 2 products that are arguably in completely different categories. What a moron.

        Except this time next year, you will claim the exact same thing of the Note 4. Saying a given device will “own” all other devices is like saying “my toy is better than yours”. Childish.

      • Crux

        You truly being new definition to the term “stupid niqqer.”
        I have a dream. I dream of a day when you are banned from every comment board.
        I have a dream. I dream of a day when you’re lynched, stabbed multiple times, and each stab wound is individually fucked with a salty dildo.
        I have a dream. I dream of a day when those people from Bronxville finally get fed up with you and take you for a one way trip upstate.

    • Nicholas Vettese

      I would also go without a carrier poll as well. I have the Nexus 4, which I feel is one of the best Android phones out there.

  • xeonchang

    vivo xplay

  • surg3d

    I think the consensus is that the HTC One is one of the best phones out there (if not *the* best phone). I’m really hoping it’ll help HTC to bounce back a little.

    • donger



    It is clear to me that according to people who care to participate in these type of polls that the HTC One is the best phone around. If you take a look at Phonedog’s 2 polls, The One sits at the top of both polls. [I love Nexus devices but pound for pound, the Nexus 4 is inferior to the One (In response to the T-Mobile poll)]

    Why isn’t the Nexus 4 on At&t’s list in place of the GSIII?

    Total votes for the One: 436
    Total votes for the S4: 218

    taken at 10:48 a.m.

  • clocinnorcal

    I don’t think the N4 is on ATT’s list because you can’t get it from the carrier, unlike tmobile. And yes, I voted for the N4 on Tmobile. I have used the One, and while it is indeed a great device, the N4 is a better experience IMO. The OS is much more fluid on the Nexus device than any other device I have used this year, including the S3, S4, Note 2, HTC 1.

    Having said that, there are a lot of features that these flagship phones have that the Nexus does not. I think that is one of the reasons why Android is so awesome! OEM’s have been busy trying to make compelling software that differentiates their device from others and we as consumers get to pick from so many great new devices every year. Also, Android has come to a point where the OS updates aren’t as critical to receive as the core app updates, making it much easier to pass on a Nexus.


      “that is one of the reasons why Android is so awesome! OEM’s have been busy trying to make compelling software that differentiates their device from others and we as consumers get to pick from so many great new devices every year.”

      I agree totally. I love it more when we can celebrate and discuss the differences, pluses and minuses without hate and fanboyism. I really want LG to enhance their UI/UX so we can have another true heavyweight.

      • clocinnorcal


  • thymeless

    A lot of people love the HTC One, but I’d take the SIV over that.

    For a phablet, the LG G Pro is best that’s released. Probably change my opinion when the Note 3 comes out.

  • surethom

    Dont you want the non american opinion??? you also need a list of sim free so us Brits can add out opinion.

    • Nick Gray

      We will be doing another poll for SIM free phones and tablets. It’s coming.

  • RoyalJoker

    Sad day googles nexus 4 doesn’t have a spot of its own

  • diordna

    It’s hard to talk about best and worst phones because it’s a subjective opinion. I purchased the Galaxy S4 because it suited my needs (replacable battery, sd card slot). I like the HTC One but passed on it because it didn’t provide these things. Andriod is all about choice which is what makes it attractive so if you’re doing a guide maybe you should do catagories that suit the needs of users. Find out what people want in a phone and find the best phone in that category.

  • Franklin Mintah

    To me note 2 is the best phone period (last year phone)…The next best phone will be either the note 3 or HTC max, if only it comes with extendable memory….Oh God am praying it does.

  • pjamies

    What no Canadian Carriers in this list .. Eh??

  • BarefootMike

    Why isn’t there an option for the G1? It’s still the only mobile phone I’ve owned. Am I behind the times?

    • Nick Gray

      Just a bit. Also, the G1 has not been sold on T-Mobile for over three years. Time to go phone shopping my friend.


      You can’t be serious.

  • phor11

    N4 on Tmobile, without a doubt.
    $300 off contract for a fantastic phone and $30 a month for unlimited text/data where I get about 19mb down and 5 up.

    If you’re in an area with decent Tmobile coverage, this is by FAR the best deal in the industry. (as long as you don’t use many minutes).

    Compare this at $1020 over 2 years to my grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan that was costing me about $70 a month and $200 on average for a phone for a total of $1880 over 2 years and that’s without a texting plan. Add unlimited texting and it would have run me nearly the same as their new “share your wallet” plans at nearly $2360 over 2 years.

    I can find SO many better way to spend $600 a year than on cell service.

  • Sameer

    What about adding Canvas 4 in the list. Its pretty Good phone

  • Sameer

    One amazing the Phone topping the List is almost toping the Poll. Because people generally tend to read complete list in poll

  • Zachary Rodriguez

    I LOVE my Nexus 4 but have concluded, I will never buy a phone that limits me to 16 GB ever again. I hate carrying my 32 GB Galaxy Nexus for my music. The cloud does not work for me, especially in the BART subway system and road trips.