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From the creator of Stark: A preview of Nox icon pack


If you haven’t heard of the Android icon pack theme, Stark, you probably aren’t following the Android/Tech world closely enough. Tomorrow, the creator of the Stark theme will release his latest and greatest, Nox. We were lucky enough to preview the new icons, and we think they’re the bee’s knees.Nox Nexus 4

If you’re not familiar with Android themeing, or the ability to use customs icons on your device, it can be slightly daunting. However, the beauty of Android is that you can make your device look however you want. First, you’ll need a custom launcher (Nova, Apex, Action, etc.). Applying an icon pack after you have one of those installed is easy peasy. You can apply the custom icons within the launcher settings, or the app many icon pack creators include to¬† help you apply their theme. Kovdev, the creator of Stark and and the new Nox, provides an app that helps you apply the icons and also includes wallpapers that look fantastic with the new icon set.

What do I think of Nox? I really dig it. I love the boxy icon themes, and Nox brings a new flavor to the scene. Aside from some fresh new takes on some classic apps (like maps for example), the new Nox app icons all have a classy shadow to make the unique app icon features pop. It makes me want everything on my homescreen to have the fancy new shadow to play along with the theme. I hope the UCCW community comes up with some killer stuff to come along with Nox, because that would be too fantastic.

One additional thing that I really appreciate about Kovdev and their work is how they put a square background behind that apps that they haven’t created unique icons for. That way, if you have some strange obscure app that’s probably never going to be themed, it won’t look ridiculous next to your other Nox-themed apps on your homescreen. And you even get that luxurious shadow on the non-themed apps. Good work, Kovdev.

So what do you think of Nox? Do you have $1.99 handy to give your homescreen and app drawer a new Nox look tomorrow? I’m paying money for it. When/if you get it, I’d love to see some homescreens. I love seeing what rad creations you friends come up with for your Android devices.

Show Press Release

We’re proud to announce our latest incarnation, Nox. What we’ve attempted to do with this new set is to bring a whole new dimension to our icons. We’ve taken a cue from Google by utilizing their Holo box icon design, but then added our own twist to the equation.

Our icons retain that crisp flat feel from Stark, but then we add some depth with the use of a dual lighting system. What we end up with is a bright, clean set of icons with some clearly distinguished dimension to them.

As is typical with our icon sets, a majority of icons are resembling stock design cues. By using familiar colors and glyphs, users will be able to instantaneously recognize icons at a glance. No guesswork involved – so feel free to shut off your icon labels.

We weren’t just content with the keeping with the familiar and have taken some liberties to bring some new design to some tired icons. Icons such as Maps, Gmail and Android’s Browser have been given a facelift.

Nox will be released on Google Play this Friday, August 16th, 2013. It will sell for $1.99 and includes over 1200 icons and over 10 wallpapers.

Brooks is an engineer living in the Bay Area recently dislocated from the Great Northwest. He's an Android enthusiast who decided to start doing something (productive?) with his countless hours Android modding and theming. He has a hot wife, is a father of three, an avid F1 fan, and enjoys watching sports when he can. His current devices include the Nexus 6 and 7 (2103) both running stock roms and may or may not be rooted. You can follow Brooks on Twitter @Brooks_Barnard.

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  • Nate B.

    Big fan of Stark

  • Adam Snyder

    I’m digging it, mucho

  • Jake

    How do you get that Google+ style dock?

    • Brooks Barnard

      I’m using action launcher pro and these are the Nox icons. Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question. My home screen setup isn’t a secret.

      • Jake

        That was it. Thanks!

      • Patrick

        Are you running a custom ROM to get those status bar customizations (i.e. circle battery)?

        • Brooks Barnard

          I am. I’m running CyanogenMod.

          • rhY

            Who DOESN’T run CM? Seriously, why does anybody hate themselves enough to NOT run CM. This is a real question. CM is AMAZING!

  • Jake

    That was it. Thanks!

  • donger

    Wow, there icons looks awesome.

    • Set To Reflect


      Learn the difference.

  • slimx30

    I been using the flatro icon pack from the playstore. I switched from minimal UI icon pack. I got bored of the square icon look.

    • tristan

      I’m a fan of the Click UI icons by KXNT. I hope that expands some. Will probably use NOx as the base icons with unicon and click UI for Nova launcher!

  • Brooks Barnard

    For those interested, Dave Kover just posted the play store link for Nox:

    Sounds like it should go live in about 1.5 hours…

    • Chris

      Link doesnt work , 6 hours later…

      • Michael

        It looks like there is an “invisible” charakter at the end of the URL. Try this:

      • Brooks Barnard

        That’s so weird… sorry about the issue with the link. It’s fixed now or Michael’s link works too.

  • Rashid Shahzad

    any one please tell me that from where i can get the wallpaper which is shown in the lock screen image (Nox7).

    • Brooks Barnard

      The wallpaper comes with the icon pack, Nox. So if you buy Nox you’ll have it and will easily be able to apply it.