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Android’s UI gets re-imagined with Themer by MyColorScreen


Let’s be honest, one reason we all love Android so much is because of the myriad of customization options right at our fingertips. Android’s flexibility is also the reason why it’s the go-to operating system for smartphone manufacturers across the globe. The problem is, the customization forced upon us my manufacturers are typically half baked, slow and downright ugly.

Enter MyColorScreen and their new Themer app for Android. The app takes over your phones UI, giving you a completely different experience with dozens of themes which can be downloaded and applied to your device with a single click. From the looks of it,¬†MyColorScreen has invested a lot of time and effort into making themes simple to use and extremely pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, the app isn’t quite ready for prime time. Those interested in participating in a limited beta run of the application can sign up on Themer’s website. We suggest signing up as soon as possible since¬†MyColorScreen has not given any indication as to when Themer will be available for general consumption.

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  • Brooks Barnard

    MyColorScreen is amazing. If this app is done right, it could be amazing if some right. I couldn’t be more excited to try it out.

  • TheBee

    I theme my friends devices all the time and this app would be awesome to stick it too iPhone users who really do not appreciate the customization experience. I really can’t wait to get it.


    I like this. It looks polished too.

  • ThatGuy

    Doesn’t Buzz Launcher already do this? I am curious to see it though. The more options, the better, and Mycolorscreen has some awesome themes on their site.

  • Pravas

    Awesomr. Gonna try it now

  • felix1

    my Aunty Alexa just got a fantastic silver Audi S7 just by some part time working online at home… more………..

  • Michael

    It will make your phone look like a Windows Phone!; yet no one thinks Microsoft is innovative? Let’s be real, they have created the best OS for the future. They just went wrong with implementing it on non-touchscreen devices.

    • uknowme

      Obviously you aren’t looking though the screen shots. I don’t know how that Mario one looks like windows.

      • Michael

        I’m not the only one that thinks this (read comments below); and good job on picking an example that even an iTard could see there are no similarities. I was making an overall observation. I was picking on any one screen shot.

        • Michael


  • donger

    Looks interesting.

  • Ruel Smith

    Right where it said “Beautiful”, it showed the phone looking a lot like the Metro UI in Windows Phone. That’s anything BUT beautiful…

  • rickb928

    Wow. the examples look a lot like Windows Phone. Just wow.

    And, FWIW, half the people I know who have Windows phones really, really like them. The other half don’t care in the least, and would be happy with cans and string.

    • Nick Gray

      Personally, I love the look of Windows Phone and the smooth transitions and animations. Unfortunately, the functionality of the OS isn’t on par with what Android has to offer. While the concept of large square icons my be similar to WP, Themer’s UI looks to be a lot more versatile and customizable.

  • jordan

    BUZZ launcher does it all. one amazing launcher. I’ll never go back to Nova, Go, Next, Adw, Action or any other launcher. Buzz is currently the best. takes a while to set it up but it has all functionality like widgets, shortcuts, action shortcuts, gesture support everything. The best part is it allows me to have different themes on 9 different homescreens and what amazing themes. At the moment Buzz is the best launcher out there. Themer sounds very similar.

  • jamal adam

    It looks like from the email that I received a few days ago, Themer will be out in beta to those who signed up on October 1.

  • sad

    its october 1 and still no news related to this app !!