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Blackberry Messenger for Android delayed


BBM is Blackberry’s most popular service, as many of our loyal Twitter followers have demonstrated over the weekend. According to USA Today, the launch of the official BBM app for Android has been placed on an indefinite hold. Yesterday, an unreleased version of the app was posted online an received 1.1 million installs. However, the app “caused issues” that need to be addressed before the app can be officially released.

Blackberry will begin a staggered country roll out BBM for Android and iPhone as soon as they are able. Visit or follow @BBM on Twitter for updates straight from the source. Stay posted for more news!

Source: USA Today

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  • william


    • Judas

      Oh chill out y’all.

      Blackberry is a company under fire. They have had many complex projects under development these past few years and a relatively small work force and cash float to execute. What you are seeing is a company trying to keep global scalability on a shoe-string budget.

      Apple and Google own the distribution systems here and they have billions upon billions to throw at a problem. Blackberry does not.

      This is not about Blackberry being run by idiots. This is just the reality of a small company trying to keep the scale of their former glory but with 1/10 the resources, influence, and cash.

    • shirley13

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  • Nate B.

    How can a leaked app cause issues? It leaked days before but not until the day it was supposed to come out is when they said it.

    Not that I’m pressed about it buy it’s really embarrassing of them. They’re in seriously bad shape.

  • Yashodhan Pasari

    its time we leave these BB Guys on their own. They have no future left. They themselves are responsible for the leak.I think its no more than a publicity stunt, and we should also understand that BB can’t be trusted any more. They just won’t learn from their previous mistakes.they are incredibly arrogant about what they do.

    • pjamies

      Dude, it’s not the staff, it’s the management who have f’d up the company! It’s the 2 stupid CEO’s that did not see the future of phones coming and the company is now paying for it BIG TIME!
      I’m just a little pissed that the Canadian Government is not stepping in to help one of our largest technology companies!!
      Yes, they would have a long hard road ahead of them to get back into the race, but many large 500 fortune companies were waiting to upgrade to their new Z/Q10 line, but now with their latest losses and the job cuts, many of these companies are going to jump ship and look elsewhere for phones.
      It’s so sad!

      • ari-free

        BB’s problem is that they didn’t get what consumers wanted and after BYOB, they couldn’t depend on corporates to dictate what your phone should be. Now they are only focusing on the few dinosaur companies that can mandate the use of a blackberry.

      • Cosmin

        Can this be the reason? :))
        No. The Canadian government is doing good by taking care of their real issues.

  • ari-free

    “I’m just a little pissed that the Canadian Government is not stepping in to help one of our largest technology companies!!”

    throwing more money won’t help BB. It will just go down the toilet.

    BB is just the odd one out after Apple, Google and Microsoft and there’s very little room even for Microsoft. Developers don’t want to deal with multiple platforms because that just means more work.

  • king

    dey should please put everything in order

  • Hassan

    I am waiting for this app for along time. at last BBM is available to android and ios user . u have this app from here

  • Derek

    File this under…who cares?! Who even uses a blackberry any more? I havent even seen on out in the wild in over a year.

  • donger


  • normandlam

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  • eko cristiawan

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  • Yosry Alahdal


  • Yosry Alahdal

    Thanks for the best in the world

  • Yosry Alahdal

    Thanks for the dawn app

  • Retrica

    I just want to know what version of android can I use to download bbm??!