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Verizon agrees to buy back Vodafone’s 45% stake for $130 billion


Vodafone has owned a 45% stake in Verizon Wireless all this time, and Verizon has long been contemplating buying it. Though Vodafone owns that stake, it isn’t a majority stake so Verizon still has control over itself. However, that’s just not good enough.

Finally, after much discussion, the boards of the two companies unanimously voted on the sale of Vodafone’s stake to Verizon Wireless for a massive $130 billion. Verizon will be the sole owner of itself, which will be great for management. However, it is unknown how this will affect customers, if at all. Will the buyout cause a price hike, or will it simply be a background deal that will never show any obvious effects? We hope it’s the latter.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • JQuest81

    I would imagine at 130 billion, we’ll see the hike sooner or later. I can’t imagine that high of number there won’t be repercussions *somewhere*

    As an aside, one has to think if VZW is that loaded, they would ease up on their pricing a little. Haha

    • SGB101

      On the flip side, we may see a price reduction by Vodafone.

      That’ll be the day!

    • Josie Riggs

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    • redraider133

      Well maybe not since it will be less profits going away from the company and most likely will make the share holders happy for the time being.

    • stephen elop

      whats next? micro$oft buying nokia?

  • ZRod

    Oh what I’d do with just 0.01% of that money

  • scott


  • CTown

    It really interests me on how our most important carriers are foreign owned or backed. Especially, since T-Mobile is the only carrier that resembles one of the international companies with their no contract plans (which are fairly recent). I just wished Deutsche Telekom would have implemented international-like plans years ago as it seems like the only thing they could have offered over AT&T and Verizon.

    Anyways, not only are we back to having two carriers being fully American owned (Verizon and AT&T), American based MetroPCS now has 26% of the new T-Mobile US, Inc.

  • ken1

    My Uncle Colton just got a nearly new red Acura RDX SUV just by part time work from a macbook… his response…………

  • alexanderharri3

    Although we knew this was coming…..that’s a LOT of dough. VZW has been increasing prices for a while to finance this deal.

  • donger