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Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile pricing for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Carriers are ready to shut up and take your money. T-Mobile and AT&T announced pricing today, while a leaked Verizon document has revealed the on- and off-contract prices Big Red will charge for the device. Let’s do this alphabetically.


As of 12:01 a.m. ET, the knights of Ma Bell can acquire the Note 3 for $300 cash money with a two-year contract. Those opting into the AT&T Next program can rent-to-own the phone for $35 a month, or roughly $700 total. AT&T purports arrival dates near the first of October. The Galaxy Gear is on its way to Ma Bell in the coming weeks. Pre-order your AT&T Note 3 variant now.


T-Mobile’s JUMP program will offer the device for $199.99 down with 24 monthly payments of $21. Keep in mind that the JUMP program includes discounts on monthly service; some customers may come out even once the service discount is taken into consideration. You must have not upgraded your phone for the past 18 months to avoid an additional upgrade fee, something I learned the hard way. If you pre-order the Note 3 from T-Mobile prior to September 15, you could win a free Galaxy Gear.


A leaked document received by AndroidSPIN claims the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will set Big Red customers back $699 without a contract or $299 with a two-year commitment. Those who want to bundle the Galaxy Gear can get both devices for $599. The pricing curtain should be lifted any time now, and we will update this post with official Verizon pricing once it becomes available.


Official Verizon pricing is in. The Note 3 will cost $299.99 with a 2-year contract or $0 down and $29.16 per month on Verizon EDGE (that’s $699.58 over two years). You can bundle the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear for $599.98 with a two-year contract. Pre-order for the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear is available now, and the devices will ship by October 10.

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  • Ali McNicol

    Its not BOTH for 599..theyd lose money..bundle deal means you get a slight discount by buying both.

    In this case, instead of 699 for the phone and 299 for the watch (ie 1000 bucks), by buying them together, you get one hundred off the PHONE…so 599 and 299 for a total off 900 bucks.
    Meaning you save a 100 bucks (which is still nice).
    But your NOT getting both for 599.

    • Jess Blanchard

      You get both for $599.98 with a two-year contract. That’s $300 over the phone only price on a two-year contract. The bundle package is not available on EDGE.

  • Priscila

    $300 for that ugly watch? Ouch.

  • Paul

    Any idea what the Note 3 would cost for a new T-Mobile customer with Jump?

    $200 down
    $21/month for the phone
    $10/month for the JUMP+Insurance
    $60/month for the plan (Thinking 2.5gb of 4G is ok)

    So it’s $200 down and $91/month excluding taxes. But you mentioned there’s a discount for JUMP members, any idea what that would be? I’ve got the Note 2 with AT&T right now but I’m seriously considering going to T-Mobile for the Note 3 because the idea of the JUMP program rocks. 6 months from now I’ll upgrade to the Galaxy S5 and 6 months later the Note 4, etc. Get bored and try out a Sony for 6 months or an LG, etc. But in 6 months I’d have to turn in the Note 3, which I’ve invested $326 in [ $200 + ($21 * 6) ] and then what, drop another ‘down’ on whatever the best phone they have at that time is?

    • Jess Blanchard

      It depends on your history with the company. If you go through the process of upgrading, it will alert you as to what your monthly discount will be. You do not have to finalize the transaction in order to see this information. I received $40 in monthly discounts over two lines when I upgraded both lines to the S4. The monthly installation fee is $20 per phone. So, it came out even for me. I have been with T-Mobile for 10 years and only ever missed one payment.

      I think you are correct about how trading in phones would work. I’m not entirely sure if you have to pay another down payment if you trade in a phone and jump to a newer one. But, sometimes the devices are $0 down. The S 4 was $0 down web-only for awhile.

  • breckdroid

    Well, I pulled the trigger and PreOrdered through VZW. Fairly painless. Im coming from the GNEX, so Im sure stoked to get my hands on the Note 3. It will be quite the ipgrade in both size and specs. Now i just have to wait til October.

  • MrMrMan

    How much is the 64 gb version going to cost?

    • breckdroid

      It did not appear as though VZW is offering one in 64gb. It is 32gb onboard and an micro sd slot equipped to handle up to a 64gb card.

  • joe

    No word from sprint yet…..been sitting on upgrade since June ready to use it on this.

    • Julian Martinez

      Yea me too. It’s killing me cause I just want to pre-order and can’t even do that.

  • joe

    What’s everyone’s thought…..better n black white or pink

    • breckdroid

      I went with black, but im almost certain i will put a case/cover on it. So in the end, for me, it will not really matter.

  • Jess Blanchard

    I always go with black, if it’s an option. I get tired of colors easy, and it’s cheaper to replace a case than a whole phone.

    • eric hook

      What did you mean by at the stroke of midnight. You don’t mean that tonight you can get it obviously?

      T-mobile was originally the 27th but now officially and for good, moved to Wed. the 3rd correct?

  • KC


  • Mickey

    I’m a long time Verizon customer and was all set to do the preorder for the Note 3 on Friday.

    And then I saw the $299 price.

    Nah…. not gonna pay $300 for a smartphone, I don’t care if the thing washed dishes and ironed shirts. I was prepared to pay the same $249 they are selling the Note 2 for, but not $300.

    I’m sure they are just trying to squeeze price of of the early adopters. It’s not like I have to get a new phone. My Droid is still working just fine and I’ve been out of contract for nearly a year now.

    I’m sure VZW wants me to upgrade, but patience is key. I suspect there’ll be a price drop by Christmas, or I’ll wait and see what 2014 brings.

    It’s a buyers market with so many good phones out there well under $300.

    For all you people giving Verizon all that extra money, on their behalf, let me thank you for taking up my slack.

    • Mauro Monreal

      Get your upgrade at Amazon or Walmart or Don’t pay carrier prices if you still have to pay the same amount every month. Fuck EDGE, it just takes twice the money out of your pocket to get you to stay longer with faster upgrades. Either way, the retailers I mentioned and many more will sell you the phone cheaper as soon as a month later.

  • donger

    T-Mobile maybe.

  • Mauro Monreal

    Consider that ball dropped. I am an avid fan of the Galaxy line, I plan to get the Note 3 for my business line. I am keeping my Galaxy S4 for my personal line. I won’t even give the Gear a second look. Why would I pay $300 for a notifications bar on my wrist? It could’ve been so much more, but it’s not. Good luck on the Gear 2, Sammy.